10 cool gadgets that you can buy from CD-R King

CD-R King, known before as the one-stop-shop for blank media products has grown to become the country’s largest retail chain that offers affordable gadgets ranging from USB products to 3D printers. That being said, take a look at our list of 10 cool gadgets that you can buy from CD-R King.

1. 3D Printer

cdrking 3d printer

3D printers are very popular in the U.S. and it is slowly creeping in in the Philippines. CD-R King jumped on the bandwagon and started selling a 3D printer as well at a not-so-affordable Php100,000 price tag. It probably gets the job done but I’m pretty sure there are more affordable options.

2. 4G LTE pocket WiFi

cdrking lte pocket wifi

4G LTE pocket WiFi modems do not come cheap nowadays and would often cost around Php4-5K. CD-R King’s offering, on the other hand, is just Php3,999 and is unlocked too.

3. Crank Dynamo USB Charger

cdrking crank dynamo charger

This is perfect during times when the power’s out and you need to charge your device. The Crank Dynamo USB Charger converts your muscle power to electricity. And it’s only Php780.

4. Solar-powered products

cdrking solar products

The cost of electricity in this country can only go up and probably the most effective way to survive your monthly Meralco bill is to lower your power consumption. One way of doing it is to use products that can harness the power of the sun. The only downside is that serious solar-powered solutions do not come cheap, even from CD-R King.

5. Eco bikes

cdrking eco bike

These Eco bikes are powered by electricity and can go up to 45kph and capable of up to 50km riding distance. Not exactly the fastest way to go from point A to point B but it should save you some gas money. As for the price, let’s just say that flagship smartphones are more expensive.

6. Micro SD Card Reader and SIM card adapter

cdrking sim adapter

This is handy if you find yourself switching smartphones every now and then. This kit comes with three SIM card adapters, a metal pin to eject SIM trays, and a microSD card reader for only Php120.

7. 10-port USB charger adapter

cdrking usb charger adapter

There will always come a time when all your chargers are being used at home and your device will just have to wait for its turn. This USB charger adapter from CD-R King, which costs Php680, will be able to address that as it has ten ports which is also good if you want to hold a charging party.

8. Video Rocking Chair

cdrking video rocking chair

For those lazy days that you just want to sit down, relax and listen to your favorite music or play games. This chair/recliner has interior speakers on both sides and a set of audio controls for a better listening experience. Costs Php2,580, by the way.

9. Trackers

cdrking wireless tracker

CD-R King offers a couple of wireless trackers. One is the wireless child tracker while the other one is a wireless car tracker. Both serve the same purpose – it will alert you if your child or car is moving away from your safe zone. Both trackers cost Php1,180.

10. Android TV Box

cdrking mini android tv box

Want to turn your regular HDMI-equipped TV into a Smart TV? This Php1,990 Mini Android TV Box can do that. Just plug it at the back of your TV via HDMI and it will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich complete with WiFi connectivity. It comes with a USB adapter as well so you can use your mouse or keyboard when navigating the UI.

cdrking android tv box

There’s a more expensive and bulkier alternative like the one above which costs Php2,880 and runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It is equipped with more ports and is Airplay-compatible too.

And there you go. These are the 10 cool gadgets we found at CD-R King. If we missed anything, feel free to add by sharing it down the comments field below.

Author’s Notes:
* List is based on CD-R King’s online listing.
* This is not a sponsored post.

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  1. CD-R king gadgets are always cool, mura pa. Minsan nga lang low quality but at least pwedeng papalitan if within warranty.

    • I agree.

      Nung bumagyo nga last time, buti at may solar powered charger silang binebenta kaya hindi ako nagkaproblema sa battery.

      Sa kanila din ako nakabili nung ginagamit ko ngayong SD card na 32GB na class 10 for less than 700Php… they may appear cheap pero merong aftersales service na wala sa ibang shops.

    • Abuzalzal

      Bagay sa yo. Kasi mukhangmumurahin talaga hilig mo. Lolololololololololo

    • LozanaSC

      Can someone ban, this guy Abuzalzal. He is the most annoying piece of shit i ever met.

  2. nameless

    Oks lang sa CD-R king. Careful lang sa any products na sinasaksak sa AC outlet mula sa kanila. Hindi kasi pumasa sa mga Standards at certifications kaya walang mga Certification/Standards logo. Cheap materials yung gamit kaya ingat lang konti.

  3. Cashier: 1 Week replacement 1 month warranty pakitago nalang po ng resibo…

  4. Babyface

    Pinaka epic na scenario sa kanila is sir pila po muna kayo pag magtatanong ka if meron silang stocks or titignan mo yung item… Haha ewan lang kung ganun parin sistema nila…

    • eric jay

      parang ganun pa rin. hassle, magtatanong ka lang naman.

    • Abuzalzal

      E, di pumila ka. Kung ayaw mong pumila dahil akala mo sa sarili mo napaka-importanting tao ka, di don ka na sa branded. Ugokmka pala, e. Lolololololololol

  5. cra king!

