Cheaper Sony PlayStation 3 Slim announced

Cheaper Sony PlayStation 3 Slim announced

The original PlayStation 3 was way too expensive when it first came out. That’s probably one of the main reasons why it lagged behind the Nintendo Wii and the XBox 360 in sales. So Sony has come up with a newer but cheaper one — the PlayStation 3 Slim.

My guess is that it won’t be officially released in the Philippines (just like its predecessor) but that should not stop anybody from getting one in the grey market when it comes out this September.


sony ps3 slim

The new PlayStation 3 Slim is 36% lighter and 33% smaller and best of all it will retail for just $299. Comes with a 120GB HDD and WiFi. Will be out worldwide on September 1.

In the Philippines, the success of a gaming console highly depends on how much *cough* *hacked* titles are available in the market. Most of the consoles are already unlocked when you buy them in stores (GreenHills).

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60 Responses

  1. myke says:

    ps3 was never unlocked to play hacked games, but some older ps3 can run homebrew

    now it’s more justifiable to get one. :p

  2. numb says:

    i want one! more games please!

  3. Darren says:

    PS3 can run homebrew? HOW?!

  4. PS3addict says:

    please SONY philippines… diyos ko po ilabas niyo naman dito sa pinas yan. we need much cheaper console.. pls pls pls pls!!!!!

  5. I just love PS3 games. I would definitely buy this console once it’s out in the philippines. Thanks

  6. karissa says:

    omg! omg!
    i want one! pero sana lang ok sya diba

  7. myke says:


    I haven’t tried it yet but based on what I’ve read older ps3 allows linux os installation upon doing this you can hack it to support backward compatibility which allows you to run orig ps2 games then there is a hack which allows you to use homebrews… this is the concept

    Bad news is the new unit doesn’t allow os installation

  8. lee says:

    yes you can run linux sa old PS3 and run some apps for linux there but linux sa PS3 can’t utilize the graphics chip of the PS3 so you can’t play PS2 games even if you install linux. The PS3 has never been successfully hacked. Homebrews cannot run using the OS of the PS3 which is XMB. PS3 cannot play pirated games up until now. And also installing linux sa PS3 is not really an easy thing to do, it could also be annoying cause there’s no easy way to jump from xmb to linux vice versa. It’s nice to have an option to install linux on the PS3 but I wouldn’ really call it a bad news. If you really want to use Linux use your PC, it’s a lot better there.

  9. Wow what a “surprise”! ehehe No but really, I’m surprised how much cheaper the PS3 Slim is. I expected a smaller price compared to its bigger brother but not this cheap!

    Way to go Sony!

  10. techme says:

    don’t like the new design…. buti nlng i have the glossy ps3 hahaha!

  11. loadex says:

    at $299 almost Php15k pag converted.. problem lang is the titles available.. Php2k average price niya. And may games na kailangan sa LCD TV pa laruin ayaw sa conventional CRT TV. While the Wii meron games na 100 petot sa tabi tabi.. parang ang sarap pa maglaro kase medyo physical.. hindi puro thumbs/hands lang kikibo.

  12. Miguel says:

    Good news for me – I don’t own a console, but I want one to play Rock Band and similar games.

  13. mike says:

    this will me a great “early” Christmas present *grins*

  14. goosebumps says:

    the PS3 slim will carry the new firmware 3.0 which eliminates installation of other OS plus an array of great features..i like the moving themes :)

  15. Wendal says:

    anyone know the current prices of the old models here? 80/160 gig, new stock.. also, where to buy?

  16. Gamehappy says:

    There are places where you can rent PS3 discs here in the Philippines already. Checkout they deliver the games to your house!

  17. odnid says:

    i hope it will avialable this coming fall here in korea.. im not in_gaming person but my concern is it can play bluray disc movie & game console is for my son..

  18. I’ll just wait till it accept the pirated games.
    I think masmaganda parin ang wii kasi interactive.

  19. Gwapito says:

    It will be around 18k pesos if ever it will appear in the mainstream market.

  20. Wendal says:

    what I mean is, how much is a brand new 80 gig (fat version) right now? where?

  21. Glenn Butardo says:

    Ive got one ps3 slim from my dad. he is a politician, so he used his super powers to sneak one from sony.

  22. Glenn Butardo says:

    anyone who can introduce me personaly to rachel anne dacqis can have my ps3 slim. Wuhoooo!!!!!!!!!!! go f.e.u.

  23. Wendal says:

    I’ll introduce you to her as long as you don’t mind that she’ll already taste like me

  24. myke says:

    @lee ok, good to have that cleared. As I’ve said I haven’t tried it I’m just basically talking about the concept that I’ve read :p

  25. ken says:

    will be out here in Japan by Sept 3

    retailing for 29980 yen

    does anybody knows if Japanese PS3 compatible

    with US PS3 discs?

