Nokia N9 getting a Meego PR1.3 OTA Update

Nokia N9 getting a Meego PR1.3 OTA Update

If you’re a Nokia N9 user, you’ve probably abandoned all hope of ever getting an update on your device after the Nokia pulled the cord on MeeGo. But here’s a treat from the Finnish company to make you feel a little less neglected.

The first batch of MeeGo PR1.3 (version 40.2012.21-3.001.19) OTA update started to roll out and some Russian folks already installed the update and were kind enough to share their find.

This “small but valuable” update was partially confirmed by Nokia Philippines on one of their Tweets. I’m not sure if they’re pertaining to the size of the update file (204.8MB) or the slight improvements on the OS.

Here’s a screenshot of that:

We’re not sure when’s the exact date the update will be rolled out so make sure to check your device for the update (Finally, you get to use that feature). Here’s a guide on how to do that, just in case you’ve totally forgotten about it.

1. Toggle to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications

2. Touch the Updates tab to see if there are available updates.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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13 Responses

  1. H says:

    hurray! Sana maka-video call na ko sa skype and ym.

  2. John says:

    Hoping that this Nokia-WP scheme will be an utter fiasco… They should go to Android by then for the win.

    • oobermensch says:

      Because going to the already crowded Android platform will make stand out? Ditching Windows Phone for Android is a silly idea, because there are already too many competitors. It’s like you’re telling someone to set up a convenience store between 7-11 and Ministop. :P

      I use an N9, and even though I wish they would have given MeeGo a chance, I am excited to see Nokia phones with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.

    • Grendell says:

      I think that’s a patently bad strategy. No way to differentiate in Android. And you lose mapping and a few other things for what few you would get. Best bet would be an App Compatibility Layer like Alien Dalvik which would be great for the N9 in addition to the recent news of possibly running Tizen apps as well.

    • John says:

      @oobermensch An Android Nokia device would be of pure elegance. Say, Nokia are the best hardware maker. They can literally spit on Samsung [and HTC] by then. The competitors you speak of, they can’t even suffice. Alcatel ? ZTE ? Blahh. It’s just all about Sammy, HTC, and LG. Ditching MeeGo Harmattan for Windows Phone is far more ridiculous and rude for the customers. MeeGo would’ve been more powerful as it was derived from a Linux scheme along with Android. I reckon, their Plan B should be FIRE ELOP. That cunt, if not fired in time, would rott in hell along with Nokia. The Lumia 900, a 6 month old phone, can’t even get Apollo and will be stuck on 7.8 forever. Albeit, they should’ve given MeeGo a chance. FUCK ELOP.

    • John says:


  3. ronald says:

    Nice. The second update for my white nokia n9! I hope tghe front facing camera will be more useful because as of now i just use it for a mirror app.

    • H says:

      there is already a free Front Camera app that i already downloaded and currently use to take self portrait pictures. And a paid version that can do videos as well. have not tried it though but seems magaganda ang reviews. check the app store and search “front camera”

    • ronald says:

      Thanks H, i downloaded both front camera apps.

  4. insane999 says:

    N9 was the last innovative creation by Nokia. Elop will destroy Nokia for a Microsoft take over. Meego would have been the future UI of smartphone…

  5. ronald says:

    I’m downloading it now. The file size is 200.1 MB. I hope this update is as smooth or better than the previous one

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