Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Portable 3G Router

Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Portable 3G Router

Smart now has their own version of a portable 3G+WiFi router they called SmartBro Pocket WiFi. This new product competes head-on with Globe MyFi launched back in July.

The SmartBro Pocket WiFi is only available on a postpaid Plan 495 for 50 hours of 3G internet every month. You will also need to add another Php150 per month for the Pocket WiFi device for the next 24 month lock-in period (that makes Php645/month for 24 months).


An extra Php10 per 30 minutes will be charged on top of the MSF when you exceed the 50 hour allocation. The promised speed it up to 2Mbps. They even have a promo that if you pay on time, you get 5 hours free on top of your monthly allocation.

As of the moment, they do not have an unlimited plan, probably because this will compete with the SmartBro Share-It Unlimited Plan. However, unlike the SmartBro Share-It that is restricted to your area/city/province, the SmartBro Pocket WiFi has nationwide coverage.

Likewise, since this is a postpaid account, the Smart UnliSurf offers (Unlisurf200) are not applicable on this device. Not sure if this is also a Huawei device (probably a ZTE by the looks of it) but it can handle up to 5 WiFi devices at the same time.

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76 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Nah, I’d rather tether using my Android phone. Cheaper and less of a hassle. Oh, BTW sir Abe, the Share-it is like province-locked. For Manila users, it is Metro-locked. I bring my Share-it to different cities here in Manila and it works. Haven’t tried bringing it to a province though.

  2. first!

    “up to” na naman..

  3. yuga says:

    @jon – I think Share-It is locked to a cluster of base stations. My Makati account works from Sta. Rosa, Laguna up to Bulacan.

  4. ayy i thot i was the first one to comment..haha

  5. Kenneth says:

    Not a good news for existing SmartBRO subscribers. Lalong babagal and magiging congested ang network. Meaning, slower download & upload speeds. The less reliable and dependent the connection will be.

  6. abe says:

    Ayus yan …. atleast may mapagpipilian

  7. bokoi says:

    @ kenneth
    how so?

  8. Kaloy says:

    So what’s new? Sucky, sucky, sucky. Everyone knows SmartBro has the most loser signal of the three giants. Ganda nga ng gadget mo, wala ka namang signal. Pffft.

  9. mike says:

    not good. it is not available on prepaid compared with globe. Not too many people are interested on postpaid.

  10. KennethM says:

    @bakoi Kasi this device also uses 3G kaya lalong macocongest ang already congested network ng Smart. Puro benta lang kasi nasa isip, hindi iimprove ang network quality!! Grrrr.

  11. Nardz says:

    wow ang yabang ng mga tao dito. wala naman idea.

  12. I like the device but sad to note, our locality has very poor Smart Signal.

    I only use Globe Tattoo to browse the net or update my Gaming Blog.

  13. I like the look of Globe’s device better.

  14. Guy says:

    Smart has a poor 3G signal nationwide. I don’t know the point of introducing such if it can’t compete with Globe.

  15. islacom says:

    Yehey more competition for Globe MyFi, prices expexted to go south

  16. edbanquil87 says:

    how long is the battery life?

  17. yizhan says:

    haha antayin ko nalang Wi-Fi Directâ„¢ from Wifi Alliance ^^ they’ve already lunched it in Austin. I have a lot of issue in smart services specially in their Smart Bro plug-it plan, you have to stay near the cell site to reach 2mbps connection T_T

  18. Bernx says:

    Pocket Wifi is for people on the go, nice move for Smart. I can have my own wifi for my iTouch.

  19. jock says:

    @yizhan – d ko maintindihan kung bakit mo aantayin ang wifi direct? kung magconnect ka ng direct straight to device pero parehong bulok na carrier d mabagal pa din di ba?

  20. Pea says:

    Sun na lang… ibabargain na naman nila yan…gaya sa mga prepaid wireless broadband…goo Sun goo….haha…wish ko lang… :)

  21. Damon says:

    I think Sun will release one soon too but the prices wont likely be lower than Globe’s…..Globe’s is already palugi…theyre selling prepaid at 4k when the device costs 6-7k….i dont know how they did it….magpalugi narin kaya si Sun para lang makalaban???

  22. Teknisyan says:

    nice one.. I don’t think this will affect the Smartbro network, since Pocket Wifi will be using the Smart 3G network and convert it to Wifi Signal and it’s different with Smart Bro.

    I may be wrong.

  23. Arvee says:

    for the same price, you get a better device from Globe. Not endorsing Globe or Huawei here, just being practically wise.


    let’s just say for 4k, walang kita ang Globe dun (let’s just say nadin na around 4k ang OEM/Huawei price ng Mifi router) pero since locked ang units (and there’s no workaround yet to unlock this kind of device) to Globe, sa internet service sila kumikita.

  24. mkks says:

    baka naman mabaog pag dala to sa bulsa, masyado na madaming signal waves ang nasasagap ng magandang kinabukasan

  25. isko says:

    i still love my android…hassle-free and very fast.

