New Kindle WiFi, 3G -- down to $139

New Kindle WiFi, 3G — down to $139

Amazon has just announced  the latest model of their 6-inch Kindle eBook Reader. It has now been divided into two — a WiFi-only and the WiFi+3G models.

They first announced this on the bigger Kindle DX about 2 weeks ago. Now, the smaller 6″ Kindle also comes in graphite color on top of the usual white one.


They’re also smaller, lighter and has better contrast. Best of all the WiFi-only model is down to just $139. The Kindle WiFi + Free 3G will sell for $189. Not bad — it should drive the prices of all the other eReaders down as well.

The new Kindle will be out by August 27 but you may want to pre-order (click here) now if you want first dibs.

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41 Responses

  1. dalekins says:

    @abeolandres where can we buy it here?

  2. deuts says:

    @abeolandres Not bad. Does anyone know the actual price after customs duties and other fees? in PHP preferably.

    • @deuts estimate ko mga 12-13k, based on the Php18k total before when it was $259 pa

    • mjne_19 says:

      @abeolandres I made a pre-order online. Umabot sya ng $180 including shipping and taxes. Im not sure if local custom taxes are included.

  3. Rainwalker19 says:

    @abeolandres Of course, because people are flocking to iPad! lol!

  4. Rainwalker19 says:

    @abeolandres Of course, because people are flocking to iPad! lol!

  5. Teknisyan says:

    “…divided into two — a WiFi-only and the WiFi+3G models.”

    Now where did I heard that one before?!

  6. ed says:

    I thank iPad for that hehe.

  7. android_fanboi says:

    i like!

  8. Miguel says:

    @mjne_19 – share how your online order goes – if it’s OK or better to wait for someone to handcarry it home.

  9. Rose says:

    This is great! Great price and awesome PDF native support. Also, I’ve never really cared for the 3G feature and really prefer the Wi-fi. Love the new graphite color. Very tempting indeed!

  10. mr. bogus says:

    if your a bookworm…. buy kindle…

    if your a techie guy/gal go for the ipad..

  11. nick says:

    Kindle dx is a great thing….small,smooth handling…with wifi and 3g in it…if internet facility is provide in it, it will make kindle dx more market value as compare to own ….but at all great thing….thanks…

  12. Hater says:

    iPad or Kindle?? eehh.. it’s like comparing a Nokia 3210 to an iPhone.. lol..

  13. dyosa says:

    i pre-ordered the kindle wifi. plus the 60-dollar leather case with light. my total was 265.42usd or a little over 12k pesos, including custom taxes and shipping na.

  14. dinolc says:

    @mjne_19 and @dyosa – would like to ask how you ordered your kindles? from here in the phils? does it have to be a US issued creditcard? and where you able to get your units delivered already? thanks for the input, im thinking of getting just the kindle wifi only. no 3g. :)

  15. aki says:

    @dinolc, you can ordered your Kindle directly sa Amazon website. You can use non US Credit Card, Debit Card or Gift Cards. You can buy Amazon giftcards thru Western Union.

    To order in Amazon website:
    1. Make/Sign up for an Amazon Account.
    2. Add to Cart your Kindle 3
    3. Then proceed to checkout
    4. You’ll be prompted to put in your CC/DC or GC info and address. What shipping method/preference you’ll choose e.g. Shipping Method: Priority International Courier; Shipping Preference: Group my items into as few shipments as possible etc…And since they shipped internationally, you’ll get your package directly on your doorstep. They use DHL courier to deliver your Kindle. Customs/Import duties are alreadly included in your bill when you buy your Kindle so no more added fees.

    If walang Credit Card, you can easily open a Debit Card from BDO or Union Bank.

    Also if you’re not comfortable to buy online yourself you can use Johnny Air Cargo service to let them buy it for you even without CC, you pay JAC in cash and their service fee is $25. It will be delivered in their US Branch address then send to Phils. When your package arrive you can pick it up in the JAC Phils Branch on where you order your ebook reader then pay for customs fee. For more info of the JAC service call your JAC branch there.

  16. Nelsonkrx says:

    We can order any kindle version for those who don’t want or can’t order from amazon :) it’s 8k for the wifi only. Eta is about 2weeks from order date. Just email us or visit us on facebook for more info :)

  17. Xavier says:

    As advertised by Amazon, free 3g internet worldwide ang Kindle 3. For those who already owns a kindle 3 wifi+3g sa Pinas, please let me know if internet really works via 3g FREE. Thanks.