  26. Wendal says:

    PS3 games are region free

  27. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    According to SankakuComplex (NSFW site though) PS3 Slim performance was quite slower compared to the current PS3

    Reference: (NSFW!)

  28. PS3addict says:

    my uncle is noynoy aquino. got ps3 slim to him.

  29. daniel says:

    ^I’m hopefully assuming that the Filipino taxpayer didn’t finance your PS3.

  30. Wendal says:

    hahahaha if your uncle is Noynoy, you should have asked him to send you to a better school!!!

  31. Qatar_Bhoy says:

    I just bought a new PS3 slim 120GB. But i just “B”, ‘2’ on top of the box. I know that ps3 games can be played, but dvd wont play unless i have the same regional code on my disc. is there a way to unlocked or modify in philippines..

  32. Jenny says:

    As of now, there are no modchips (hard and soft mod) are available in PS3. PS3 is difficult to crack because of many factors. Including expensive bluray-disc and burners. XBOX360 and Wii are the best console around if you can’t affford original titles.

  33. anthony says:

    mga naman oh ngdedecide ako bumili ng ps3 eh d ko lam kung ung phat ba o slim ang kukunin ko..ibebenta ko na 360 ko para makabuy ng ps3 => especially for god of war 3!!

  34. anthony says:

    pwde ba ko mag ps3 sa sdtv lang kasi halos 8 hours ako sa 360 maglaro sa sdtv ayos saka wala pa kong money to buy kahit 22 inch samsung lcd tv lng..pwd ba to sa sdtv ko (jvc interiart musee)

  35. dark_knight says:

    i’ve seen the price of the new ps3 slim, i’ts between php17,500 to php18,000

  36. Kite says:

    How much is the PS3 Slim 120GB now? :)

  37. Burnllionaire says:

    What the Frak! and I sold my PS3 Phat for only 15k 2 years ago, when I bought it for 45k what a freakin’ moron huh. I sold my ps3 games for only 1k each and there were 5 of them, the last 4 tites I only sold for 2,000 pesos. Now that I think about it, I’m like “what a stupid jerk!” Now my goddamn Xbox360 is jacked up! I can’t play a thing!

  38. Muz says:

    I have this new PS3 Slim but so sad lo huh? can’t play PS2 CD or DVD, sayang lang ung old dvd Ps2 ko…

  39. Muz says:

    This PS3 Slim can be play PS1cd or…But Why? PS2 can’t play, PS3 6OGB 4USB and PS3 8OGB 4USB can play PS2?…Shits!

  40. broad says:

    huh? PS3 for PS3cd, PS2 for PS2cd and PS

  41. joe traruck says:

    I have the newest PS3 slim 250G that i rought from hongkong with free 1 blue ray movie CD (X-men origin) and 1 game (the fall of man) I brought the unit for 417 US dollar equivalent in HK dollar…do you think it fair?

  42. atay aning PS3 wui!!


    dli ko kahibalo moduwa!! huhu

    recommend lng nko ninyo!

    ayay mo ug palit..pisti!

  43. PS33D says:

    Good post, adding it to my blog now, thanks

  44. vanz says:

    mmm… i think that ps3 slim can’t read ps2 games… only for the old one… guys help me what should i prefer to buy…. a psp with many RPG games or a ps3 with a super graphics and many upcoming games????

  45. billyjoe says:

    well i thing xbox 360 is the best so far in the philippines even thou. PS3 is more advance spec.. but still if you think of it.. xbox360 can give you more pirated games and play more games have fun!.. while PS3 is great no doubt..but the fact is you need LCD FLAT SCREEN in some games which costly around a thousand pesos. and not only that and u cannot play FAKE games.. if cannot play more games its useless.filipino love pirated because of its price.. by the way i have these 2 console ^^.. but i preferred xbox360. well i hoped it helped you guys to think about it…

    PS3 = 18k is good.. but the games are not cheap..
    xbox360 = 13k good and the games are affordable because it is fake.

  46. ams says:

    Ang mahal naman ng PS3 cd’s na nabili ko sa mall, callofduty” 3thousand 7.oo

  47. vanz says:

    hey billyjoe bigay mo na lng ps3 mo sa akin… salamat!

  48. athrun_zala says:

    Clarification po regarding PS3’s ability to play PS 2 games.

    Yung older versions lang po ang pwede mag play ng PS 2 games. The first release of the PS3 essentially had the PS2 hardware (EE) with it kaya it can play PS 2 games.