  26. jun says:

    ano kayang brand nito?

    anyway.. Sir Yuga.. sana ma feature nyo ang mga android phone that can be use as 3g wifi spot… :)

  27. Jon says:


    Almost any Android phone can be used for that. Some though may require you to root. But for newer phones running Froyo, you can most likely do it out of the box. :)

  28. jun says:

    talaga.. so kahit anong phone with froyo 2.2 and up.. alam ko kasi ang samsung galaxy 5 is 2.1 lang so di sya pwede?

  29. Jon says:

    Pwede yun, I guess. I was using a G1 before but I was able to use wifi tethering on it. Rooted nga lang sya. Right now, I’m using a Motorola Milestone runninng 2.1 (waiting for froyo update) and wireless thethering still works great.

    As far as I know, Android natively supports wifi tethering in Froyo. In older versions, usually kelangan mag root muna then install the wireless tether app. Punta ka sa or google mo na lang kung pano gawin sa phone mo. In most cases, madali naman mag-root. Follow the instructions to the dot nga lang. ;)

  30. chayo says:

    You think it’s a good portable solution to replace SmartBro Plan 999 (canopy)? I wish to save on monthly internet bills, and I use SmartBro as backup whenever PLDT MyDSL fails.

  31. Boffill says:

    Sana lang malakas pumickup ng signal to. Baka mas mabagal pa to kesa sa antenna na SmartBro.

  32. Brown Bear says:

    hey, did anyone of you also noticed? the yellow smiley guy at a glance seems to be giving the finger using his right hand.

  33. CK says:

    The best pa rin to survey your area first, on whose got the better signal…or suffer the consequences.

  34. cheftonio says:

    According to a source, globe is not selling the prepaid mifi anymore. Postpaid nalang din daw. Tell me if I’m wrong.. I want to get one and tinker with the software.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  35. Elimar says:

    just tether your 3g cellphone so that your cellphone will be your wifi hotspot..

  36. Jubail says:

    Hmm… ganda sana kaso sa total na P654.00 dapat wala ng 50hour limit ang browsing dapat fixed na yung price for the whole month.

  37. Harold says:

    Hi Yuga,

    Nice post!

    I would rather advice those who are planning to get this to opt for other ISP. Smart is always upgrading their devices like this one and they keep on acquiring more and more subscribers BUT they have forgotten to upgrade their Base Stations or Cell sites.

    Their base stations are congested, besides, only the cell sites in major cities are capable of 3G/HSDPA signal.

    I’ve written a review about SmartBro Plug-it which functions the same as the one you reviewed here.

    Here’s my review:

    Nice blog!


  38. annipie says:

    comparing download/upload speed with smartbro plug-it device which one is faster?

  39. bale says:

    actually working dito yung smart bro sim for prepaid and post paid.


    pag naubos na 50 hrs or if you’ll be needing to use the internet for a long time continuously then mas maganda palit muna ng sim yung pang plug it then reg mo sa unlisurf.


  40. anneskie says:

    Does it works with iphone coming from the other countries like Japan?

  41. JB says:

    tried the three networks. Globe ang pinaka stable 70-130kbps plus(actual download speed with only 1-2 3g bar signal.

    second para sakin ang Smart 20-50kbps plus(actual download speed)with full 3g signal bar

    third syempre ang Sun. 9-12kbps actual download speed niya pag 6am to 12midnight. . pero pag mga 2AM na to 6AM sobrang bilis 150-220kbps plus ang actual download speed. with almost full 3g bar signal. but surfing is ok lang ang speed ng sun. ewan ko ba kung bakit. . . hmmm

    3g signal lahat ng test

  42. jun says:

    @JB openline ba sya..

  43. Damon says:

    @Cheftonio: Sorry you;re wrong, Globe sells their MyFi at both prepaid and postpaid options…Smart is the one selling only postpaid.

  44. Michael says:

    Completely agree with you on this, Harold. Smart is further congesting their already very poor network….

    Hi Yuga,

    Nice post!

    I would rather advice those who are planning to get this to opt for other ISP. Smart is always upgrading their devices like this one and they keep on acquiring more and more subscribers BUT they have forgotten to upgrade their Base Stations or Cell sites.

    Their base stations are congested, besides, only the cell sites in major cities are capable of 3G/HSDPA signal.

    I’ve written a review about SmartBro Plug-it which functions the same as the one you reviewed here.

    Here’s my review:

    Nice blog!


  45. Michael says:

    @Harold: Completely agree with you on that bro….Smart’s congesting their already congested network. They should really stop thinking about selling for once and upgrade their network first. If you know someone real interested in this device, i’ll be happy to recommend Globe’s MyFi too…much more decent speeds. Plus, everyone knows Huawei device is way better than ZTE.

  46. tutz says:

    saan po nakakabili nyan sa mga smart stations ba sa mga mall?

  47. bro tester says:

    one time lang pala ang P150, next bill is only 495 kung hindi ka nagexceed ng 50hrs/month.

    Device Specifications
    >HSDPA/HSUPA/UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz
    >GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    >HSDPA Downlink 7.2 Mbps, Uplink 5.76 Mbps
    >802.11b/g compatible with any Wi-Fi enabled device
    >Compact size 99.7 x 54 x 14.9 mm
    >Weight 75g
    >1500mAh battery gives up to 4 hours use
    >Maximum Emitted Power 2.95W/m2 in GSM 900Mhz mode.

    nice parang installment.

