Why Google embraced TV?

Why Google embraced TV?

One of the big announcements at the recent Google Developer Conference is Google TV. For an internet company, it might seem puzzling why Google would embrace TV?

We might have heard statements that internet is the future and share of print and TV is growing smaller than ever.


But here’s what Google admitted/highlighted at the conference:

  • 5 Hours per Day – that’s much much time an American spends watching TV every day. People are watching more TV now than they have in the past (so it’s actually growing).
  • $70 Billion – that’s how much advertising is spent on TV every year in the US alone. For internet, it’s just around 1% of that.
  • Wider and Broader Reach – no other medium has the same amount of reach as TV.
  • 4 Billion – that’s the estimated number of TV users worldwide. The mobile market has around 2 billion and the PC market has around 1 billion.

No wonder, Google’s tapping into the TV market. At the bottom line, Google wants to get a share of that $70 billion ad spend — and that’s just in the US alone.

On another note, someone asked “what about Ilumina?” — that pinoy invention of an intelligent TV. Well, I’m not really sure. They could either get swallowed with all that buzz or might get acquired, depending on how strong their IP. Bumped into one of them several weeks back and they introduced me to their investor. They’re in silent-mode right now while in the final stages.

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13 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    It is quite expected that Google would venture into television. For me, this move was for increasing their ad revenue. Imagine if they get a foothold in ads from this medium. Google will rule te world.

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  2. JP says:

    Tama lang na mapenetrate ng Google ang TV industry dito sa pinas, para hindi na ma-monolopolize ng ABIAS-CBN ang utak ng majority ng mga pinoy. XD

  3. rj says:

    Sir Yuga pasintabi lang po ano, may hater kasi dito…

    @jpcaparas: jeez, bakit ka hater ng ABS?! Maisingit lang eh noh? kahit walang logic, kahit di related. the nerve! At sinabi mong monopolize? So aminado kang ABS-CBN is the leading TV station in the country today?!

  4. Euan says:

    wow, may ILLUMINA pala na ila-launch sa Pinas! :) Suggestion ko lang sa kanila, kunin nilang investor ang Google! A lot of Filipinos watch TV kaya malaki ang market! At sana eto na ang start ng digital TV. :))

  5. omay says:

    @sir yuga, di po ba nagpa-patent ang ilumina? kc parang ganun din ang concept nila ng intelligent tv.

  6. Ryan Ang says:

    In the context of RP’s media delivery system:

    Illumina might be good for proof of concept, but eventually content will dictate the hardware. While there’s local IPTV content available, The implementation isn’t as polished as the ones used abroad.

    Illumina, as well as GTv, are niche products specifically tailored to a specific market. If they were made to eliminate the cable box, well i’m not betting top dollar on it (now at least).

  7. BrianB says:

    You think Cable owners and networks would allow Google to do whatever they want on their turf?

  8. CHL says:

    TV interactivity is the future for sure and the battle starts now meaning Google have to be in the space. But the clear winners will be indeterminate for a long time yet.

  9. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    As of now in Metro Manila we have around 3 major cable companies, Sky, GlobalDestiny, and Cablelink. For Satellite based we have Dream and Cignal. Skycable has a monopoly over these based on the number of programs exclusively available to them probably based on a restricted contract.

    If Google TV becomes successful, We may have an alternate to Cable tv that only requires a high-speed broadband connection requiring only a decoder from Google. The rest of the cable companies would most likely follow suit and co-develop newer boxes for their current and future customer base integrating Google TV tech with existing DVB-C decoders.

    Also content available may exponentially increase with a lot of amateur stations popping in soon.

  10. nakita ko na dati sa Google Adsense options yung google TV..no idea lang kung how it works..

  11. Winziph says:

    Google is like Manny Pacquiao, they both spell M-O-N-E-Y lol.

  12. drealmarlon says:

    mag click lang yang google tv kung super fast na internet natin dito sa pinas,pero sa ngayon asa kapa?

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