Contest: Show me WD, win 500GB!

Contest: Show me WD, win 500GB!

So here’s our 4th give-away for December and this time we’re raffling off a 500GB Western Digital MyPassport (thanks to our sponsor Western Digital Philippines). Ok, what do you need to do to get the chance to win this portable HDD? Check out the mechanics below.

In under 30 seconds, record a video of you showing any Western Digital product. Just tell us where or how you got it then give me a reason why you wanted the 500GB WD MyPassport. Upload it on YouTube and label it as YugaTech – Western Digital Give-away.

Leave a comment in this blog post with the URL to your YouTube entry. Don’t forget to go to the WD Philippines Facebook Page and Add/Like them.

That’s it! How easy is that? We’ll randomly pick a winner to win the prize. You can submit as many unique entries as you want to increase your chance of winning (should be unique product).


Again, you can borrow, buy, rent or steal any WD to show to us — ask friends, officemates or schoolmates if they own one. Western Digital has a number of internal HDDs, SSDs and Home Entertainment products (WD TV Live).

Submission starts today until December 31, 2010. We’ll announce the winner by first week of January 2011.

You can help spread news of this contest by sharing this on your Facebook wall or post this on your Twitter:

Want an extra 500GB Portable HDD? Check out the YugaTech-Western Digital giveaway —

To be the first to get updates, follow Yugatech on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. Also send thanks to our sponsor, Western Digital Philippines.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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76 Responses

  1. NemOry says:

    w0ah, sayang wla ako pRODUCT ng WD. ,Huhu.

  2. vincent says:

    how to join? upload ng pics then post dito? thanks

  3. yuga says:

    @Nemory – you can go to the store, borrow one and take a video.

    @vincent – YouTube video submissions.

  4. Elder Mangyan says:

    Here is my entry to the YugaTech-Western Digital Give-away.

    Blessed Merry Christmas!

  5. Elder Mangyan says:

    Here is my entry to the YugaTech-Western Digital Give-away.

    I bought my WD 500GB from PC Options last December 17, 2009. I need another new WD 500GB because the present one is almost full. Surely, I will have a brand new external HDD.

    Blessed Merry Christmas!

  6. Herbert Marco says:

    Hi here is my super duper reliable 500 GB Western Digital..

    I got it all the way from Ashburn Virginia in COSTCO last year. Its so sleek, sturdy, neat easy to put on the pocket and a very very reliable repository of all my files. In fact its always full so I need another one. So Western Digital you rock!

    Hohoho… Happy Holidays

  7. Jedd says:

    DEJAVU. If I enter the contest, my video would go something like this:

    “Here is the 1.5TB WD I went out and bought ahead on my own after YG’s failed WD contest a few months back. I really needed the space a.s.a.p. but that contest took unnecessarily too long to announce a winner. It was handled really unprofessionally.”

    And that’s 100% true.

  8. yuga says:

    @jedd – now here’s another chance to snag a new HDD!

  9. NemOry says:

    @sir Yuga, hahaha, me and my barkadas are Jackass but I dont know if I can carry out to take a video in the mall.haha. But thanks ha.

  10. NemOry says:

    oi kuya @herbert, over 30 sec0nds pu video mu, remind lng kta, ,hehe.chaka sa iba please check well po. .goods

  11. ryanV says:

    Is this — Don’t forget to go to the WD Philippines Facebook Page and Add/Like them. — a requirement? Believe it or not, I made the decision not to have a facebook account.

  12. yuga says:

    @ryanV – not a requirement, just a reminder.

  13. carlo says:

    bkt may nag tweet tpos akala kasali sa contest.hahaha

  14. wow ang swerte ng mabubunot dito.

  15. Well, my boss has 3 external western digital hardrive. Each of it is 1T. How I wish I can get the 500GB Western Digital MyPassport. This will be a good christmas gift for me.

    Here’s the link of my youtube video:

  16. Joseph Simbajon says:

    Here’s my entry.

