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Nokia N8 Pre-Order Price: Php23,699

Nokia Philippines will have a media launch for the Nokia N8 on October 15 and has also opened pre-orders for their flagship smartphone, the Nokia N8.

The suggested retail price — Php23,699 (pretty good price point IMO).

If interested, click here to post your pre-orders .

Last week, I asked readers if they’re buying the Nokia N8 when it comes out. Now that the price has been revealed, have you changed your mind on getting the N8?

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Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

135 Responses

  1. Avatar for sano sano says:

    Masasabi ko lang sa my Nokia N8 ay…. LOVE ko To hehe..Just enjoy the features Guyz,,,

  2. Avatar for sano sano says:

    Or try Other games like HD Avatar, Hero of Sparta, Need for Speed Shift,

  3. Avatar for sano sano says:

    Dont try to install the MOD HACK in N8.. Its not Safe, Try HD GAmes and other applications pls..

  4. Avatar for rose rose says:

    panu po ba mag install ng facebook pls help txt me 092072***** thanks :))

  5. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:


    That happened to me too, after installing the Camera MOD hack. Dunno if it is the exact cause.

    Nokia Care was able to return it to me within the day (since I sent it to them in the morning). They just reflashed it and it’s done.

  6. Avatar for aiza aiza says:

    ei guys!! kindly emmail me qng ok ung n8..kse plan q din bmli nyn kso nung asa sm cyberzone aq knna hbng ng ttnong ng price ng n8 mron isang guy na umepal…sbi nia ung n8 dw nia e asa nokiacare…namatay dw and dna ata bmukas kya snbi nia skn na wg aq bmli ng n8 dhl gnun nanyyri..e nbsa ko mga reactions nio e mkha nmn ook..pro gs2 q pdn mka sure..email me pls or add me sa ym…


    tnx guys!!!


  7. Avatar for Manix Manix says:

    The LG chaos reminded me of this…

    Hi Abe, how was the reception of the market when nokia released the N8? i cant find any article describing the event/release.

    thank you.

  8. Avatar for wreek888 wreek888 says:

    I just got mine 21,700 sa ebay only black color, i like that green sana, phone is ok and amazing baka by december 19k na lang mabilis kasi depreciation ng nokia, bought my n97 for 33k last year now 20k na lang. i like the camera and video better than i phone 4.

  9. Avatar for leemar leemar says:

    Ill buy 1 kung sobrang lake ng bonus ko sa december. Nakabili na kasi ko ng android phone na motorola.

  10. Avatar for Marky Marky says:

    Nokia N8 is just released in the Philippine market this week with a price of Php25,990 and the freebies same as the pre-order one, 16GB thumbdrive loaded with movie and string bag. Hurry as freebies is limited only. =)

  11. Avatar for enes enes says:

    Ok, just went to a retail store and the price is still around 23k. I’m just not sure if the 16G storage is included, forgot to ask.

  12. Avatar for sanctuarius sanctuarius says:

    bakit andaming di available na games and apps sa pinas sa ovi store? nalaman ko lang na di available yung full version angry birds sa pinas… bitin ako sa lite eh

  13. Avatar for Marky Marky says:

    Got my new Nokia N8 last Saturday. Super cool phone full-packed of features. The camera is so superb that you can’t believe that it’s a phone. Super clear talaga ang camera, two thumbs up! With free 16gb thumbdrive pa at backpack string bag. Also lots of amazing features like you can now listen to a message in your inbox and so much more great features. Super worth it and so worth the wait! :)

  14. Avatar for enes enes says:

    Can this phone sync to yahoo messenger?

  15. Avatar for naht1980 naht1980 says:

    i just got my sisters N8, card ko kc ginamit. Ang linaw ng cam. Then may free pang usb from nokia. Nakakapanibago mag type sa touch screen, 1st time ko. Eto gamit ko pag post now. Iba na pala ang price pag installment.

  16. Avatar for zethables zethables says:

    sana maaus ung unit na makuha ko, 2lad po ng sa inyu :)

  17. Avatar for zethables zethables says:

    mukang maaus nmn pala :D cge kunin q na din akin miya haha :) salamat!

