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Lenovo K900 Hands-On: Intel Inside

Lenovo aims high this year in the smartphone market, and they’re placing their bets on the K900 – a smartphone that is packing a 5.5-inch 1080p IPS display, a 13MP camera, 2GB RAM and a new 2GHz Intel Atom CPU, all inside a 6.9mm thin aluminum body. Take a look at our first impressions and hands-on below.


There really isn’t anything special with the K900 if you look at it from afar, or maybe if you take a look at the front side only. The wizardry follows when you take the device for a spin.

Up front running the show is the huge 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920. The K900’s screen has good viewing angles with a reasonable amount of brightness since it is an IPS panel. Above this is the branding, the front-facing camera and the earpiece. Below are the three capacitive Android buttons – home, back and menu.

k900 back

This is one of the most amazingly built phones I’ve ever handled so far, and I knew it from the moment I wrapped my hands around it. The phone is made out of aluminum and glass, and it looks nothing like any other beautiful phone out there. The design feels quite original, and most of all – the unbelievable specs are compressed into a 6.9mm thin body.

There is one drawback though – it’s very slippery and hard to hold as I almost dropped it while taking photos.


Nothing is seen up top, while on the left side you’ll find the volume rocker, and on the right side you’ll find the place for the micro SIM and the power button. Down below you’ll find the micro USB port, the mic and the place for the audio jack.

The device is a little hard to maneuver like we said, mostly because of its size. With that said, the rest says that the Lenovo K900 is something that looks and feels out of our time, like it came from the future.


We’ve played with it a little, and the speed was fast like you’d expect, and things like the camera software feels well-polished.

Lenovo K900 specs:
5.5-inch 1080 x 1920 IPS display, 401 ppi
2GHz dual-core Intel Atom Z2580 CPU
Micro SD up to 32GB
13 MP camera w/ dual LED flash
1080p video capture
2MP front-facing camera
GPS w/ A-GPS support
Android 4.2 Jellybean
6.9mm thin
162 g

Pricing is still unknown but we were informed that the device will make it to the market in June. It would be a win situation if this will be around the Php20k mark as Lenovo’s previous flagship phones were one of the cheapest among its competitors.

The K900 really got our attention, and it’s definitely something worth looking forward to for 2013. What do you think? Is the K900 the device that will push Lenovo to the top?

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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35 Responses

  1. Enya says:

    Why no LTE! Why!

  2. abuzalzal says:

    Judging by the specs and build quality…I don’t think this will come cheap….Php 28k — Php 32k would be my fair guess

    Pero sana man lang huwag iparehas ng Lenovo ang premium pricing ng Samsung or Sony….yun ay kung gusto nila bumenta ang K900

    I will buy this in an instant pag Php 20k pero malabo mangyari lol

  3. Z says:

    if Lenovo priced this above 20k hard buy after showing the world that they compete because of pricing tapos biglang sky high ang kanilang presyo mahirap na pero heres to wishful thinking na around 20k nga siya.:P

    • abuzalzal says:

      Lalangawin ito pag nakipag sabayan ang presyuhan sa Samsung at HTC…..Lenovo has to offer some hard to resist price in order to grab attention.

  4. abuzalzal says:

    Top secret pa rin ang battery capacity? Uhmmmmm
    With that monstrous 1080p screen it SHOULD come with at least a 3000mah battery…..anything below that siguradong lalagpak yan considering na untested pa ang Atom tsaka mas matakaw ang full HD ng 25 – 30 percent sa battery consumption.

  5. ryan says:

    e2 yung nagpaiyak sa S4 on antutu benchmark. malupit toh. sana lang below 25k toh

  6. Freeje says:

    It’s being sold in China for P18500. Dual sim and 3500 maH battery. Will be going back to Manila end of June so if anyone wants one or any phone then send me a note.

  7. ??????????????????????????????????532170236pmyny

  8. ed says:

    from this page gsmarena.com 2500mah lang ang battery capacity

  9. kobe_is_a_negro says:

    Why the hell does kb have to be affiliated with lenova..it’s plain stoopid!

    • jade says:

      why are you so racist? whats wrong with being black? Black is beautiful and he is still human and is even richer compared to you.Whats the problem of being an endorser to any product? He is successful and dont be jealous .dont act like a dickhead.

    • wewet says:

      bakit kasi kumuha sila ng bigating endorser? malamang papalo ang price nito dahil kay kobe.. anyway, kung ang tanong mo ay “why is kobe affiliated?” malamang ang thinking ng lenovo kung si kobe na sikat ay gamit ang K900, malamang maraming bibili na may gusto sa kanya just like when selling/buying kobe’s shoes… pag bumili ka ng shoes ni kobe di ka naman gagaling kagaya niyang maglaro.. just saying ^_^

  10. Jon snow says:

    Dual sim ba ito?

