DataBlitz responds over SteelSeries issue, denies 7-day warranty

DataBlitz responds over SteelSeries issue, denies 7-day warranty

In an update to the what we’ve posted a few days ago about SteelSeries PH warning consumers of unauthorized resellers, popular gaming store Datablitz has issued a statement through one of its comments on their facebook page regarding the issue.


Datablitz stated that they are offering full one-year warranty for all their SteelSeries products, and not 7 days as our source from the previous article originally reported. Here is their statement:


After going over the [Back2Gaming] article, our thoughts are that firstly, the author never verified with us on our warranty terms for Steelseries products, and just went with third party information, then posted up whatever he’s concluded from his own half-baked checking.

As you can clearly see from how it was written and presented, it is an unashamedly one-sided and biased article, and one which would seem very much written to favor certain parties or interests, whomever or whatever that is, your guess is as good as ours.

Just for your information and reference, ALL Steelseries products we sell in our stores carry a full 1 year warranty for factory defects and since we don’t really do any repairs, items returned for factory defects within the warranty period are remedied with a full item replacement. The “7 Days” the author is trying to hype as having been written on the invoice is likely just our store personnel’s way of informing customers that they can return the item they’ve purchased if found to have any defects within 7 days of purchase.

As no so-called local Steelseries authorized distributor here (none for the entirety of 2013 nor the entirety of 2014) has approached us to offer us their products since we started carrying Steelseries in our stores over a year ago, we have no other option but to source our Steelseries products from authorized distributors and resellers in other countries instead.

Rather than stoop to the level of the author, we chose to just explain our side to our objective customers, and let them judge for themselves on who is really being truthful here and who is being deceitful. We believe that at the end of the day, as customers check with us directly, they will realize that what was written in the article is plain misleading and inaccurate, and our customers will be the ones to pass the factual word around, something much much more reliable than the word of someone who’s just collecting receipts and taking photos from outside our stores, without even properly verifying the facts with us.

Thank you for your kind concern and hope this explains everything much clearly.


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Despite the clarification, Back2Gaming updated their story and strongly points out that a SteelSeries PH representative reiterated that DataBlitz is not an authorized retailer.


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31 Responses

  1. Freeje says:

    So was your article based on receipts and pictures taken from outside of their stores?

  2. Larkmund says:

    But, you did publish the story. Did you do any fact checking before publishing it? Did you attempt to get the side of Datablitz? Did you attempt to confirm with any official representative of Steelseries?
    Btw, would steelseries disallow warranty claims because it was bought at datablitz?

  3. jajajason says:

    Bought an Elephant Dragunov mouse from their now-closed Eton Cyberpod Corinthian branch in 2012 just to try it and the sales person adamantly mentioned that the product can’t be returned (no warranty). I was surprised that they didn’t offer the 7 day return policy even after I asked about it.

    Dragunov mouse broke after 1 week. The mouse was relatively cheap for me so I didn’t mind (Note to self: Don’t buy hardware from DB) but it may be very expensive for others. Caveat emptor.

  4. Dexter Faustino says:

    Good thing for you, cause you have 7 days I bought my Razer Onza Tournament edition in Data Blitz Moa, it does not even have a warranty, cause during that time they are the only one that has the model, but after a week or two went to a competitor store they already have the same model, w/ 1 year warranty.. if only i waited a little bit longer.. for me i don’t believe the statement coming from Data Blitz, they just change that process because of this issue….

    • jeferry says:

      dude all of datablitz razer products have 1 year warranty. also roccat & steelseries. ung dragunov 7 days replacement warranty under factory defects and replaceable if proven defective yan ang standard warranty replacement sa pinas kahit check nyo pa sa DTI yan din sasabhin sainyo.

  5. hmm says:

    ang alam ko usually ganyan 7days na store warranty ay papalitan nila agad (if mY stock) if ever may defect within that period.pag more than that manufacturer na which means matagal yung hintay mo.

    always ask about warranty before buying gadgets/appliances etc.

  6. saberblack says:

    hello! other than DataBlitz, san pa ba nakakabili ng other gaming peripherals? kumusta naman ang price nila compared sa DataBlitz?

    • Just Replying says:

      It’s available in almost every store?
      PC Xpress, PCHub, Octagon, etc.
      All i know is that the prices are pretty much the same

  7. Jay says:

    I personally believe na palusot lang tong DataBlitz. Their store staff are trained to resist any warranty claims from the buyer.

    I bought a Dragon War GK-004 Silvio Gaming Keyboard from their Marquee Mall branch last year, which malfunctioned after a day. I went back to the store and was told na wala na silang stock and I have to return the unit and wait for the replacement. I told them na they just have to refund me so I can buy from another store because I also need the keyboard right away, for work. Pinahintay ako ng matagal at may patawag-tawag pa and I have been repeatedly denied.

    I had to check the DTI website, take screenshots, and show to the them that they are violating consumer rights by refusing to refund. It was only then that the staff obliged and refunded me.

    • From personal experience too I ordered a special item from Datablitz and they changed price on me weeks after order confirmation. Also one time I asked for information and the tindera gave me wrong info so I bought the wrong product.

  8. Eggzoited says:

    May nakita ako sa FB post ng isang store sa cebu city, he was claiming na parang unfair e compare yung price nya sa datablitz dahil may warranty yung sa kanya at sa DB wala. I think binura na niya yung post dahil if may screenshot nun that kid is in for a one big libel case.

    Alam ko first hand na sinasabi ng DB employees na 7 days lang replacement/warranty, if DB made a company wide policy change after they read the article is anyones guess, pwede nila saibin na nagkamali lang yung employee.

    Sana mag print nalang sila ng official notice explaining what 7days replacement and 1 year warranty is..