    My trusted WD Passport , been using this for almost two years and still kicking! Currently im running out of want 500 GB so bad :(

  17. Abiel says:

    I have one.. but I not sure if I qualify, since nasa abroad ako.. hehehhe

  18. Marcus says:

    naman eh, dati post a twit lang.. now video recording and youtube uploading na. Extra challenge ang mechanics hehe… pero that’s great kc worth the effort naman ang prize. ;p

  19. deuts says:

    Abe, kelangan ba talaga pakita ang mukha sa video? Kc “video of you” eh. Or does it mean that you only took the video.

  20. marklupogi says:

    Question: so hindi po ito pagandahan ng video kundi gagawa ng video then raffle? Yun kasi ang sabi sa taas raffle. kasi if ever na ganun parang kahit videohan ko na lang for 30 secs yung WD HD ko. hahaha!

  21. deuts says:

    Eto na! Ako na ang mananalo! Here’s my entry!

  22. rsa1 says:

    i don’t like the steal idea!

  23. ryanV says:

    I have 4 different WD products. For me, it’s a brand I trust.


    My first WD product — WD1600AAJB. Already defective. Had some “sawdust” material coming out of the “drive hole”. Probably from improper care. Used for a classic Xbox mod to keep home videos & backups. Now, had to find a place for those.

    Kept it in the hopes that I might be able to have it repaired. And now, it might serve another purpose – to win me a gift from yugatech & WD.

    My HDD’s are in various state of “full-ness”, so a new 500GB one would be very much welcome.

  24. ryanV says:


    My first portable WD HDD — WD2500XMSE. Liked the finish. Not much for the color. When the internal one clunked out, this was used to keep the home videos and backups. Bought on sale from BB two years ago. And this is currently full.

  25. ryanV says:


    My other portable WD HDD — WD5000MEB. WD is a trusted brand so I always got HDD’s from them. Still used to keep home videos and back ups. Have a lot of those and this one is almost full. Already started to delete older files. Was a present for my birthday last year from my wife. She bought it from the mall.

  26. ryanV says:


    This is an official WD portable HDD case — WDCC07RNN. It’s a hard case. I liked it very much. It’s a good investment for protecting your WD portable HDD. Bought it online from the WD store. It was on sale. Currently used to protect one of my WD portable HDD. Would be nice to have a new tenant for it. ;-)

  27. Here’s my one and only entry:

    My ever reliable WD800BD Classic 80 Gig SATA.
    Thanks YugaTech and WD Philippines

  28. Emmanuel Logarta says:

    Here is my Entry!

    Merry Christmas to Everyone… :)

  29. Richard Oliver Khe says:

    My entry!

    Seasons greetings!

  30. vincent says:

    my ENTRY:

    hope you enjoy it :D

    x-mass to all

  31. Anne Santos says:

    I only have this Western Digital internal hard drive, the WD Caviar 40.0 GB. This was bought summer 2004 and still being use with our Pentium 4 computer. I need a 500GB WD MyPassport because I don’t own any external hard drive. I’m only using three flash drives for my personal files.

    This is my entry

  32. Here’s my entry for the contest! Good luck to all of us!

  33. Emmanuel Logarta says:

    Here is my 2nd Entry to this contest!

    Happy Holidays!

  34. boyscout47 says:

    Borrowed a WD hard disk from an officemate.
    Here’s my entry:

    Good luck to us all! Happy holidays! :)

  35. Franz says:

    This is my Dad’s 500GB Western Digital MyPassport. His office gave it to him about a month ago. I need a new one since this WD MyPassport usually disconnects frequently and I need one for my Thesis Defense next month regarding Integrated Circuits.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I looked into WD site and found out it cost 62USD dollars to ship the product for replacement to Singapore. Nearly half of the cost of the merchandise. So please choose me Master Yuga. The EHD will help me a lot for my defense thus graduating on time this March. :D

  36. Emmanuel Logarta says:

    Here is my 3rd entry for this contest!

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to all! :)

  37. Rocky Ko says:

    My entry:

    I got my first WD hard drive after reading positive feedbacks from the net. I was then looking for a reliable hard drive for my important files, ever since it never fails me.