  18. adiknasakindle says:

    i just got my new K3 wifi and I LOVE IT!!!

    for those who are wondering, it only took 6 DAYS from ordering it online to it being delivered to my doorstep (well gate actually hehe). 1 day lang sya sa customs at di rin nila binuksan. im not sure if this is what happens to every kindle order to the philippines, but this is what happened to me.

    i paid a little over 11k. this includes kindle wifi, leather cover w/o light, power adapter, shipping and import fees (ito na ung bayad sa customs).

    hope this helps :)

  19. carlo says:

    im here in canada and thinking of buying here. just wanted to find out if those who own in Philippines can buy books online? can you also generate your content, transfer via usb, and read?

  20. adiknasakindle says:

    @carlo: i havent tried buying books using my kindle yet, but i have successfully downloaded samples from the kindle store via wifi, so im assuming that buying books would go well too. as long as your credit’s good, i dont see any problems with it.

    i’ve also successfully transferred my old files from laptop to kindle via usb. is that what you were asking? i had to convert my LIT and HTML files into MOBI first though. Kindle can read PDF fles, but you cant change the font size (use landscape view and zoom instead). PDFs dont look good when converted to MOBI (unless you want to waste time deleting page numbers and headers).

  21. Geko says:

    Is the free 3G web browsing supported in our country? This will be the deciding factor for me whether to buy the $189 3G+Wifi, or the $139 Wifi-only version.

  22. Deb says:

    “Is the free 3G web browsing supported in our country? This will be the deciding factor for me whether to buy the $189 3G+Wifi, or the $139 Wifi-only version”

    Would be interested also to get a response for the question above :) anyone who can enlighten us?


  23. willbuykindle says:

    To those who have already bought one, does the kindle package come with an adapter or do i have to order one as well?

  24. nelsonkrx says:

    The 3G really works here in the Philippines and it’s 100% FREE!

    If you’re looking to buy a Kindle or Nook here in Manila, check our ad:

    and our profile:

    We have incoming stocks of Kindle WiFi tis Feb 4 and we’re selling for 8k only. The 3G is 10.6k but order basis :) We also give out tons of free eBooks!

  25. KenC says:

    I am wondering if I can download Kindle books from my PC to the Kindle3 wi fi or do I have to buy the 3G to download them. I have several that I downloaded on my PC here in the Philippines.

  26. hello says:

    @willbuykindle It comes with a USB connector which you can plug into your laptop/PC and use as a charger. If you want an adaptor that plugs into a wall socket, it’s not included in the package and you have to order a separate one. Make sure that you order the European charger.

    @KenC You can use the USB connector to transfer your old ebooks from PC to Kindle, as long as they’re in AZW, PDF or MOBI formats. No need for 3G.

  27. buffygirl24 says:

    i tried to order thru amazon but it says “This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected. (Learn more.) You may either change the shipping address or remove the item by clicking Delete. ” Help!

  28. Jem says:

    Maybe you were in the US page? Look for the box where it says “Live outside the US?” then choose your country. It will direct you to the right page.

  29. JC says:

    Great Info, I Need More on kindle wifi

  30. carlo says:

    Anyone tried ordering from web and can share their experience with shipping/customs fee? Just curious…

  31. Pam_L says:


    For those who ordered directly at amazon and already received their units, did you received it in good condition? Just a little apprehensive of shipping it over a considerable distance since it is very thin and fragile. I would also appreciate any feedback on which shipping method works best, JAC or DHL? Thanks!

    Thanks a lot!

    • adiknasakindle says:

      i got my kindle in good condition. it is fitted snugly inside a preformed cardboard container that’s adhesed to the box. both front and back are protected by this hard cardboard. they may or may not put THAT box inside another box for shipping depending if you ordered another item or not.

      you dont get to choose which shipping company to use. amazon chooses for you (i think they have like contracts or partnerships with shipping companies). in any case, mine was delivered by dhl and so was my sister’s (separate delivery). her kindle arrived in good condition too.

      hope that helps.

  32. Interestedbuyer says:

    @adiknasakindle How much was the shipping fee?

  33. ricky says:

    I want to buy kindle 3 where can i contact you?

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