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PLDT launches Home Bro Ultera BASIC, MAX & PRO

Yesterday marks the launch of the PLDT Home Bro Ultera which currently consists of three wireless broadband plans powered by TD-LTE (Time-Division Duplex Long Term Evolution) connection designed for home use.

Here are the three PLDT Home Bro Ultera plans, its respective bandwidth allocations, as well as its monthly amortization.

PLDT Home Ultera price

If you pay close attention to the picture above, you’ll notice that there’s an “xxGB recommended usage for optimum speed” on each of the plans under the new Home Bro Ultera. This is actually a subtle reminder about the monthly cap on PLDT’s new wireless LTE broadband services which, if you go beyond it, may result to a 30% decrease on your internet speed.

Another thing to note here is the one-time initial cash-out (possibly for the router) that you’d have to pay on top of monthly service fee and activation fee. Home Bro Ultera BASIC subscribers will have to shell out extra Php999, while Home Bro Ultera MAX and Home Bro Ultera PRO users will have to pay Php1,599 and Php1,999 respectively to get the service.

PLDT Ultera upgrade plans

Finally, PLDT will be providing discount to existing Canopy and WiMax subscribers who wish to upgrade to the Home Bro Ultera. Instead of paying the usual MSF, upgraders will only have to pay Php1,299 if they switch to the Home Bro Ultra MAX and Php1,699 for the Home Bro Ultera PRO.

For more information about the new PLDT Home Bro Ultera plans, just head on over to this link which will route you to the Ultera’s page.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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59 Responses

  1. MerciDroid says:

    Is this fair enough?

  2. Jon says:

    Pffft! Not available nationwide. Cebu & Aklan areas only.

  3. MP says:

    Anong gamit nilang cell site dito? SMART’s LTE?

  4. Dudeknows says:

    Still the same. no matter what they market it’s still crap!!

  5. Zobel says:

    Um…what?! I’m getting over 6 mbps sa prepaid 3G nila. Anong kagaguhan to?!

    • Wala says:

      Yup, kahit yung sa kapatid ko umaabot ng 6-7 mbps yung 3g (HSPA+). Pero pag nagswitch sya sa LTE, mas mabagal. Hehe, baka kasi di pa ayos ang LTE sa area namin.

  6. wha™ says:

    is pldt my dsl can upgrade too?

  7. cookies says:

    10gb monthly ,,,, after downloading few HD movies bullshit

  8. chubibo says:

    they should also indicate if there is a gadgets limit. my isp did not tell me that their new wifi modem has a limit of just 5 connected gadgets. also I do not think home plans should have any monthly cap.

  9. tim says:

    Panget, my capping! then if you go beyond that, babagal speed ng net mo, GLOBE pa rin ako!

  10. Yves says:

    Bobo nyo, anu naman kung me Data Cap?! eh yung 5mbps pag umabot ka sa 15GB a month na cap kaka porn nyo, me 3.5MBPS pa dn kayo! mas mataas pdn sa my dsl na 999+700 landline. puro kayo bira.

    • Wala says:

      Sa pag kakaalam ko ang 30% ng 5mbps ay 1.5mbps…

    • Wala says:

      Eto kasi nakalagay sa pldt website…

      ” Speed may drop to 30% of the original speed
      once you exceed the recommended usage per month.”

      So pagkaka-intindi ko, hindi sya “may result to a 30% decrease on your internet speed” na gaya ng sabi sa article sa taas.

      Haha, kakalito.

    • Mon says:


      that makes sense, parang too good to be true kung 30% “decrease” lang mangyayari after ng cap hahaha papayag pa naman sana ako dun sa 70%

    • math wizard says:

      kung 30% drop lang, it means 100%-30% = 70% ang matitirang speed mo… using the figure, lets substitute it with the constants given. 5mb/s-1.5mb/s = 3.5mb/s.. meansss… 3.5mb/s ang magiging speed ng consumer kung magkakaroon ng 30% droppp….. so hindi 1.5mb/s ang magiging cap speed kundi 3.5mb/s.. ang 1.5mb/s ang ibabawas sa maximum speed mo making it 3.5mb/s… makes sense sa 30% drop

    • Mon says:

      @math wizard

      kung nabasa mo yung 2nd comment ni “wala” sa taas, sinabi nya na iba yung website ng Smart:

      “Speed may DROP TO 30% of the original speed
      once you exceed the recommended usage per month.”