    I need an additional 500GB WD MyPassport so that i could bring my files with me for presentation, my WD My Book is too bulky to do the job for me.

  38. My first entry:

    Got this through my bro. Although we’re now using it sparingly; hirap din kasi kung paulit-ulit na lang yung mga downloaded movies na nakastore sa katabing Maxtor portable 320GB HD.

    That WD Digital Passport prize should be good for another year’s worth of AVI movies. :)

  39. My second entry:

    Also got this through my bro. Madaling napuno kasi mga MKV files mostly ang laman. Worse, madaling nasira yung power cord. Hindi pa rin nya napapalitan :)

    That WD Digital Passport prize should be a good addition, equivalent to another year’s worth of AVI movies that my other brother is now fond of downloading. :)

  40. Juan says:

    Sorry for the bad quality ng video cam.. sa cel lang kasi kuha ito :)

    I borrowed my friend’s WD My Book 1tb and WD Tv Hub for this contest..
    Hopefully I win para me external storage naman ako :)

    Cheers Sir Abe and Western Digital!

  41. Juan says:

    Sorry for the link.. me copyright issue sa soundtrack.. gawa ako bago then post ulit.. haiz!

  42. Juan says:

    Ay ok na ulit! censya mejo nagflood :)

    This is my entry again..

    Happy Holidays!!!

  43. raul barrios says:

    Here’s the link to my entry:

  44. aldrick arceo says:

    My entry for YugaTech – Western Digital Give-away.

  45. aldrick arceo says:

    My second entry for YugaTech – Western Digital Give-away.

  46. my first entry.
    this is wd 1 TB harddisk caviar blue 32mb cache, bought at pc options in gilmore last august 19, 2010. it replaced my 80 gig wd bought last sept. 2007. i want it badly because i need it for my masteral and phd studies at the UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES MANILA, COLLEGE OF NURSING, i am currently taking Master of Arts in nursing.
    Hope i win this prize.

  47. my second entry.

    This is my WD 80 gig caviar, bought it last sept. 2007 at pc options in gilmore. I really badly nid the 500 gig passport drive because i want to store my nursing files and data files in nursing, while studying at UP MANILA, COLLEGE OF NURSING. I really hope i can win this one cause i am poor and no way to buy this passport drive.

  48. iphone 4 says:

    wow ang swerte ng mabubunot dito.

  49. jobeck says:

    Here’s my WDTV Live which I got for christmas.

    yahooooo. hope i get picked. Goodluck everyone.

  50. foilfence says:

    ^My entry. I used my WD Caviar Green 640GB.

  51. Rockford says:

    Here’s my entry for YugaTech – Western Digital Give-away.

    Goodluck to us guys!!!!!!



  52. Emmanuel Logarta says:

    Here is my 4th entry to this contest!

    Happy new year everyone!


  53. Emmanuel Logarta says:

    Here is my 5th entry to this contest!–U


  54. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    here’s my first entry sir yuga~

    i really hope i win :D

  55. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    here’s my second enry sir yuga:

    i hope i win~ :D

  56. I am posting the entry of my daughter.

    If ever she wins, she will be glad to present proof of identification so I hope you won’t disqualify her because of her age :)

    I initially wanted to join but she said she wanted to join herself. So I said, Why not? The WD Passport is really hers anyway. We use it to store her photos and videos.

    Here’s the link:

  57. 1tb black caviar. need extra space, WD 500gb mypassport would be a superb backup

    i hope i win -^_^-

  58. my first post started to put twitter which is not me.. My name is Lorelie faye zamora and im from the philippines

  59. this is the real thing this is my twitter(previous post with the twitter is not me)..

  60. this is the real thing this is my twitter(previous post with the twitter is not me)..

    i hope i win :D

  61. my 1tb is almost full need to have this one thank you :)

    i hope i win

  62. torque says:

    my brother’s WD 640gb, singapore bought
    video entry | twitter share

  63. hidburn says:

    entry update
    borrowed this wd, SG bought

  64. Yariv says:

    Hi i have Wd elements black

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