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Samsung Omnia HD i8910 unboxed!

This one arrived yesterday — a Samsung Omnia HD i8910 with a really huge and impressive 3.7″ display screen. Check out some unboxing photos after the jump (as well as side by side comparison with the iPhone 3G).

omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910

omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910

omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910


omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910

omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910

omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910 omnia hd i8910

Suggested retail price of the Samsung i8910 here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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33 Responses

  1. eithan says:

    This is a badass phone!!!

  2. Jam. says:

    Its a nice phone!

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    kelan kaya marerelease tong phone na to sa Pinas? and magkano kaya?

  4. Jam. says:

    Love the Omnia HD’s AMOLED screen, S60v5 & a lotsa more. But I don’t like the price!.

  5. so cool, magkano po yan?

  6. jums says:

    s60 5th edition is so immature compare to Samsung Touchwiz 2.0 and LG s-class interface.

  7. cutemoboy says:

    oMg! aztig!

  8. cutemoboy says:

    check out this link from CNET ASIA

  9. cutemoboy says:

    check out this link from CNET ASIA BATTLLE OF THE TOUCH SCREEN FONE.. SAMSUNG HD i8910


  10. mark says:

    wow! i want this phone too bad! how did you acquire it sir? when will it be available locally and for how much do you think?=)

  11. ricojake says:

    nice pics.. linaw ng kuha..parang biglang naging kawawa yung iphone..

  12. Livedito.com says:

    how much would this cost?

  13. fiShBoN3 says:

    I hope hindi lalagpas ng 12k ung presyo, kc ang iphone may $99 na dba? ung 8gb.

  14. Mark Jason says:

    hay kelan ba matututunan ng mga tao na $99 ang price ng iPhone 3G unit NA NAKA-BUNDLE SA POSTPAID LINE SA AMERICA.
    It’s $99 + $60 (x24 months) for postpaid lines
    It’s $499 naman for a iPhone 3G 8GB prepaid unit.
    Get it?

  15. william says:

    @Mark Jason
    true…hirap i explain palagi sa mga tao even to my friends.. haha

  16. Alvin says:

    Yuga! any local price yet?

  17. goosebumps says:

    Omnia i900 when released was around 35K PHP..now its around 25K PHP nalang..i would assume price range for the Omnia HD will be a bit higher when i900 was first released..

  18. packet mind says:

    woow…another new release from Samsung. I hope life won’t be more complicated using it…

  19. Mark Jason says:

    @william yeah. what’s worst eh magexpect sila na phones like this (Samsung Omnia HD) would be priced lower than $99. tsktsk

  20. lance says:


    I hope it could be around 30-31k N97 is like that as of now here in leyte + free nokia 1201

  21. Wow! It’s really a nice phone!

    Nino Natividad

  22. wawa_kho says:

    so where’s your own output with the samsung i8910 omnia? any words?

  23. Pink says:

    How much Yugger?

  24. minnie me says:

    i’ve read somewhere that it is officially called Samsung i8910 HD because the name OMNIA will ONLY be used for Samsung Phones with WinMO OS. i think it will retail at around 30K+ this coming July.

  25. Macjemzie says:

    they’ve could made it a bit smoother by the sides to make it look like glossier nicer to hold on to and not making it look like an edgy block of box, and about the battery cover, its plastic unlike the cover of the innov8 that is metal..
    But still about the feature of this phone, all i can say is that its still above all other phones. With its Scratch-resistant surface, and its fine 8mp cam. Wish that we can still upgrade its touchwiz into 2.0 thats available on Pixon 12mp. Hope that sooner or later, samsung could make a phone thats gona make i8910 HD a 12mp cam with xenon flash and a very wide 28mm lens there is..

    Rating it: 4-stars

  26. Roy says:

    Any word on where to get the phone in Manila? How did you get it yuga? Went to Glorietta today, they had no idea about the phone… It was frustrating… Cheers

  27. Earl says:

    Where can I find this? Went to MOA and RP Manila already and no sign of it yet! yeah, It really is frustrating! haha!

  28. sidney says:

    This is not a good phone. nice specs but poor OS. I am using a nokia 5800 with symbian s60 and im not satisfied with it. what more seeing it on a samsung phone. they should have used another os. android perhaps?

  29. jerold says:

    symbian s60 on nokia is different from samsung symbian s60 with touch wiz… if you search other reviews… samsung made good use of its symbian s60 and nokia sucks with their symbian s60…

    still waiting for this phone to hit the philippines

  30. Marlon Mendoza says:

    my friends, i’m using this phone right now and it’s a nice phone and the video recording is awesome, i bought this phone in qatar for 3000 Riyals X13 to peso

  31. marco says:

    hahaha.. thats too expensive… that cost at around 39000 there but it just cost 31000 pesos here and with lot of freebies. some dealer would even sell it for less than 30000.. well, the phone is really awesome, ive got one and it really rocks.. much better than iphone, or any htc phone, nokia and ericsson

  32. glitch04 says:

    Yeah!! i agree!! best phone!! even better because it can be easily be installed with more applications, due to its Symbian OS. unlike other phone with the almost same specs.

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