      Tinignan ko na nga din link na binigay sa article, hindi sinabi sa Smart website na “decrease by 30%”… “drop to 30%” talaga nakalagay hahaha

      Sorry to disappoint, pero 30% talaga ang throttled speed, HINDI 70%…always read the fine print ;)

    • elihirro says:

      it says the connection will be down at 30% of the original speed. it means 30% nalang matitira sa 100% and it does not say na mababawasan ng 30% yung 100%.

      “Speed may drop to 30% of the original speed
      once you exceed the recommended usage per month.”

      i translate natin ng maayos para madali.

      “Ang bilis ay maaring bumagsak sa 30% ….. blah blah.”

      “Speed MAY DROP TO 30%” yung bilis daw ay maaaring bumagsak sa 30%. “DROP TO” na nga eh ibig sabihin maaaring babagsak talaga sa 30%.
      hindi sinabing “Speed MAY DECREASE 30%” na kung saan, pag tinranslate sa filipino is “Ang bilis ay MAAARING MABAWASAN NG 30%.. blah blah.”

      notice yung ginamit ay “OF the original speed” not “FROM the original speed” pag “FROM” ung ginamit dun meaning may subtraction and 30% will be taken “FROM” the 100%. kaso hindi eh. “OF the original speed” was used.

      i agree to @Mon.. basahin ng maayos, hindi nman nakakalito yan eh. it’s just plain text.

  11. veedashtoo says:

    30% decrease on internet speed after an xxGB recommended usage. I consumed at least 1GB per day downloading videos, live streaming, youtube, etc… Good luck to me after 10 days…. hehehe

  12. Easy E says:

    Awkward: napapahiya kayo sa comment nyo at lumalabas kabobohan nyo sa math. Hahaha. 30% decrease = decreased by 30%. Iba ang “Decreased to 30%” = 30% nalang ang natira.

    • Mon says:

      hindi math ang kailangan dito, mali lang nakalagay sa article na ito.

      hindi “decrease to 30%” yung nakalagay sa website ng PLDT/Smart. “DROP TO 30%” yung totoong nakalagay :P

      kahit anong ipilit natin, di magkakatotoo na 70% speed after ng data cap… kahit nga 50% speed sa normal na araw sa kahit anong network, bihira nga eh hahaha

  13. easy e vovo says:

    Lol..sino bobo? Naka usap ko csr ng pldt xa mismo may sabi magiging 1.5mbps pag na reach data cap…awkwaaaard nagmamarunong sa math wala naman palang alam

  14. Kjata says:

    Mag PLDT myDSL na lang kayo wala capping kaso limited lang area specially sa mga province city puro sa kalsada lang sila nagkakabit ng DSL port.

  15. wew says:

    eh ang mahirap may nakalagy p rin na “up to”…eh panu kung 3 mbps lng ang nakukuha?edi kung 30% decrease ay nasa 2 mbps lng…ambaba n ng speed kung icocompare sa promised speed.

    • Dencio says:

      pag 3mbps maging 900kbps. yan yung nakalagay sa technical papers na pinakita sa aking ng pldt ng pumunta ako

  16. drjimmy128 says:

    Does it say anything about uploads, how much the upload speed is and if there is an upload cap?

    • abuzalzal says:

      Upload cap? There’s no such thing

      Combined lahat ang computation ng data consumption brad

      So kung mahilig ka sa torrent, maige na i set mo yung upload limit mo to 5 kbps kung kinakailangan hehe

  17. IANVARIVS says:

    I don’t mean to advertise, but Globe’s LTE Home Broadband costs 999.00 (Internet Only) and has FUP that resets every 12 AM.

    3 Mbps = 7 GB a day -> resets at 12AM

    Installation fee and activation fee waived if applied online.