  18. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:


    Okay naman. Dinodownload ko pa lang yung Angry Birds, NFS, at Galaxy on Fire. At nainstall ko na din ung favorite Amazing TD ko hahaha! Opera Mobile 10 of course too!

    Camera is excellent! HDMI connection with my LCD TV and USB OTG are very interesting to use..

    Have tried the new Ovi Store and it’s blazing fast and has a new smooth UI! Ovi Maps is improved as well. I like the new notifications in the entire UI. :)

  19. Avatar for zethables zethables says:


    kamusta nmn po ung n8 nyu?? any issue?? :) kukunin q ung sakin miya pero dadalwang isip aq :D

  20. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:


    I doesn’t literally mean it will upgrade to S^4, but to upgrade S^3 to what S^4 is suppose to look like in the future.

    This doesn’t mean they will leave Symbian forever. In fact, this new plan will serve as an encouragement for those who find it discouraging to buy an S^3 device since there will already be S^4 and MeeGo next year.

    Since no more “S^3” and “S^4”, Nokia will be focusing on Symbian platform itself and self-evolving just like MeeGo, Android and iOS.

    Now that I have with me the N8 newly released in the country, looks like a lot of good stories await this thread the the blogosphere. :D

  21. Avatar for Archie Archie says:

    Iphone is a waste of money. APPLE is only worth for music player. Kahit na milyonaryo ako hindi ako bibili ng iphone! Magaling lang sila sa marketing. Very inconvinient. Madamot pa!
    Nokia is the best! I dont care if it is cheap or what, what matter the most is its usefulness!

  22. Avatar for jeff jeff says:

    and I was just focusing on what they might meant on “In fact, we will no longer be talking about Symbian^3 or Symbian^4 at all – it will be one constantly evolving and constantly improving platform.”

  23. Avatar for jeff jeff says:

    My Impression is that they will just build on top of Symbian^3, no more iterations of Symbian, Symbian^4 will no longer exist, the features for this will just be released as an update if it becomes available. aside from the announced phones, since they said they will no longer talk about Symbian^3 or Symbian^4, it looks like they will just focus on MeeGo(the explanation for Qt framework as this support both MeeGo and Symbian)

  24. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:


    Looks like you are not reading the article you just posted carefully.

    It says that you can confidently purchase Symbian^3 phones as of now because they can now be upgraded to future Symbian^4 OS that are supposedly released for next batch of handsets only.

    It means that upgrade path will be like that of Android and iOS.

  25. Avatar for jeff jeff says:

    hmm is this a good or a bad news? looks like Nokia is abandoning Symbian Soon @_@

  26. Avatar for Bernx Bernx says:

    Phone with adroid os or wp 7 is better.

  27. Avatar for carino brutal carino brutal says:

    you guys have to hurry with the n8 hotcake, i have to wait a lucky n8 in quiapo via GSM(Galing Sa Mangiisnats) vendors, much cheaper!! lol

  28. Avatar for sanctuarius sanctuarius says:

    apparently 25,560 ang regular price ng N8 come November. got the info from a Nokia representative

  29. Avatar for Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 says:

    Conversations between two different phone users:

