Samsung Galaxy Spica gets 2.1 Eclair upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Spica gets 2.1 Eclair upgrade

In a round-table discussion with reps from Samsung Philippines and Globe Telecom today, they revealed that their Android-powered Galaxy Spica i5700 is now ready for upgrade to Eclair 2.1

Samsung reps explained that Samsung Spica i5700 owners can actually bring their handsets to any of the Samsung Service Centers in the malls and have them upgraded to 2.1. Globe Business Centers still don’t offer the upgrade out of the box but execs mentioned they could do it with the proper training of personnel.


Globe invited members of the media to discuss about their strategy with Samsung in offering Android handsets to customers. They’re basically pushing Super Surf (Php1,200/month unlimited) with the handset since a lot of Android apps like FB and Twitter need connectivity.

Globe Telecom is also hosting a Globe Challenge for Android, of which Samsung is also supporting. It’s an Android app competition for Filipino developers {see details here, go join}. I think we need more local apps especially in the LBS category.

The Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica is free starting with Globe Postpaid Plan 1800 and comes with 1 month free Super Surf. The prepaid kit is Php14,495 and comes with a SIM and free 5 days of unlimited internet.

Disclosure: Globe gave us a Samsung Spica each. Will post my full review soon.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. bryanflurry says:

    Got mine updated in Samsung Greenhills. The typing response is a bit faster with the upgrade. But there seems to be bug in the camera sofware, randomly it would be really dark(dim) than it really is. Tried googling about it and only found one similar case but with a different phone/brand. I hope anyone can inform or help me this, thanks.

  2. Euan says:

    wwaaahhh!!! this is a good news! I just bought mine a week ago. (wala akong ibang choice kasi uber mahal ng other Android phone dito sa Phil which is SE X10) At in fairness, mas mabilis pa yung upgrade ng firmware ng Android sa Samsung as compared to Symbian sa Nokia 5800 ko nun… ehehehhe!! bakit walang OTA update?? at Sir Yuga, did they mention kung gaano katagal yung update process?? will we have to leave the phone at Samsung Service Centers for a few days or the update will just take a few minutes?

  3. Jon says:

    Cheapest Android 2.1 phone today. Good thing they finally pushed the 2.1 update. Sir Abe, are there any instructions to do this official update by yourself? Saves you the hassle of waiting in line at the service center.

    On another note, I’m glad that telcos are pushing for data plans with their devices, but sadly, most of them are still not that affordable. With a lot of smartphones or Internet-ready phones already available in the market, they should invest more on that. Introduce affordable data plans. I wouldn’t mind an unlimited data plan capped to 384-512 kbps. For me, that’s more than enough for surfing/watching videos, checking/sending email from a phone. I’m sure a lot of you guys would want to stay connected anytime and anywhere with your social networks etc. Just a thought.

  4. archiver says:

    i am looking forward to your review Abe.

    for now, to all admirers of the Samsung Spica, we have this forum.

    Boss Abe, palink lang po ah, for ther benefit of those who are interested.

    Boss, buti ka pa may libre.

  5. bokoi says:

    still waiting for your review sir yuga…

  6. Jhay says:

    Not bad considering that it’s in the same price category as the BlackBerry 8250. Plus it’s an Android phone. :D

  7. dongv says:

    does the newer release units has 2.1 already?

  8. mcast says:

    Looking forward to that review. I’ve seen somewhere that Eclair doesn’t perform that well with the 800MHz processor on the Galaxy Spica… hopefully the review covers this ‘issue’.

    If it had a better camera, definitely would’ve gotten it instead of my current phone [Samsung Marvel]

  9. mAdden says:

    waiting for your review on this phone sir abe.
    actually I already got mine upgraded to 2.1 eclair.
    better response on the touch compare to 1.5 old. And advantage narin to install many apps that is compatible only to 2.1.
    I just want to know kung ano kea fw upgrade ng globe.

  10. renard says:

    can you please confirm if this also include users that are on prepaid? thanks!

  11. hereandnow says:


    who do you talking to MASTER?

  12. Jay Domingo says:

    I am Samsung Galaxy Spica owner for at least 1 month already. I got it when I subscribed to a Globe postpaid plan.

    I saw this article and was excited to upgrade my unit’s OS from 1.5 to 2.1. So I went to Samsung Service Center at SM Annex this morning to have the OS upgraded. I inquired if they can update my unit’s OS to the latest 2.1 OS. I was told that they do not.

  13. PLEASE confirm Abe.

    Does the GLOBE prepaid kit involve 8GB??

  14. Randy James says:

    Hi Abe! Does Globe Telecom have the white-green version? I’ve been to several stores and all they sell is the black-red phone model. Thanks!

  15. noelperlas says:

    I’m really curious about this and thinking of getting it. One very important consideration is the sensitivity of its capacitive touch screen. Is it iphoneish? or more omnia like?

  16. mikeru14 says:

    good day! i just want to know how much
    will the upgrade of 1.5 to 2.1 firmware
    will cost? and what branches of samsung service centers is the upgrade available… thanks!

  17. Maurice says:

    Hi, just purchased this phone yesterday and android is easy to operate. It took me 30 minutes to fully explore it’s essential features like texting, calling, surfing, and customizing the ui. The problems I encounter was storing the application at the sd card instead of storing it over the phone memory, changing the screen lock like itouch/iphone, and figuring out how To disable 3g surfing without turning the 3g service off. Is there a DIY in upgrading my os from 1.5 – 2.1? Any help naman guys… tnx

  18. @Maurice
    If you don’t want your Spica to connect via 3G unless you want it to, download the app called APNDroid. As for upgrading, you can try sameers guide or from

  19. noelperlas says:

    Do you know if Spica is capable of upgrading to 2.2? the SD card and APN issues are addressed there.

  20. Maurice says:

    Thanks! I figure it out on how to disable the 3g surfing. I created a new APN account where I entered the word blank as apn. Since then hindi na nag appear ang 3g icon when surfing in a weak wifi hotspot.

  21. Dan says:

    You can also switch from 3g to 2g by going to settings>wireless controls>mobile networks>use only 2g networks…

    Hey guys, how do I put my apps in the memory card? Just got my samsung yesterday, and im loving it.

  22. @Randy Jones,

    I’ve got the white/green model. Wanna swap? It’s brand new from Globe.

  23. Hi, where can I get the update? I tried running the PC Studio but it says I’ve got the latest firmware already…

  24. silvith says:

    where can i upgrade to 2.1 here in cebu? pls help me out… ive contacted samsung service center here in cebu and they said software for upgrade is not yet available :(

  25. pyter says:

    where can i upgrade my spica? i’m living in cebu city… tnx

  26. cyclerack says:

    I am so done of touching on a web page to remark and detecting odd comments. Cant they find anything more educated to do with their life? How about a comment referring to Samsung Galaxy Spica gets 2 1 Eclair upgrade I’m unequivocal and sincere, that way everybody experiences what I feel.

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