    PLDT Plan 999, 3 Mbps that has FUP 10 GB a Month and asks for an additional fee for activation. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

    I think I will choose Globe’s offer, since DSL isn’t gonna be available in my area (for the meantime).

    • Nelia Soriano says:

      May I ask where your area is? I am from Masinloc Zambales. I am planning to get connection to the net but starting by reading reviews of ISP’s.


  18. Concerned netizen says:

    Please yugatech paki ayos po wording nyo, especially sa mga maliliit na word that totally changes the meaning of the statement… Proofread your posts before publishing it. Please checks the grammar,, punctuations, and speling just like this sentence.”30% decrease in…” is not equivalent to “decrease to 30%…”. These subtle errors bring may bring a lot of confusion to your readers and much worse, misinformation (which defeats the purpose of this blog… To inform). Although this is only a blog please dont forget that a number of filipino netizens are reading this blog and this numbers may grow in the future.

    If you need a proofreader, nandito lang ako. Hahah joke xD.

  19. echoserang proof rea says:

    “These subtle errors bring may bring a lot of confusion to your readers”

    Pag natanggap kang “proofreader”, baka pwedeng kunin mo din akong proofreader mo just in case may ma miss kang errors kagaya ng post mo.

  20. echoserang proof rea says:

    Ang dami kasing sobrang “concerned” (daw) sa grammar ng yugatech…please lang kahit mali mali grammar nila kunikita pa din sila. Eh kayo, kahit buong buhay niyong itama ang grammar ng blog kumita ba kayo ng isang sentimo?

    Sablay na nga yung post ng yuga,sablay din naman pala yung nagpri prisintang tumulong.

    Don’t bring it when its already been brought

  21. dog1ph says:

    leche naman ‘tong Home Bro page para mag register for upgrade plan kanina pa loading

    as usual kulang sa project management

  22. Hen-Sheen says:

    10Mbps internet @ P1,999? That amount can give you 15Mbps! Besides, I did use their service for about three years. To be fair, I wish that they try to remap the Network Infrastructure so we can get, I don’t know; a decent internet speed for a change… Those executives from PLDT have a “Royalty Fee” for every subscriber that subscribe to any PLDT service. Royalty Fee!? Talk about Loaded w/Greens! My point, those executives won’t listen to normal consumers such as myself. They will yield to a Corporate Consumer but not to a Normal Consumer. At least Skycable gives a damn to their customers through Phone announcements! (Call Center only). If MVP becomes President of this country, a massive RIOT will occur. Talk about Inevitable!

  23. Dencio says:

    I just went over to pldt and got this.
    i.e 999 when the 10gb is reach per month, you will be reduce to 900kbps

    • Marvin Reyes says:

      Sir sa tingin m b enough pa din b ung 999kbps and 1.5 mbps para sa. Pang araw araw n gamit . I mean kung mbilis pa b ung connection sa gneang speed? Thankyouu p.s sasagot.

  24. Marvin Reyes says:

    Sir sa tingim nio p b enough.pa.din.ung 999kbps and 1.5 mbps para sa pang araw araw na gamitan. I mean kung mabilis pa b ung connection sa.gneang speed. Like.streaming, uploading etc. Thank you p s sasagot.

    • wew says:

      sa tingin ko ok lng ung speed, sa youtube for ex tingi ko kayang manood ng 720p n video nang dirediretso.basta iisa lng ang device n gumagamitcng internet connection d mo mararamdaman n mabagal ung net.

  25. Rhey says:

    Pinabilis nila kunyari yung speed di naman talaga ganon yung actual speed na makukuha mo. Canopy 15gb per month at 2mbps sa ultera 10gb per month at 3mbps, nasan yung upgrade don? Anong klaseng panloloko yan PAKI EXPLAIN!!!

  26. Nalilito says:

    Tumawag ako dun sa *1888, sabi per day daw yung cap na xxGB inulit ulit ko pa… ano ba totoo dito alam na malabo yun langya naman sila kahit tauhan nila di yata ni orient

    • Jun says:

      Yang 10GB per month yan idi-divide yan per day which around 333Kbps per day.

