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GCash Tap to Pay with NFC feature rolled out

The GCash Tap to Pay 205 with NFC (Near Field Communication) feature has just rolled out, initially announced at Futurecast 2024 49.

Those reliant on the GCash app for transactions now have another option for streamlined payments. In layman’s terms, the feature enables cashless and contactless transactions by tapping your smartphone.

Get through long queues with just one tap, pay for your food or items with minimal effort, and stay on-the-go. This feature even shines in transportation payments to help with hassle-free commuting.

Keep in mind though, not all devices have support for NFC. For those curious, you might want to check if your phone is compatible prior to trying out the feature.

Getting started is relatively simple as well. Just go to the GCash app, look for a button to “View All Services”, and then find the “Pay” section.

You can find the “Tap to Pay” feature here ready to go. Let us know what you think of the new GCash Tap to Pay method in the comment section below.

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