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5 things I liked about the new Honda City 2009

When I was invited to join the trip to Bohol by Honda Cars Philippines for a media test drive, I hesitated at first because I know very little about cars. They knew I’m mostly into tech and gadgets so my impressions of the new Honda City would come from that perspective.

honda city philippines

So here are the 5 things that I thought made the Honda City 2009 stand out and caught  my attention:

silver honda city honda city price honda city red

  • Masculine Design. Looks like Honda scratched the old design and did the re-work of the City from the ground up. The grill reminds me of the Autobots. Honda execs reveal that the inspiration to the new design was based from the “arrowshot” so you can see some sharp and arched corners. IMHO, the Honday City beats the look of all other City before it and even the newer Civic.
  • Stereo Sound System. The sound system has a built-in iPod connector and USB so you can hook up your digital music player (iPod) and control it directly by the system, at the same time charging it thru the USB port. Most iPods are supported except the iPhone 3G.
  • Digital Meters. The dashboard has a digital meter which indicates a number of valuable information such as gas consumption and estimated mileage based on the current trip.
  • Paddle Shifters. On the 1.5 models, the paddle shifters give you more power and control. Good for drivers like me that’s more accustomed to manual transmission.
  • More room. For a subcompact sedan, the new Honda City has more leg room and storage spaces both in front and in the back.

We drove around Bohol for the better part of the 2-day trip and I got to drive both the 1.3L and the 1.5L models. Based on our trip, the mileage is about 10.5 kilometers per liter (that’s what the digital meter indicated). 

honda city 2009
And while the exterior looked stunning, I couldn’t say the same about the interior. The part where I got a little disappointed is that my iPhone 3G wasn’t able to hook up with the audio system (although the USB port was charging the phone). A double-check on the manuals verified it’s only compatible with older generation of iPods. That leaves the 3.5mm audio jack as the next best option.


honda city 2009 honda city 2009 honda city 2009

honda city 2009 honda city 2009 honda city philippines

Most of the features here can be found on most high-end cars but Honda claims they want to have it as standard for their entry-level sedans. That being said, it looks like they’ve also jacked up the price a bit compared to the previous generations.

honda city 2009

Just in case anyone’s interested, here are the retail prices of the new Honda City 2009:

City 1.3 A MT : Php 676,000 (entry-level)
City 1.3 S MT : Php 716,000
City 1.3 S AT : Php 756,000
City 1.5 E AT : Php 806,000 (top-of-the-line)

This isn’t really a full review (I will leave that part to the real car experts) but I just want to show off some of the photos I took. :D

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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51 Responses

  1. william says:

    great work!you’re not a car buff but i agree with your short review. the new honda city is by far the most different looking car i’ve ever seen.

  2. elmer says:

    i agree, a nice looking car, the only downside is tag holder…i hate it, looks a chik with goatee :)

  3. edison says:

    nice look compare to the past cheap looking design of it..nice car..

  4. CPB says:

    Honda City – a mass car or a luxury car? Its worth more than half a million.. I couldn’t afford it.

    Honda Cars need a new design. A weird yet eye catching design. They need to build a car that every middle class could afford.

    We have a car back home in the province and it was a mitsubishi lancer (19++ model.. can’t remember really) and it was far better than this honda city..

  5. ciL says:

    uhmm.. maybe it’s not 10.5 liters per kilometer.. i think it’s the other way around.. coz if thats the case, then it sure consumes a LOT of Gas.^.^ I like the car too..

  6. Ton says:


    Step 1: Find “sugarmommy”
    Step 2: Pick Honda City color
    Step 3: Ebay an old ipod

    Sounds like a plan to me.

    See you in Edsa everybody!

  7. ferdz says:

    looks like optimus prime to me…. or isn’t the Honda designers where inspired? :-D

  8. bong says:

    nice shots!

  9. Darren says:

    excellent job done!
    staying at Bohol already fascinating
    not to mention a “new-car-test-drive” trip there
    I’m pretty jealous now!!!

  10. Obed says:


    nice, find me one too, so we can see eachother in edsa :)

  11. Selboy says:

    i was wondering if its 10.5 liters/kilometer or 10.5 kilometer/liter.

    I happened to test drive a MPUV or multi-purpose utility vehicle (ie, innova) but the meter said that we consumed 10.7 kilometers per liter.

  12. yuga says:

    @sel, it’s the other way around. Thanks for spotting that one. :D

  13. ciL says:

    i was the one who spotted it first.. :l hmp..

  14. yuga says:

    @ciL, yeah, didn’t see your earlier comment.

  15. Maurice B. says:

    hmmm this car is really catching attention even on our streets, but its a bit pricey for a car marketed as compact sedans. If you’re a thrifty car buyer you can always look at second hand dealers with reasonable price tags. if you have the money but wants more power in compact sedan you can always go for a hyundai CRDI VGT like the i30 or Accent. If you you’re looking for life long investment there’s toyota vios and the new suzuki sx4 compact sedan. And if you want subcompacts there are lots to choose from like the picanto, i10 and aveo. Plus, the entry of Chery would definitely shake this up a bit if newer models are going to be marketed this year.

    as for me, buying a new car rest at bottom of my priorities. I’ll rather fix and take good care of my 3 yr old car than buy a new one and pay a huge monthly installments.

  16. al says:

    I saw a black one side by side with my own [black yet old & humble :) ] car at a wash shop along Panay Ave yesterday morning.

    I agree, its front was indeed transformer-ish. Nice car! and nice review too Abe!

  17. ali says:

    very nice car…. my car color silver… very nice..