    1-Hey buddy, I was calling you, but you didn’t answer.
    2-Actually I couldn’t hear that, I was on the road and my phone was in my pocket.
    1-Uh, ok. So, what happened… Hello, hello…
    2-(5 mins later) Hello, sorry, my phone got disconnected. It lost the network. By the way, did you play the new motion sensored NFS?
    1-Actually, games are for youngsters. We are grownups, we do the office works. So, did you finish the presentation?
    2-Umm, no I didn’t. Actually I was in the same party you were last night, remember? Did you finish yours?
    1-Definitely, man. I’ve got my editor.
    2-Uh, yeah, I always forget. Anyway, your phone doesn’t go as fast as mine.
    1-That’s true, but it get my work done. I don’t need a phone to go faster than me though. I’m happy as long as it doesn’t hang.
    2-Doesn’t your phone hang?
    1-Nope. Although the previous phones I used hanged sometime, but this one doesn’t. And you can’t judge this one by its previous models, can you? Can I judge you by your father?
    2-No, that I can’t. Hello, hello, I can’t hear you.
    1-Hello, hello…
    1-(another few minutes later) Hey, you got disconnected again.
    2-Unfortunately yes.
    1-But you bought your phone with $699, it shouldn’t behave this way…
    2-I know. I was robbed, I think.
    1-You still THINK you were robbed? I AM telling you that you were robbed. Today when we meet, I’ll lend you a set, you can use it for a while.
    2-Thanks, but when I bought this phone, I had to make my normal SIM a micro SIM to use in this one.
    1-Oh. Then I guess you’ll not be able to use your SIM in ANY OTHER phones.
    2-I guess not.
    1-Anyway, if you can finish your presentation by today noon, you might be enlisted to visit Bangladesh for the company deal. I’m taking my phone there, so I won’t be losing any data I have. Besides, while I’ll be there, I’ll buy a new SIM from there so that I don’t have to pay more while I’m in roaming.
    2-I guess I’ll have to either stick to my SIM with roaming and pay twice or thrice the bill if I want my phone data or have to buy a new SIM from there along with a new set and then transfer my data into that set again.
    1-And if you need, I can transfer my presentation to you through BlueTooth so that you can have a look at it and it will make your work easier.
    2-But I can’t take or send files through BlueTooth.
    1-Uh-Oh, I forgot. And you can’t also do multitasking.
    2-What are you saying dude? I can pause my game and my music player runs on background.
    1-Yeah, but can you visit a webpage and then minimize it and work on your contacts? Or can you browse a webpage and at the same time type an SMS while your contacts are open for viewing details and also you kept talking to your friend while you are typing?
    2-No, I can’t do all those things together.
    1-Then what’s the use of greater CPU if you can’t utilize it?
    (3 days later)
    2-Hey, I bought a bumper case for my phone.
    1-Good. What does it do?
    2-It saves my phone from breaking if fell from my hand accidentally. It also increases my phone’s network ability.
    1-That’s a good news. How much did that cost you?
    2-Umm, $199.
    1-So, in total your phone, cost became $898, isn’t it?
    2-Unfortunately yes.
    1-So, dear friend, don’t you now believe that you were robbed?
    2-Yeah I was. But I still love my phone.
    1-You should. I never told you to hate your phone. But my request is not to boast others just to prove that your phone is superior. Everyone loves their own phone. From now on, try to respect others, then you’ll get your respect back.

    Dear readers, after reading the above conversations, you can perfectly guess that the 1st speaker is using Very popular Nokia N8 and 2nd speaker is using another popular phone Apple iphone4.

  30. Avatar for sanctuarius sanctuarius says:

    excited na ko… 3 days na laaaaanggg

  31. Avatar for ace ace says:

    @marky salamat sa comment habol ko kasi yung usb pero kung nde ko na rin ma avail yung usb i will just buy on dec,,,

  32. Avatar for P 23,699 and P 39k+++ P 23,699 and P 39k+++ says:

    and also, those who fight in this thread, we don’t need a f*ckin c*cksuckers!

    get a room you guys!

    from the maker of Nokia N8, iPhone4

  33. Avatar for P 23,699 and P 39k+++ P 23,699 and P 39k+++ says:

    P23699: Hey dude, I got a HDMI connection for HD vids, supports DivX, 12mp camera, 16GB internal and expandable more than 32 GB, also got OTG USB and a free downloads of apps!how ’bout you?

    P39k+++: uhmm i dunno what youre talking about.sorry.

  34. Avatar for TheVilla TheVilla says:

    *typo up there* than instead of that

  35. Avatar for TheVilla TheVilla says:

    So the N8 is far off a way better performer that iphone4? More comments and a little loose on the tech terms please? :)

  36. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:

    Yes they should, but they won’t care at all. That’s iPhone fever and victims are becoming a bit fooled.

  37. Avatar for manong manong says:

    KUNG ANG NOKIA N8 23,699



  38. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:


    Take a look at this article how both N8 and iPhone 4 should have almost the same price based on their hardware price:


  39. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:


    Take a read on this article how both N8 and iPhone 4 should have almost the same price based on their hardware price:


  40. Avatar for manong manong says:


  41. Avatar for koolken koolken says:

    already using an android phone but reserved one for my dad para meron mahiram na mapag laruan and to experience different mobiles OS and compare each other. btw also saw dummy unit of n8 at nokia boni high street. cant wait for oct 23 as stated by the email from nokia for the pick up date.