    • Abuzalzal

      Hello, po. May sira ulo po dito. Pakiligpit po ng sira-ulo dito. Lolololololololo

  6. Ok lang sa CD-R king pag gusto mo mag experiment ng mga gadgets, kasi mas mura hindi mabigat sa loob pag masira.

  7. Rainbow Rat

    They are really cheap when it comes to gadgets. Ingat lang sa ibang products like their cheap mobile phones. Yung kasama namin sa bahay bumili ng cellphone worth 500 tapos nung nagcharge siya at iniwanan. Biglang umapoy. Buti na lang nakita kagad. Ang masakit, yung replacement ganun din ang nangyare. Hehe. Kaya for me, i only buy memory cards, white board markers, cables, and anything disposable para less worries.

  8. ang lupet nung nabili kong memory card reader sa cdr-king tumagal ng 1year kaso lahat ng sumunod 2 weeks lang tinagal

    • Abuzalzal

      Saan mo sinaksak? Sa puwitan mo? Lolololololololol

  9. avr ng pc ko 1 year na din.. take note, nabagsak na yun! hahaha! ngayon, naeenjoy ko yung jargon subwoofer nila :)

  10. Yung router na nabili ko sa kanila noong 2009 gumagana pa din.

  11. #10 is a great add-on to the 3D TV I’ll buy. Kesa dun sa 3D/Smart TV which costs more than 10K sa price. Galing

  12. Jeremy James

    Overpriced yung 3d printer sa #1. Binebenta yung same 3d printer at $1000 or around P45000 sa states. Mas mura na lang na bilhin mo online at padeliver dito.

  13. cdrking

    nagbebenta sila ng gadgets, pero mga branches nila manual padin pagrerecibo kaya ang tagal ng pila.

    • Abuzalzal

      Kung natatagalan ka sa pila, e, di mag-taxi ka. Ulol! Lolololololololololololol

  14. hindi lahat pwedeng ibalik or papalitan. sabi raw ng dti yun. pati resibo eh invoice lang. sabi rin daw ng dti yun. kung gusto ko raw, sa dti ako magreklamo. cdrking starmall ;-)

    • Abuzalzal

      E, di dun ka magreklamo. Daldal ka pa ng daldal diyan. Para kang lalaking bading. Lololololololololololol

  15. bayot na muslim

    ABUZALZAL ikaw yata tong BAYOOT!!!!!!!!!!

    ZALZAL ka ng ZALZAL…

    • Abuzalzal

      Ikaw yata ang bayot. Pangalan mo pa lang bayot ka na, e. Lololololololololololololololo

    • abubu-sal-sal-ero

      ang daldal mong hayop ka putragis ka! abuzalzal puro ka lol ulol ka!..walang bayag! go to hell!

    • Abuzalzal


    • bayot na muslim

      Abuzalzal bawal sa muslim ang BAYOTTT…

      Tingnan mo ang nagyari kay ABu SABAYOT…
      Tinira ng GATLING GUN ng Helicopter.. ayun
      naging SHOKI na SIREYNA na sa dagat…

  16. Hen-Sheen

    Buying in any CD-R King store is like placebo effect. I buy blank CD’s & DVD’s less than P20! (The Branded kinds) Also bought some ear plug protectors worth P30-P50. This company should have an ad campaign on TV…

  17. Abuzalzal umayos ka nga jan! May sayad ka ata ah! Puro troll lang laman ng utak mo! Ano computer lang palaging nasa harap mo no? Putcha get a life douschebag! Mag comment ka ng maayos sa susunod ha! Salot ka sa online community!

  18. bryan_mmx

    1, 2, and 10 are quite expensive for a CD-R King brand if you ask me. The rest I have no comment

  19. The posting abuzalzal here is fake. The irritating one we know is somehow sophisticated and smart. This one has a jologs/squatter humor. He just uses the name. Wag nyo na patulan.

  20. 10 signs na nasa loob ka ng isang CD-R king store.

    1. kukuha muna ng number or pipila before ka mapagbilhan.
    2. pagpasok mo, halos lahat ng items kulay yellow, pati mga salesladies.
    3. ang resibo, manu-mano.
    4. mas madaming items kang makikita pag hindi SM malls.
    5. lahat ng items na bibilhin mo may sticker kung kelan mo binili.
    6. laging ipapasulat pangalan mo sa resibo.
    7. laging sasabihin sayo warranty at replacement warranty.
    8. hahaba ang pasensiya mo sa paghihintay
    9. sa mga mejo malaking branches, one-stop shop: gadgets, appliances, beauty products, school and office supplies. kulang na lang kikiam, siopao at gulaman habang nag-aantay ka.
    10. minsan, XL size na paper bag ang ibibigay kahit maliit lang binili mo dahil ubos na ang small size.

  21. dethdeth

    Astig ung tablet ng cdr king. 3 years na sa akin ynh tablet na binili ko pero workinv pa rin at smooth pa rin. Nasa paggamit lang talaga yan para tumagal ang isang produkto

  22. lol.. meron pang isa kaya lang nawala na yung kaisa-isahang stock nila after a few months — a WINDMILL worth a hundred grand. tawa kami ng tawa dito.


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