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Canon EOS R5 coming to the Philippines

Canon Philippines has announced that the EOS R5 is coming to the Philippines.

• Canon Eos R5 6 • Canon Eos R5 Coming To The Philippines

The Canon EOS R5 will come with a new CMOS sensor that allows continuous shooting up to approximately 20 FPS using an electronic shutter, and up to 12 FPS using a mechanical shutter. It comes with a coordinated Image Stabilization (IS) system that uses the camera’s in-body IS with the IS on the RF lenses. The Canon EOS R5 also has two media card slots and can automatically transfer images from the device to the image.canon cloud platform.

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Realme Philippines

• Canon Eos R5 5 • Canon Eos R5 Coming To The Philippines

Video-wise, the EOS R5 is capable of recording videos in 8K, allowing users to capture high-resolution images or process 8K video into higher-quality 4K videos.

• Canon Eos R5 7 • Canon Eos R5 Coming To The Philippines

We’ll report more as we learn details on the EOS R5’s pricing, full specs, and availability.

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