  42. Avatar for Den Den says:

    bakit walang green?!?!?!?!

  43. Avatar for razorous razorous says:

    I really wish this had a slide out qwerty keyboard. I thought the E7 would be its upgrade, but it has dual led instead of xenon flash, bummer… :(

  44. Avatar for marky marky says:

    @ace what’s the point of pre-ordering? I mean if december ka na kukuha better not the pre order one nlng kc mas mura na yan ang market price pagdating ng december I think it will be cheaper for 1 thousand… then if you still get your pre-ordered one I think its still the pre-order price yuo’ll pay of course… so better not use your pre-order nlng… buy the unit on december in Nokia store for a lesser price na…

  45. Avatar for Green Bear Green Bear says:


  46. Avatar for ace ace says:

    guys ask ko lang nag pre order din ako nasa 300+ yata sya kaso december ko pa e claim pde pa ba yun kasi dun pa lang ako mag kakapera?


    @ sir abe pa sagot naman po tanong ko , up ko uli

  47. Avatar for fuhrer fuhrer says:


    gaming is quite good, i did not expect this.. and an epic camera, cover flow mp3 player…. im sold!

  48. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:


    Try to preorder. When you receive an email right away, you will see a number indicating your position. If it’s less than 801, then you’re in. ;)

  49. Avatar for dye-em dye-em says:

    how can i pre order one? is the slots already filled?? thanks guys!

  50. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:

    @Brown Bear

    Now your speaking. :P

  51. Avatar for Brown Bear Brown Bear says:



    iPhone 4, i want an iPhone 4!

    could you hook it up to my bluetooth? i want the one with bigger geebees and the wifies!

    fu*k it! i’ll just go somewhere else

  52. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:

    @Brown Bear

    Do you care for yourself? :P

  53. Avatar for Brown Bear Brown Bear says:



  54. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:

    @Brown Bear

    Thanks for participating kahit yan lng alam mong sabihin.

  55. Avatar for Brown Bear Brown Bear says:

    5. iDontCare!

  56. Avatar for bong bong says:

    Nokia N8 Camera test – U2 Roma 10.2010
    awesome video and audio recording gadget.

  57. Avatar for wee wee says:

    I am still on Samsung Wave = )

  58. Avatar for Brown Bear Brown Bear says:

    4. iDontCare!

  59. Avatar for Dakkel Dakkel says:

    Arvee, so the difference between 40k and 24k is few? Really?

    Much more featured smartphone? You mean an iPod touch with horrendous phone capabilities that sells for 40k and needs an app for every site you open?

    You really need an N8. It tags you as smart when you use one. It is the only event when your name and the word smart become less of an oxymoron.

  60. Avatar for trix trix says:

    will definitely get this phone!!!

  61. Avatar for ace ace says:

    guys ask ko lang nag pre order din ako nasa 300+ yata sya kaso december ko pa e claim pde pa ba yun kasi dun pa lang ako mag kakapera?


  62. Avatar for marky marky says:

    @arvee im not blinded… for I know Nokia N8 offered a lot of features than those overpriced phones… build and features? most of the blogs reviewed Nokia N8 having great build quality with good looks and has anodized casing means scratchless… it’s also feature pack..
    nokia developers know about processor thing but they use lower processor because it fits with symbian without compromising it’s strength and doesn’t consume much battery…
    Lastly, Nokia N8 is currently the best camera phone in the market! =)

  63. Avatar for marky marky says:

    @jamby sure you’re welcome!

  64. Avatar for Brown Bear Brown Bear says:

    3. iDontCare!

  65. Avatar for Jamby Jamby says:


    thanks for the tip…

    mine is -231


  66. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:


    What do you mean unable to utilize to the fullest?

    The reason processors are overclocked because they need to launch or run apps faster than normal all because of their OS. Android and iPhone need this gHz badly because they are just like VMWare running on a Linux platform, unlike Maemo which is a Linux OS. Symbian is just like Maemo too. Isn’t Nokia intelligent to use Symbian instead of Android?

    Build feature, I myself can’t still say if it is that durable, but by looking at the videos with scratching tests testifies that this phone (N8) will be durable as expected too.

