ZTE becomes 4th largest phone vendor

ZTE becomes 4th largest phone vendor

Was actually surprised to read the recent IDC report which puts China’s ZTE (remember the ZTE-NBN deal?) as the world’s 4th largest handset maker for 2010, even surpassing Apple which was bumped down to 5th.

Nokia still leads the pack with 30.8% share of total shipments for the year ( with 123.7 million, though that’s still down by 2.4% from the previous year). It’s then followed by Samsung at 20.1% (80.7 million handsets) and LG Electronics at 7.6% (30.6 million).


ZTE came in at 4th with 16.8 million handsets (4.2% share) where it pushed down Apple to 5th with 4.0% share (16.2 million). ZTE makes handsets for 3rd parties like Verizon in the US.

Phone manufacturers shipped a total of 1.39 billion handset units in 2010, still up from the 1.17 billion units shipped in 2009 {source IDC}.

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27 Responses

  1. NemOry says:

    do you own a ZTE phone @sir Abe?

    I just knew that ZTE is a phone brand.

  2. realjarley says:

    Panu kaya kung natuloy yung ZTE sa pinas, anu kaya ang naging epekto nito sa bansa natin?

  3. JKisaragi says:

    WHAT IF, typo yan at HTC pala talaga yan.

    Wala lang, hehe.

  4. markem says:

    bakit yung SE wala dyan?

  5. Ben says:

    @realjarley: Actually, ZTE is already being used. Especially on landline phone like what is used by bayantel and other companies which offers wireless landlines. Even the wireless broadband USB dongles offered by smart is ZTE

  6. jun says:

    hmmm baka kasama sa bilang yung usb doggle or yung wifi device nila.. basta nilalagyan siguro ng sim.. palagay nyo

  7. futurology says:

    @Markem: SE, motorola, etc are the “others” category

  8. They may not be that famous because they generally don’t sell devices under the “ZTE” brand, but under the telco’s name.

  9. manaka_junpei says:

    ABC ZTE ABCDE FG=First Gentleman

  10. Carlo says:

    Very, very surprising indeed.

    Also, the 2nd and 3ed spots are relatively new to the mobile phone market.

  11. Madz says:

    Bayantel’s 1st wireless landline was a ZTE phone…my mom had 1..

  12. icarus says:

    China is a huge market for phones. ZTE can get most of its sales from there. That’s why it’s no doubt it outmatch Apple in terms of number of units sold.

  13. Whiners says:

    Where’s Sony Ericsson? Where’s HTC? Where’s Motorola.. where??

  14. hubes says:

    how about in terms of sales amount. baka no. 1 apple because each phone costs 25k up.

  15. yuga says:

    @hubes – not necessarily. In the $US, almost all iPhones are sold at $199 to $299 level. The older models went down to $99 coz they’re subsidized.

  16. JorlanBalbuena says:

    ZTE sells phone in CHINA, and China is a very big market…

  17. Fleeb says:

    @icarus and Jorlan – yep. That’s basically it. China IS a big market.

  18. That shows that ZTE has an impact, and they are part of production. http://learner-spot.blogspot.com/

  19. Thanks for sharing your valuable information.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sr. abe, mgakno na po ngyn ang iphone 3gs? still 35k?

  21. gg says:

    Yes sa china palang ang dami na nila, hatak na sa sales. and ZTE usually rebrands their products, lalo na pag naki-team up sila sa mga telco’s or other 3rd party providers. I saw some of their phones, not bad as like what we know about the usual China phones.

  22. daniel says:

    guys… CHINA has 1.6 billion people. no wonder they patronize they’re own just like the Japanese and the Koreans. and they sell phones with prices not higher than 10,000 pesos kaya obviously dami nila na ship.

    HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson are high-end manufacturers kaya wag na magtaka kung onti lng sales nila… sino ba naman bibili ng 40k na cellphone haha. ung may trabaho lng siguro may afford nun… wala nga akong nakikitang motorola, htc at SE sa kalsada at sa school eh… puro nokia, cherry mobile haha.

  23. Winziph says:

    may punto sa daniel, sobrang laki ng china kaya kuhang kuha niya yung sales.

  24. wisdome says:

    Let’sing along:

    AB ZTE FG…..

  25. Skyflakes_18 says:

    most of it is in China, I bet

  26. name says:

    @daniel: not really .. i have classmates with htc, moto and sony ericsson and they also have cheap phones, and by cheap, i mean 7k-10k, without wifi .. but, zte’s phones are REALLY cheap.. but, i think they shouldn’t only focus on cheap phones, i think they should also make high-end phones.. they’re the 4th largest in the world, they have the right and should really play with the big guys in the industry.. :D congrats though

  27. dan says:

    billion kasi tao sa china kaya ganun

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