      Ang galing ng Logic ng PLDT Ultera, halatang di gumagamit ng Internet nag decide ng Capping nila, di ko alam bakit naka pasa ito sa NTC, mukhang nasapalan na naman sila ng pera.

      Plan 999 with 10GB per month? Sira ba ulo ng PLDT?

      I asked CS nila i-didivide daw per day yan which a total of 333,333MB per day Downloaded Data.
      Ha! ha! ha! 400MB nga less than an hour ubos na yan. It means 3Mbps Speed mo less than an hour mo lang magagamit ng tuloy tuloy and pag nag exceed sa capping your speed will drop to 900Kbps lol 900Kbps yan speed ng Smartbro 7-8yrs ago.

      Sa laki ng demand ng Data ngayon sa internet yang 10GB saglit lang yan ubos na.
      Kalokohan talaga ng PLDT daming inu-utong subscribers.

    • melody says:

      100% percent tama ka !!!! hindi nila na orient nang tama ang kanilangmga ahente…ang importante sa kanila ay yung maraming taong nag apply nitong ultera ….kahit nga mga tanong anong ibig sabihin nang cap di nga alam……

  27. Vhortex says:

    Magingat sa pag avail, noong nag sign up ako sa main office nila for the 10mbps plan upgrade account. Tinawagan ng customer rep ang Smart at PLDT heads and techical groups kung me outdoor LTE at indoor LTE, both groups answered that they have at least a few hundreds of available units.

    2 days after, pumunta ung installer sa bahay at me dalang LTE indoor, wala daw silang stocks ng outdoor LTE at walang plan kung kelan magpurchase ulit ang PLDT.

    Noticed problems:
    1. Kung yung LTE ng cellphone nyo na LTE enabled ay full bar, ung indoor na LTE ay 1 bar pero

    2. if you switch it down ay magiging hspa+ sya na full bar at speeds not less than 5mbps.

    3. This will leave you with one option, request for the outdoor LTE device for unknown period of time.

    4. They changed their website (PLDT) and removed all wordings and images pointing to an outdoor LTE device.

  28. richard says:

    received txt from unknown number informing me that ultera not yet available in my area, has anyone received similar info? searching for more info on area availability of ultera returned 0 results….hmmmmm

  29. Ito yung pinaka GONG GONG na serbisyong pinoy!

    DSL – SObrang Bagal
    3g/HSPA- 2% mabilis sa DSL
    4g/Ultera – LOL parang DSL pa din..

    Lam nyo? Dapat siguro magsampa nallng tayo lahat nang kaso noh? nakakabwesit tong PLDT nato.. ginagago tayo..

    Kasi nga wala akong choice dito, yung globe gonggong din serbisyo napilitan akong mag PLDT.. LOL

    una, DSL.. putang ina napakhina..nawawala yung line.. LOL tapus pinaputol ko xa ha more than 3 years ko xa pinagbigyan.. pinaputol ko.. pababayarin ako ng 500 PhP for disconnection.. haha Putang ina!

    Tas, ayun, nag pa connect ako nang Ultera.. putang ina..1 week ang bilis ha.. after 1 week..umpisa nang mga capping.. 30% ba kamo??? hello.. 200 Meters ako from the cellsite.. and i only get wtf less than 1mbps sa 3mbps na LTE????? sabihin niyo nga.. asan justice nito??/ nakakaputa talaga!!

    Now, tinawagan ko yung mga gonggong nga customer rep… lam mo, nakakaputa yung mga CR nila..parang lang alam? di ko na sasabihin, im sure you all know what i mean here…kulang nalang sapakin mo sila.. minsan gusto mo kausapin ang manager/supervisor, putang ina sasabihan kang busy sila..walang available! tapus gustu mong mag direct call sa Technical team.. LOL hindi ka nila ireredirect..nagpapakatalino ang mga BOBO!

    Advice ko… DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO PLDT ULTERA/DSL -MERON CAPPING.. 10GB PER MONTH, 333mb per day!!!… much better you buy your own modem din i unli mo nalng xa nang buung buwan… papa disconnect ko tong ULterra in 5 days..