    Sony nerfed the PS3’s abilities to play PS2 games little by litle with their new releases up to the point na wala na siya sa mga newest models… :(

  49. rpmi says:

    I prefer to play games I like and almost all run in the PS3. I already had two years ago a PS3 with 60gb and now I will get the PS3 slim to replace the old one. Enjoy ako sa Playstation store and the nice old classics redone to maximize graphics on the PS3 are so cool (and cheap. mga 400 pesos sa PSN and I buy them online).

    I could buy an Xbox360 however so much bad feedback (as in sirain ang Xbox) and the blacklisting of hacked units in Xbox Live prevented me from doing so. Sabay kami bumili ng friend ko 2 years ago ako PS3 siya Xbox 360. Before Ondoy (which drowned my PS3) his Xbox 360 was repaired 4 times already. The PS3? reliable until it was damaged by Ondoy (both Xbox and PS3 were destroyed)

    Besides blu-ray vs DVD9? no brainer. Blu-ray wins (and won) hands down.

  50. Oinky says:

    Saan pinakamurang bumili ng PS3? Gusto ko sana yung medyo luma na 60GB na nakaka-play ng PS2 Games. Thanks.

  51. gino says:

    tanung po san po murang makakabili ng ps3 kasi nagtatanung po ako sa may sm north iba iba ang mga price range, pinakamababang nakita ko sa datablitz aroung 16k samantala sa iba naman abot na ng 20k

  52. Josh Stone says:

    Hey friend, was just searching through the www and looking 4 some information and go to this blog. I’m impressed by the infos that you’ve on this blog. Shows how good you understand this subject. I have Bookmarked your, and i will come back 4 more infos. You, my friend, Know what you do!!

  53. jaszyjay says:

    ung new ps3 slim walang card reader, at wala ng bckward comptibility, pero if you still have your ps2 why use ps3??besides gas gas lng sa lens un pg gnmit mo ps2 games sa ps3 phat. ps3 slim costs around 16k – 18k bundled p, besides, the slim eats lower electricity so its energy saving, tska dual lens n lhat ng models ngyn ng ps3, one for blu-ray games and one for blue ray dvd movies, saves the lens life. problm lng tlga is the cost of the games, but then again if youre resourceful enough you can get better games at the right price if you just know where to look. at first i prefer the phat ones coz i know everytime, since time ng ps1, pag lumiliit ung unit laging may tintnggal n spec o feature, good thing sa ps2 you no longer need a video adapter o video card that you have to attach on its back just like in the phat one, sa ps2 slim you just have to push the power button 3 times to activate the dvd movie mode but it has its limitations though, the lens. Xbox 360 i think is a thing of the past, its cooler coz of the availability of the games and all that stuff, but it has its own contagious disease that literally can strip your pockets and wallets, lhat ng kilala kong may xbox 360 ung mga unit nila nkatiwangwang nln or nbenta n coz of its short life span, besides, the disease im talking about is the 3 red lights or the 3rl sickness ng mga xbox360 units, if youre gonna have them fixed it’ll cost 7k-10k, so why not buy a new unit instead,or better yet buy a better console db? i have a ps2 and i neither have ps3 nor xbox360 and im thinking of which one to buy that’s why i researched first.

  54. Talakito says:

    Sino ba ang nagebebenta ng PS3 games dito na second hand???

    Meron ba kayong alam na pwedeng pagrentan ng games.??

  55. Antonio C. Mendoza says:

    My daughter working in Dubai,gave her youngest brother a PS3 which she bought there in Dubai, after a year of playing it can read but don’t play anymore, I ask Sony Service Station but said they are not authorized to check it,much more to repair it.

    Question – were do I go from here, is there any repair station I can go?

    Thank you,

    Tony Mendoza

  56. VideoGameGod says:

    ps3 bluray suits it all. d kna lugi kaysa kung bbili knang xbox360

  57. Jazhmine says:


    Selling PlayStation 3 (Made in Japan)

    120GB (Can be modified to increase hard drive capacity)
    1 Wireless Controller
    Preloaded with games.
    Slightly Used (2 months)
    Complete – No scratches and any physical/internal anomaly.
    All hardware are in perfect, working condition.


    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots – English Ver.
    Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Storm 1
    Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
    Mortal Kombat

    Price starts at 15,000.
    Willing to go lower for cash. Negotiable prices. Contact me at 09156008957 or email me at [email protected].

  58. ghing says:

    buying ps3 for 10K, is it a good deal?

  59. jay says:

    difference between PS3 fat and PS3 slim??? anyone?

  60. next page says:

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    to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. thanks

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