HTC Desire gets Android 2.2 Froyo update

HTC Desire gets Android 2.2 Froyo update

Just saw this update notification on my HTC Desire when I woke up this morning. Finally — Android 2.2 Froyo is now available on the Desire.

The update is about 96MB in size and the upgrade takes around 20 to 30 minutes depending on your connection speed. I suggest doing this over WiFi instead of 3G (the update can pause and continue later if you get wonky connection so not a huge issue).

Android 2.2 Froyo seems more snappy on my HTC Desire afterwards. HTC also sent out this notice today.


Update – HTC Desire (Android 2.2) Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) update

Your phone will receive a notification of FOTA update when it is made available. Simply press OK to accept the update via a data connection such as Wi-Fi or GPRS/3G. After installing the update, you can confirm a successful update by confirming the Build number (From the Home Screen go to MENU> Settings> About Phone> Software Information> Build number). The new Build number after the update will be 2.13.707.1.

Update: Android 2.2 and HTC Sense update.

Note: Please back up your data first before upgrading your phone.

Here’s the list of updates that came with Froyo.

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46 Responses

  1. etceterah says:

    @abeolandres whats the super bestbuy netbook?

  2. roca says:

    can’t wait for galaxy s’s froyo

  3. mckgunus says:

    @abeolandres hello! Any idea when will the motorola milestone get the froyo update? I’m dyin to have my system updated, too many bugs. Tnx

  4. J says:

    MILESTONE (Rest of Asia-Pacific) – Initial rollout of upgrade to Android 2.2 planned for Q1 2011


  5. Ska says:

    @Abe Now that you’ve got your Desire upgraded to Froyo- you can uninstall that Task Killer app now.

  6. JosephLou says:

    @abeolandres which fone would you recommend that runs on Android? With the best specs and available in the Philippines.

  7. Fleeb says:

    I am not hoping too much for that Froyo to reach my “Samsung” :( Hayz. Sana HTC na lang.

  8. beef says:

    Ugh, now I’m jealous… =)

    First, my friend’s Nexus, now the Desire.. not that I expect anything earth-shattering from the update, logic tells me that my phone will probably function the same way (as nicely as it does now), but the techie in me still wants the new firmware.. oooh.. shiny..

    Patience is a virtue.. patience.. patience..

  9. beef says:

    well, it really depends on what model you bought naman.. if you bought the HTC Hero, then it wouldn’t be getting froyo either.. so it wouldn’t be that much of a difference brand-wise.. HTC isn’t exactly known for swift updates either; mainly because they have to test, test and re-test to make sure everything works specially since they use a custom UI layer on top of android. So just keep in mind that you probably saved a lot of money opting for the Samsung rather than the comparable HTC.. =)

  10. lawreas says:


    yes milestone is getting froyo sometime in q4. read it in gsmarena..

    sir abe,

    can u review the software changes?? gumgana na ba ung flash 10??

  11. H says:

    hay salamat, ayos na yuga iphone app.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  12. sheepman says:

    HTC’s lastest update brings 720p recording to the desire! I’m loving my desire more and more! :)

  13. Yuan says:

    no hope for Samsung Spica! :'(

  14. lawreas says:

    definitely no hope for spica.. mukang mga high-end units lang na nalaunch na ang magkk 2.2… crucial pa nga sa x10 na still stucked at 1.6

  15. AntonB888 says:

    @abeolandres Thanks for the update. Updated to Froyo just now but can’t get it to work on SUN, do u have the APN setting of Sun? Thanks

  16. gene says:

    badtrip! may update na ng android 2.2 wala naman ung cellphone ko nasa htc service center dahil sa mboard problem!! tsk tsk badtrip talaga!

  17. Dave says:

    Just my first time to see that one. I don’t know how it works.

  18. mong-cute says:

    Got my OTA update for my HTC desire too. Kasama ba yung iTunes integration in this update?

  19. Jon says:

    Because of this, I will be surely getting this phone once I have enough money. I was somehow thinking of getting the Milestone instead because of the hardware qwerty keyboard, but looks like it will take a while for it to get Froyo.

    To those who have older android phones who want to experience Froyo, try custom ROMs. I have an HTC Dream running CM6 Froyo, an boy is it very fast. Not bad for the very first and ancient Android phone.

  20. islacom says:

    this Update will really convince me to purchase the htc desire.
    Froyo 2.2 + HTC Sence UI update.
    the rom version doesn’t have the Sense UI included, better go with the official update, safer and complete.

  21. islacom says:

    Sun Cellular APN Settings: minternet

  22. the yawner says:

    I guess HTC kept to its schedule. I hope us users of HTC Legend get it too.

  23. ryanken says:

    I hope X10 would have an upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1 SOON!!! I envy the HTC users!!!

  24. bola says:

    Sir Abe,

    in your opinion, which is better, htc desire or galaxy s? i’m still confused on what to get for my bday.. thanks..

  25. RaGe Einzeln says:

    question po: ma-ro-roll out din po ba ito sa Samsung Androids kasi parang di worth it naman bumili ng Android phones, kung stuck ka forever sa 1.6 or 2.1

  26. PiaR says:

    hi! how were you able to get this notification? my phone’s htc desire and i want to upgrade it to 2.2 too!

  27. Fleeb says:

    I am aware of hardware limitations at the same time I am also aware that the 2.2 milestone includes optimizations of 2.1. Thus, for a phone that comes out with 2.1 out of the box…

  28. mene says:

    for me desire is better than galaxy. galaxy looks like an iphone, feels cheap and i feel that it lacks several buttons, wala pang flash. advantages of galaxy compared to desire is the screen.

    xperia is out of the question, lol. i think it will not get 2.2 because the update for xperia 10 at the end of the year will be for eclair. SE is slow with regards to updates and loss of support for your mobile phone is possible.

  29. islacom says:


    what are the new features included with the Froyo 2.2 OTA update?

    does it make the Desire faster, and adds radio?

  30. chiv says:

    After I updated my HTC Desire to Froyo, I noticed that I could not get the internet on my Globe account anymore, even though I could on Android 2.1. Error message is “Connection failed due to incorrect APN setting.” I did not change the setting and it is still Any ideas? Thanks.

  31. Rob says:

    Hi guys, just bought the Desire earlier today. How or when exactly do the OTA updates happen? do I need to enable a setting or is it on by default for newer HTC devices?

  32. Phonewatch says:

    Please do a video demo on how to update HTC Desire to Android 2.2 Froyo. Thanks.

  33. John Cortez says:

    Uhm, I saw in some mobile phone shops that Samsung Galaxy 5 is upgradeable to froyo. Is that for real??

  34. Eric says:

    I just got my HTC Desire today. It’s my first ever android phone and I’m still getting to know the OS.

    I checked for upgrades but the upgrade checker said I had the latest (2.1).

    What else do I need to check/setup to make my unit do the upgrade?



  35. billyboy says:

    is there an upgrade for HTC wildfire already??

  36. htcuser says:

    HTC Desire fails.
    Nageerror ang wifi kapag OTA 2.2 update.
    i have to root it pa mpara maformat.

    Di rin gumagana sa Proxy wifi.
    i can’t use the net on my school.

    di ko pa rin maayos ang 3g connection.

    aside from the connection and battery issue,
    this phone is awesumm

  37. GR says:

    My samsung galaxy 5 was now 2.2 froyo but then ayaw na nung 3g nya. Pano yun? Huhu

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