    • vhortex says:

      In fairness to PLDT, sinabi naman nila na there is a capping and it can be implemented or not depende sa lugar mo. Capping are daily on some areas and on some are monthly.. Pero capping is clearly in plain text before you signup. For 3mbps, it will cap if you reach 10GB of usage if monthly or divide that in 30 if daily ka. The capped speed for 3mbps is 0.9mbps sometimes it is 0.7-0.8 mbps due to line noise.

      You can’t blame them if hindi mo binasa ang prints because this time, the prints is not in a tiny small letters that is designed to trick people.

  30. don says:

    Sa Signgapore, 1GB ang speed ng internet connection, bakit sa Pilipinas di maibigay sa atin ang ganitong speed. Di worth ang bayad ng subscriber.
    NTC umaksyon naman kayo.

  31. don says:

    naopen na dati ang topic regarding internet connection issue sa Pilipinas ngaunit naliluntan na naman, ibalik dapat at mapag-usapan uli, daming nalulukong subscribers ang mga telcos.

  32. drake says:

    Worst experience ever!!!!!!!… very very very bad connection. Worst customer service.

  33. not worth it says:

    POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE; USELESS SERVICE; connection keeps dropping as in evry hour.
    not worth the money
    never nagamit ng matino.

  34. gracey says:

    dont dare to call their hotline. u wont get any help at all

    service sucks big time!

  35. Callmeginji says:

    Siyette! Grabe wala pa nga kaming 5days gumamit ng ultera 3mpbs dahil in.upgrade namin yung wimax… Ang saya2 ko pa dahil ang bilis kinabukasan biglang humina! Siyette, pwede mo ng pagsabayin yung pagong at ang connection….nakakabadtrip!

  36. Paul John says:


    dito kayo magreklamo sa NTC complaint section nila.
    Maghain kayo ng maraming complaint ng mapansin ang reklamo niyo hindi puro kayo dada walang saysay yan.

  37. Splackker says:

    Wew mag 2 days palang ang pag gamit ko sa HOMEBRO ULTERA 10 mbps SHITTT Parang pagong yung net connection namin hindi man lang umaabot ng 1mbps yung speedtest …. nkaka dismaya …kala ko pa naman masasatisfied ako sa service nila….

    • caren says:

      Same here kakabit lng kahapon ng ultera na yan. Bad trip agad ako. Pina pa putol ko na agad babayaran ko pa yong 3 yrs na contract. Di ka nga satiafied ni di mo magamit ng matino magbabayad ka pa.

  38. jiejie says:

    grabe parang gusto ko nang barangin yong taga CR nila..nagkaganon naging dalawa signal namin dahil yong 999 plan nila mabilis pa ang pagong tapos gusto ko e upgrade to ultera pro di raw puedi, ang suma total pakonek ulit ng isang connection bali 10mbps at 3mbps na yong plan namin pero mababaliw ka parin sa hina ng signal!!! Please trained your CR kung paano tumugon sa mga complains namin kasi ang laki na ng nagastos ko papunta /balik sa wireless center tapos sabihin punta ka pldt tapos sabihin bang di nila hawak ang ganong problema!ano ba yan!buti sana kong deserving ka mag waste ng pera para sa kanila!!

  39. nicole says:

    Kung may HB ka sigurado maaga kang mamamatay sa sobrang stress sa PLDT na yan hindi na nacoconsume ang ibinabayad ng subscriber’s kulelat na nga ang Pilipinas pagdating sa internet lalo pang ibinabagsak mahiya naman kayo ui………

  40. YahooDevil says:

    Iniisip ko nga kumuha nito sa 5mbps na speed. Kaya lang iniisip ko baka naman araw araw throttled ang internet ko eh di mapipilitan ako mag avail ng add ons.. Eh di ganon din.. Sana wala na lang capping fix kung 2000php monthly pampagulo lang yan kase bakit kailangan pa non.. Di ba kase pwede na magtaas na lang ng price kesa cheaper pero kulang naman ung Mb eh di bibili din dagdag gastos pa.

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