  48. FOX says:

    you mean… cant use this as prepaid, like smartbro broadband plug-it ?

  49. netguy says:

    Hello po. para sa mga fan ng sun cellular meron na rin pong pocket wifi ang sun cellular nasa market na r5in ito. ang prepaid nila ay P 5,100.00 pero meron din silang post paid.

  50. lyndon says:

    There is a new model of Sapido 3G router with builtin rechargeable battery ( up to 6 hrs)
    for 3,200 only. You can have wifi anywhere as long as you have sun broadband, globe tatoo etc….
    Availble @ virra mall

  51. broadband says:

    Available na pala ang Pocket wifi 999, sana di ako nakapagapply sa 495.

  52. marky says:

    Hope there have also a usb charger from the portable wifi/pocket wifi dual power in convenient solution.

  53. ian romero says:

    pwd po bng gamitan ng pocket wifi ang samsung corby??

  54. marj says:

    pgngavail pu ba aq ng plan 495 sa pocket wifi, unlimited internet access na pu ba yan?? qng hindi pa, may paraan pu ba para maging unlimited internet access na for a month??

  55. jc says:

    sir pwede din po b yan for abroad?

  56. marx says:

    @marj: hindi unli yung 495. 50 hrs lang yun every month. pede kang gumamit ng prepaid sim then register mo na lang sa unli. by the way pag nagexceed ka sa 50 hrs 10 every 30 mins na charging.
    @jc: within the philippines lang yan.

  57. ardi bautista says:

    unlimited po ba yung pocket wifi?

  58. jerick says:

    stupid creation lol. here in singapore you can internet wherever you are after you get your postpaid mobile in all types of networks here. m1 singtel etc

  59. pamela says:

    pls help me kung pnu maopen ung wifi naiock q d q n memorize password help…………..

  60. I really like the devotation that I see in your blog , i love the way you look at the problem, and more then that the way that you approach ideas. This make me think if I`m doing the right way. Greatto learn from a pro

  61. benjie says:

    sir ask lang me if pwede ba itong gamitin sa lugar kung saan walang signal ang smart???? at magkano po ba talaga ang prize nito pag binili.. Pagadian city po kasi ako sa subdivision namin mahina signal .. isang bar lang… . please po. reply.. :( salamat po sa Dios

  62. benjie says:

    nako di ko rin pala ito magagamit. hirap nga ako maka kita ng signal ng smart. sa bahay namin dito sa Pagadian ciy. brgy. manga… DAPAT SA LAHAT NG LUGAR MALAKAS ANG SIGNAL NYO!!!!!!!!! ANG 3G DITO LOGO LANG … ANO BAYAN!!!!!!!! SA SYUDAD PA YAN..

  63. mheils says:

    I dont understand how to use this smartbro pocket wifi can you give me the details on my email.Can i use this even i dont have a smart broadband

  64. jeny rose says:

    pwede po pa-follow up ung connection ng pocket wifi bat po ganun sa umpisa lang mabilis..
    HSPA at 3g naman signal dito

    hindi po consistent ung signal
    sayang po ang unli surf


  65. Koi says:

    Puede mo naman ipaunlisurf basta hindi ka postpaid.. kunin mo lang ung sim at ilagay sa phone mo then dun mo iregister….

  66. Koi says:

    Jeny Rose… ikaw lang ba ang gumagamit ng pcoket wifi of may ibang nakikiconnect? kapag maraming nakakasagap siyempre bababa and bandwidth na nasasagap mo (babagal connection).. nasa site din pati yan madalas.. kapag konti lang ang alam nilang gumagamit ng net sa isang lugar.. mababa lang ang bigay nila ng bandwidth..

  67. bryan says:

    sir how to register for unli surf in smart bro pocket wifi ???

    • fayem says:

      just type *UNLISURF 50* and send to 2200 if you want 1 day unlimited surfing. Change 50 by 85 if you want 2 days, and change it by 200 if you want 5 days unlimited

  68. Paano po mag avail ng smart bro pocket wifi 495 for 50 hours?!jr-cudilla/ctkd

  69. lexter says:

    pwede bang gamitin yung sim ng smart bro sa pocket wifi nla parehas lang ba yun? post paid din naman kse preho tpos gnun lang din ung niloload at bilis.?

  70. Emma Rosales says:

    Ask Kong po..mtaas nmn ung cgnal bar nia Pero bkit po ang bgl ng coneksyon…

  71. Emma Rosales says:

    Kung am kolang nag globe nlng SNA ko…SNA mas maimprove no pa ang cgnal…sobrng bgal…sayng LNG pera nmen…

  72. Dominique Therese says:

    Smart pocket wifi is freakin slow in my Area near the city na. Anyway i sold my smart pocket wifi and its not Huawei, it is from Alcatel.

  73. ardrin says:

    Paano po mag lagay ng password sa pocket Wifi sa 4g

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