  67. Avatar for Arvee Arvee says:

    @Marky, You, yourself is a blinded nokia fanboy. No, Symbian doesn’t need fast processor clock speeds because the developers aren’t able to utilize it to its fullest.

    Good price point? Yes, comparing it to other smartphone tiers which is priced at P25k< balita ko may free flash drive pa.

    But build and features? Definitely not the best but you'll get compensated with the price. Or if you're smart enough than those who you call "fanboys", you can add a few more bucks for a much more featured smartphone.

  68. Avatar for marky marky says:

    @jamby you will know if you belong to the first 800 who pre-ordered the Nokia N8 int the electronic receipt you received after you pre-ordered. its here beside or within the tracking number– 20101008-185
    notice the end 185? that’s your rank in the pre-order costumers… it means i’m 185 so i can get the feeebie… thank God! =)

  69. Avatar for Brown Bear Brown Bear says:

    2. iDontCare!

  70. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    I like turtles

  71. Avatar for marky marky says:

    A lot of blinded iPhone fanboys! Most of them don’t like nokia n8 bec. of 680mhz processor. FYI: Processor is not the only base for speed. Symbian phones doesn’t need higher processor because it can already perform well better than you negatively thought. Second, battery of N8 is 1200maH because it N8 has AMOLED screen which is battery-saver than normal LCD. Also, Nokia N8’s price in the market is more cheaper than iPhone. Lastly, a smartphone’s important function is it can do many things in which the N8 does. Nokia N8 has a stand-alone digital camera beater 12megapixel Carl Zeiss sensor with Xenon flash, fast multitasking ability, bluetooth that can send any files, can easily connect to any computer, has a great picture and video editing on-board, a USB-on-the-go which is essential, can be used with stylus for people’s preferences, and much more. So, does iPhone has that? If NO, then stop being blind praising for such an OVERPRICED INCOMPLETE feature iPhone!

  72. Avatar for Brown Bear Brown Bear says:


  73. Avatar for Odeng Odeng says:

    On the second thought…I will! Pre-ordered.

  74. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    I am so gay

  75. Avatar for adddiiikk adddiiikk says:

    @jiro yan

    “i have to defense myself” “Do i have to wait for a years bago mag post ulet”

    ang idiot hindi alam na idiot sila! IDIOT! hahaha! galing ng ingrish mo! *clap clap*

  76. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:


    It’s your choice naman e. If you prefer android, no one is forcing you. But as a current Android user, I’ll switch to this one. It has better services. Free Ovi maps navigation without connecting to internet.

    As a busy person with a busy lifestyle, I prefer to use Symbian because of its ease of use. As I said earlier, it doesn’t require 1gHz+ to run smoothly, because it is symbian. Instead, it will need lesser to provide you longer battery life to enjoy the handset the most for the whole day or 2 on the road. So the features are maximized :)

    Many people keeps on telling Symbian layout and design is outdated, but for me, I’m fed up of iPhone and Android fancy UI transitions. It looks good, but at the end of the day, what’s that for?

  77. Avatar for jan jan says:

    off topic, hey abe bat USA ang web location mo sa norton web safe?sorry newbie

  78. Avatar for phi phi says:

    good job for nokia,its a big leap for them since, napag iiwanan na sila sa mga smart phones, great features also sa phone, but one thing i didnt like is nokia still running for symbian OS, i mean bakit pa nila hindi bitawan yung sarili os nila, wala naman improvement,imo.. much better kung android OS nyan mas mabilis, usually bumabagal kasi yung symbian OS..which make me sick.. and no improvement sa totoo lang, price is also good, may be i wont buy n8, ill go for the HTC mobile na lang :)

  79. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    @Mon Makuto

    Of course i have to defense myself. Ano ba gusto mo gawin ko? manahimik nalang.. bawal ba mag post ng sunod-sunod? Do i have to wait for a years bago mag post ulet. Review your comments first bago mo submit para hindi ka magmukhang walang pinag-aralan. High School Grad man ako but don’t think that i’m an idiot.

  80. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    Comment without my Avatar is not me.

  81. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    Ang dami naman comment spammer dito…

  82. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:


  83. Avatar for veromeo veromeo says:

    hindi bibili kasi may mas bagong lalabas ulet???

    With that kind of mentality, kelan ka pa makakabili ng bagong phone? yung totoo lang?