  11. Jun says:

    Internal memory po?

  12. User1 says:

    Yum!! San ba pwedeng nakawin to?

  13. zarne says:

    The phone has a very nice finish but 2 things are missing. No NFC chip and no LTE support. Not a ‘high end phone’ in my opinion.

    • gago says:

      not everyone needs NFC and LTE just because it is missing these features doesn’t mean it isn’t “high end”. and there are many mid ranged phones out there that have NFC and LTE but that doesn’t make them “high-end” with their shit processor and shit displays. bobo mo

    • wewet says:

      di naman lahat kailangan ng LTE, and kung LTE user ka limited din ang location na pwede mo tong magamit.. then kung Smart telco user ka, laging may capping, mabilis pero limited usage lalo na in the future.. kung Globe telco user ka, walang capping pero limited area of coverage… mas ok na ang 3G+/HSPA walang capping sa globe but not sure kung tinanggal na ng smart ang capping nila sa usage.. NFC naman, anong use kung kailangan mo pang bumili ng NFC devices para lang magamit to? yung smart tags na nga lang ng sony may bayad pa eh.. so why bother? unless marami kang pera.. btw, may additional charge ang chipset ng LTE and NFC kaya mahal na masyado kung lalagyan pa ng lenovo ang K900..

  14. KenKenKen says:

    sa mga nagtatanong about sa specs ng cp na to dito nyo tingnan pati yung price andyan na din..

  15. KenKenKen says:

    Click the link to see the Full specs of lenovo K900 http://www.gsmarena.com/lenovo_k900-5241.php ang astig ng specs sa murang halag grabe.. :D :)

    • KenKenKen says:

      ito malupit sa cp na yan ,, 1080p yung video quality,5.5 inches, gorilla glass 2 ang screen protection, internal 16gb at 2gb ram tapos external 32 gb, 13 megapixel ang cam sa likod, ang sa harap naman na cam 2 MP, dual sim, 4.2 jelly bean android, dual core, 2500 mAh battery or 52 hours standby or 16hours talk time, higit sa lahat intel atom inside.. wawoooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  16. k900 owner says:

    19,999 lang sa store ng lenovo megamall :)

  17. onie says:

    mahal pala kung 19,999 dapat mga nasa 15k para bumenta talaga toh dito sa pinas hehehe

  18. pete says:

    the only thing that surprised me is that in india its priced around 25000 rupees so with that said it could go well under php 20,000 but in my opinion it could go as high as 23K to 24K depending on what would lenovo philippines price range is for selling this to the market this may maybe mid or the 3rd week of may, nevertheless this phone is as powerful as hell cuz of the specs alone plus lenovo would probably make another one like this that can support LTE and NFC chip just need to keep our fingers crossed

    • wewet says:

      yep, Rs 25000 sa india kaya malamang babagsak to satin ng mga 15-19k.. reason: kung ang micromax A116HD ay Rs 25000-27000 ay bumagsak dito ng 7990 (introductory price)/ 9590 (SRP) which is rebranded by myphone into A919i.. siguro naman ganun din dapat ang pricing ng lenovo.. in their case kaya 15-19k dahil sa brand name of lenovo and better after sale service.. i think… (haven’t tried the after sale service of lenovo)

  19. tangakoh75 says:

    I’m guessing 25k php. Right smack in the middle!

  20. netxzero says:

    san na ba merong benta nito? meron ako mga nabasa sa ibang sites na may issues daw sa apps dahil sa x86 processor nito.. so I am still on the lookout sa mga meron na dyan kung ano experiences ninyo. sobrang interested talaga ako dito sa phone :)

  21. jonas says:

    ahahah dula sim pla to sa pinas lng ata uso dual sim ehh..hehe pero nice phone hope price will not that high

  22. angpet d' angpet says:

    the review is wrong. it is made from stainless steel shassis and glass. It is not of the build of apple that is made of cheapo aluminum and tempered glass. Lenovo is mid level smartphone, so expect a decent hardware and decent chassis for their top of the line. Unlike apple iphone which is an entry class phone made of cheapo aluminum that always rust and tempered glass that always breaks housing an antiquated and obsolete A5 chip and a decrepit ios. But of course overpriced one million times from its production cost of US$30.00 a piece from cottage industry in bangladesh and china.

  23. HANI says:

    our company is already selling Lenovo K900 P21++. just contact me if you have any questions. Thank you,

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