  18. Anirutnev says:

    I’ve just bought a 1.30S A/T variant. Except for the driver seat which I felt is not too comfortable for long drives (as compared to my 3rd generation CRV), everything else meets my expectations.

  19. cp3 says:

    Everywhere you go in the Metro, you see a new City. So how’s your fuel consumption? But I guess it is depending on one’s driving habit. hehe.

  20. ugenic says:

    Nice post. I agree to your differentiation.
    Gas milage for 1.3 A/T is:

    8.5 to 9.0 km/li on metro manila’s average traffic.

    13 to 15 km/li on provincial out of town travel.

  21. jhun says:

    do honda city 1.5 A/T have a manual transmision?

  22. Do honda city works fine on cng ?

  23. firdaus says:

    i’ll be sure to buy new honda city 2009 in the next 8 years from now…nw 1’m 23..rite nw i’m into black and red honda city…gotta choose one…

  24. Lance says:


    It’s a sports mode where you can change the gear using buttons in the steering wheel.

  25. Jhe says:

    Its a really nice car..

    My dad just told me today that he will buy it for me..

    What is better??

    Toyota Vios or Honda City?

  26. Lance says:

    @Jhe Honda City 2009 is really far from Toyota Vios

  27. chemtank says:

    my kids love to ride this car than SUV.. so nice

  28. pianbhel says:

    The audio system can play my iPhone 3G, catch on that one.. I can even select any playlist on my iPhone 3G.. Read the manual first, peace. :)

  29. ROnin says:

    Cmon guys, the cheapest VIOS is 595K and that’s the J series. You don’t have power windows, etc. The next one is priced at 670K. It has power windows, locks but other than that, there is nothing else. Seriously, an additional 75k for power windows and locks. C’mon. And the gauges are in the center.

    At 681K, I don’t feel like I was robbed. I mean the i-Vtec itself is a plus. And you get power windows, nice interiors and the honda guarantee of performance. My honda civic lxi 96 never let me down.

    Look at it this way, 5 years from now, which car do you think will be more fashionable and has better resell?

  30. skit*** says:

    im craving for the new honda city 2009… i will buy one as soon as possible…grrrrrr!!!

  31. skit*** says:

    Is honda city good for customization? i mean like putting spoilers and etc..

  32. SkyMaster says:

    good question, is it good for customization?? i saw one on the net, doesnt seem like it became a better looking car.. mas ok ata wala. im buying one this december. why go for 1.3S instead of 1.3A? is it worth paying another 30k?

  33. rpo says:

    your right ugenic! and thats true…. we have the same car.

  34. haha says:

    no takalok here ?

  35. j.rob says:

    Im undecided yet on which car should I buy next month, but thanks to you guys, now I have the reasons why should pick this “pogi” looking car.Thanks again.

  36. GM says:

    Honda City 2009 = Chick Magnet
    Toyota Vios = Commuter Magnet

  37. As a toyota owner I am extremely cocerned about the behavior of toyota.

  38. bharadwaj says:

    Plz tell me if it works with iphone3G

  39. jakeblack says:

    i really like this car. i would probably purchase it but do you think buying it on 2nd hand will help to save lil money. is it worth it?

  40. william evans says:

    i’m on the waiting list for my taffeta white 1.5E city due to arrive 3rd week of may 2010 here in the philippines. an tagal naman hayyy

  41. gerge cabrera says:

    i’M also in the waiting list for a tafeta white city, actually we ordered a beige color city in the 2nd week of april,but the salesman texted me last week that the beige color will be on the longer waiting list, that’s why he suggested to get the tafeta white instead because they will produce it by this week, i’m so excited to ride my new city.haha hey guys, what accesories can you suggest for the new honda city?

  42. william evans says:

    a bit disappointed, my SA just informed me, no honda city taffeta white for me this month! moved to june 2010 due to long lists of orders :(

  43. Manny Parong says:

    I saw a print ad of the 2009 Honda City sometime in February 2009 and I told myself, “This is going to be my next car”. Three weeks later, I bought one (1.3S M/T, Bold Beige). I love the car! My fuel consumption is 13+ kms to a liter. And oh, did I mention my old car was a 1997 Honda City EXi? I guess I’m a Honda addict…

  44. JB says:

    Hi folks!

    I got my City (1.3S A/T) Thursday of last week and I am really satisfied with its performance. I live in Imus, Cavite and my FC is ranging from 11 to 14 kms/liter. That’s super tipid I tell you!

    Had my first full tank last Sat and it only costed me 1.2K.

    Classy design, in and out! Spacious for its category (subcompact) and has a very large compartment! Most of all, very fuel-efficient! Great car and definitely I dont have regrets in buying this unit!

    Thanks Honda and looking forward for more car innovations!!!

  45. roy buzz says:

    i would like to congratulate myself for purchasing the honda city 1.3s today August 6, 2010. its the best birthday gift to myself this month.

  46. hardcourt says:

    i bought honda city 04m last dec 2010,, 2nd hand im 2nd owner no regrets its fuel efficient 15-17k/L long drive, and a 15k/L city drive pogi look pa.

  47. after 8mons starting today makukuwa ko yang honda city na yan .. iyan kasi yung goal ko ngayung taon.. what every it takes..

  48. Weber says:

    We got our 2nd hand 2009 Honda City 1.3S M/T just a few days ago and seemingly great and satisfying as we use it day by day, as compared from our existing Chevy and Mitsubishi cars… Cheers to Honda City and owners!!!

  49. rupal says:

    Im not able to connect samsung hrand to hondacity ivtec.it just charges the phone

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