  84. Avatar for Jonai Jonai says:

    Sir Abe, dapat i-delete ang mga nagmumura like Steve Jobs and Mon Makibal. BLOCK THEIR(his) REPLIES. I don’t know OVI but “mura is mura”, it’s disgusting even we are democratic country.

  85. Avatar for tantra2gadget tantra2gadget says:

    Gizmodo doesnt give fair user review to nokia n8,iphone 4 is good phone but on its price its the specs is not enough for the price you payed for…

  86. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    So what if homosexual horse ako?

  87. Avatar for Mon Makuto Mon Makuto says:

    Wow, three posts in a row from Mr. Yan.

    Someone’s “defensive”

  88. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:


    Paki remove mo lahat ng testimonial na nasa comments ni OVI.


    Thanks you so much but no need to post that testimonials here kasi its looks like a spam. At may commenter kasi dito na hindi nakapasa pagiging lawyer. Judge kasi ng Judge without proof.

    “Pakyu. You’re only that faggot Jiro Yan in hiding.” -Steve Jobs

  89. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    @Steve Jobs

    Hndi po ako si OVI. Bakit ko naman ikakalat testimonial ng mga client ko. Para lang mapansin.. I dont need attention para magka client. At hindi ako patay gutom magka client. At higit sa lahat hindi ako disperado.

  90. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:


    bakit mo naman po post dito ang testimonial page ng website ko.

  91. Avatar for Ton Ton says:

    Wow! That’s a very good starting price considering the specs(12mp with xenon,720p video capture and playback with divx and xvid support,usb OTG,amoled display,anodized aluminum unibody and more…) and when the E7 will hit the shelve with almost the same aľd

  92. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:

    Haha! Me too! Even though if it’s just a midrange phone, I’ll sell my Galaxy S for this! :P

  93. Avatar for Salleh Salleh says:

    Very tempting. I thought NASA 30k range ang N8 due to it’s excellent camera. High probability na I consider ko sya more than any android phone

  94. Avatar for Rose Rose says:

    I will do an Odeng and wait for the E7 as well. My next Nokia will definitely be Touch Screen.

  95. Avatar for Steve Jobs Steve Jobs says:


    Pakyu. You’re only that faggot Jiro Yan in hiding.

  96. Avatar for hihey hihey says:


    That’s why i told you before, this is the most cost effective phone i’ve ever seen


  97. Avatar for kit kit says:

    Nice phone.. I may consider upgrading my pesky N5800 with this one..

  98. Avatar for GT GT says:

    N8 Video capability.

  99. Avatar for bing bing says:

    nice video by Jay Montano in response to gizmodo. Thanks Jay!


  100. Avatar for raymond raymond says:

    the 1200mah battery will last because symbian does not extract unnecessary juice for the bling blings of the user interface unlike ios and android as i read…

  101. Avatar for kannuchi kannuchi says:

    Even the battery is 1200mah, it can almost stay as longer as 1500mah on some handsets. Pretty amazing for the improvement of CPU and GPU in-built!

    Midrange handset at its best! Even it won’t match the speed of gHz handsets these days, it can still match up with its specs over price!

  102. Avatar for pabs pabs says:

    yes I’ll buy one to replace my 5800

  103. Avatar for zer0ice zer0ice says:

    No. Will not buy one.

    For sure early or mid next year, a new set of superphones will come out… and by that time, this N8 will further slash it’s price.

  104. Avatar for Whatif Whatif says:

    After nyo bumili nito lalabas meego… iyak!

  105. Avatar for Mike W Mike W says:

    do check out a head-to-head battle of N8 with Blackberry and iPhone here http://gizmodo.com/5653621/gizmodo-hq-video-throwdown-how-usable-is-nokias-new-n8

    but of course the price is a big factor too..

  106. Avatar for Ajjie Ajjie says:

    I’m definitely getting one. Been waiting for this!