    Hula ko lang yung nasa cebu nag push sa article na yun.

  9. lolwut says:

    I bought a couple of Razer products sa Datablitz and I will never buy any other hardware from them again. The razer headphones broke 3 months after purchase, i was expecting them to replace it but i found out that they only repaired it. The bad thing about it was it wasnt authorized razer repair, albeit their own repair team. So just a warning think twice before buying anything from Datablitz.

  10. lazydreamr says:

    Bumili ako dati ng dragunov darksector kb sa kanila and after 2 days, napansin kong may defect, i went to datablitz sm north the next day and they replaced it with a new one. I don’t see any issue with db imho.

  11. JR says:

    They didn’t mention their “Logitech mouse products.
    I bought in Datablitz a Razer Gaming Mouse instead of Logitech gaming mouse because the Datablitz store from SM Cubao, Greenhills, Glorrieta, Gateway all said their Logitech Gaming mouse has only “7 Days Warranty”
    after the 7 Days if found with defect, they ‘won’t replace it’.

  12. Migs says:

    I believe Datablitz runs on very thin profit margins, so it’s probably why they tend to give customers a hard time with warranties and exchanges.

  13. ven says:

    misleading din naman kasi talaga nilalagay nila sa Receipt nila. Dapat clearly indicates din na “7 days replacement” if found defective. Eh pero nakalagay kasi “7 days warranty” eh so kasalanan din ng DB yan.

  14. gpcmasterrace says:

    Biruin mo. Rekta supplier sa ibang bansa tpos ang presyo di kayang pababain. Laki ng tubo :) dun kana sa sigurado. DynaQuest ,, pchub,,, pcoption achu

  15. gpcmasterrace says:

    Potek comments palang pala basag na si DB. Buti nlng game lng binibili ko sa inyo.

  16. Zzzzz says:

    They dont even pay taxes parang cdr king. Yung computer nila for inventory lang and not a POS system. Lahat ng resibo handwritten lang. Sneaky… And pag nilandi mo yung staff pwede more than less 100 kuno ang discount pag cash. Sa resibo less 100 but actual discount will vary. Possible bawas cut ng employee? Warranty wise parang cdr king din 7 days. How can they support more than 7 days and refund if the actual item is not listed as sold and paid tax.

  17. howard says:

    I had a bad experience with their backlit keyboard. I returned the item and after a week, wala nman inayos, the same problem about some keys not functioning after some hours of usage. wasted my effort and time for nothing.

  18. Ralph says:

    This is why we have a TON of shops in places like GILMORE. Why buy from a mall-based shop like DataBlitz? Save yourself a headache and avoid mall-based stores.

  19. Eric Tan says:

    Wow . Top of the line mice and keyboard nasisira agad in less than a week

    Ganyan na ba ka laos mga steel series and razer products

  20. customerz says:

    sa pag kaka alam ko may audit sila everyday kasi minsan nattiempohan ko pagbumibili ako dun tinitignan nila pagnagtatally sa sales at sa actual price kaya sigurado tama naman prices nila. di talaga sila ngbibigay ng malaking discount kahit anung “landi” ang tawag mo dun.

    • gpcmasterrace says:

      To Customerz. Nung na hype ako sa logitech g502, everytime na madaan or pumunta ako mall dumadaan ako db and was asking for the price. 3,100 ata date. Tumawad ako at binigyan ako discount Na 50 or 100 sa megamall and greenhills branch pag cash at hindi ko nilande yung bantay take note. Rektang tanong yon. Buti nalang di ako nadala ng hype at naka kuha ko ng g.mice sa ok na retailer. Don’t know sa ibang item nila don kung makakakuha ka discount. Games cguro wala.

  21. Randy says:

    Bumili ako ng Xbox 360 bundle with Kinect sa DB Shangrila Plaza, nung binili ko sabi may warranty daw, di ko lang matandaan kung sinabi 7 days.

    Aba, after under a month nasira yung Kinect unit (FYI bigla nalang nagdrop yung camera, parang hardware yung nagfail). Dinala ko ulit sa DB Shangrila, hindi daw nila papalitan kasi accessory daw yung Kinect, and pwede daw nilang gawin eh irepair kaso matatagalan daw kasi oorder pa ng parts at bumili nalang daw ako ng bago kasi mas mahal pa pag pinarepair. Ako naman si tanga, bumili nga ng bagong Kinect, sa kanila rin. Kung alam kong may ganitong isyu, hay nako.

    Wala DB, markado ka na samin. Games, accessories, at prepaid cards na lang bibilin ko sa inyo.

  22. invectus says:

    potang ina yang DB madalas wala warranty kung meron 7 days….. walang kwenta

  23. Necrophilia69 says:

    Un Xbox 360 Wireless Controller nila 7days lng ang warranty same lang sa Toy Kingdom… kung totoong Authorized Reseller/Distributor sila, same policies/rules should apply sa mga binebenta nilang products coming from the manufacturer! I know because I work for the said company… Not DB!!!

  24. jjc21 says:

    God damn it Datablitz! I bought a Razer DeathAdder Mouse last Nov 2015, after less that 1 month of normal usage, it started double clicking like crazy. I returned it to Datablitz for repair, and it took them 4 months to replace my mouse even after constant calls. Now, just less that 1 week of using the replacement mouse, it happenned again??? Is this really Razer quality or Datablitz selling defective products? Sad!!!

  25. devin.bat says:

    @sir jjc21
    sir notorious talaga ang RAZER sa pagiging low quality at over prize, dami nila bad feedback sa online. at yung DATABLITZ naman meron talaga problema regarding with warranty claim ng customers nila. bumibili lang ako sa kanila pag no choice ako pero pag meron naman sa ibang store yung bibilihin ko hindi ako nabili sa kanila.

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