  107. Avatar for bryan bryan says:

    And now… I am battling with an iPhone 4 and N8. N8 is darn cheap with great specs. Tempting…. Will I cancel my iPhone 4 order for an N8? cant decide yet. I will sure buy this one if my iPhone 4 order will be rejected by Apple Hk.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  108. Avatar for OVI OVI says:

    Yes, have to try it..N8 is the best Nokia phone so far

    teka isa palang reseller to si Jiro Yan ng mga iDevices software…soon to be idol ko ito

    pa Jailbreak ah..magaganda yung mga testimonies mo:

    he honestly knows what he is doing. fast and very professional. rare find!
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    — Mary Lim, Manila, Philippines

  109. Avatar for bing bing says:

    Philippines is getting an early christmas gift. Everywhere else are more expensive. Europe 430 euro!

  110. Avatar for Odeng Odeng says:

    I still prefer E7

  111. Avatar for junp junp says:


    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  112. Avatar for Jhay Jhay says:

    If it run Android then I’d get one.

  113. Avatar for Jamby Jamby says:

    to those who pre-ordered…..how would you know you qualified for the free 16GB??? there’s no mention in the pre-ordered receipt…..

  114. Avatar for Jamby Jamby says:

    Lined up at the fort and got my 5800 during the launch for 20k….will surely get this one…..

    but i really like to have my first android phone!!!

  115. Avatar for Manny Manny says:

    Would also have to depreciate the BB and ip4 for at least a year.

    Is it worth to also wait for the N9 thats coming soon with the new OS?

  116. Avatar for Manny Manny says:

    Ya, good thing i didnt push thru getting the N97 last year, especially the special edition “Raoul” version–that was around php31,000.

  117. Avatar for lawreas lawreas says:

    napa OMG ako sa mura.

    based sa mga online reviews, the camera of n8 can match the quality and features of a dedicated digicam that worths 15K+.. not to mention the smartphone OS, 16GB storage, cellphone features, HDMI support,hD recordings, dvix supports, web capabilities and a decent processor with dedicated GPU..

    considering that n97 mini was priced around 25k last year… im gonna w8 till this phone hit the 20k below mark.. wow…

  118. Avatar for Mon Makibal Mon Makibal says:



  119. Avatar for mousephotato mousephotato says:

    iOS or Android

  120. Avatar for Alexei Rivera Alexei Rivera says:

    I noticed that if you preorder with Nokia Philippines, the available colors are black and silver.

    On the Smart postpaid preorder (which only lists unlimited data plans, it seems and forces you to get one) also has Orange in addition to black and silver.

    Just in case you wanted a different color, remember that. If you’re getting one, that is.

  121. Avatar for jeff jeff says:

    I was contemplating whether to preorder or not, the green color is not available in our country while the orange is not available yet for pre-order

  122. Avatar for marky marky says:

    @simplynice coz Nokia N8 has AMOLED screen and is not battery-eater!
    Nokia N8 is already available beginning now October 08, 2010 for only Php23,699 with free 16GB thumbdrive for the first 800 pre-orders! So hurry! Just pre-ordered mine color silver. Available colors for pre-orders are dark steel grey and light silver!

  123. Avatar for avid0n3 avid0n3 says:

    Yes, pretty good price. Considering the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (note: NOT flagship phone) was P19,990.00 almost two years ago during its launch.

  124. Avatar for simplynice93 simplynice93 says:

    The N8 battery is just 1200 mAh Li-Ion battery…BIG FAIL! :P

  125. Avatar for boooo! boooo! says:

    i rather buy htc desire

  126. Avatar for Jiro Yan Jiro Yan says:

    I wont buy any other Phone. Only iPhone.

  127. Avatar for Mark A.M. Reyes Mark A.M. Reyes says:

    i think it’s a decent price for that smart phone… comes with a free 16gb usb drive too for the first 800 to reserve! Hope the phone performs well, i wanna get one but i have already reserved an I-phone via globe. But if the unit turns out to be really good I’d still get one maybe after new year… he he he!

  128. Avatar for daddyjoey daddyjoey says:

    medyo mura ah.

  129. Avatar for Rom Rom says:

    the 16GB usb drive alone is worth 1,500 making the phone 22k+ only. Nice deal but symbian is still symbian :p

  130. Avatar for cutemoboy cutemoboy says:

    Same here.. this fone is a beast!

  131. Avatar for mae mae says:

    me too…hihi

  132. Avatar for loadex loadex says:

    getting one..

  133. Avatar for Kurei Kageno Kurei Kageno says:

    Already pre-ordered.. :D

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