Globe launches 5G-powered Globe At Home Air Fiber

Globe launches 5G-powered Globe At Home Air Fiber

Globe, in partnership with Huawei, has launched the first commercial 5G fixed wireless internet in SEA in the form of the Globe At Home Air Fiber 5G.

The Globe AT Home Air Fiber 5G postpaid offers fiber-like speeds up to 100Mbps and up to 2TB of the data package.


“The arrival of 5G has caused excitement in the global world of telecommunications. Today, we made a crucial step in fulfilling our goal of connecting more Filipino homes, and our vision of bringing first-world Internet to the Philippines,” said Ernest Cu, Globe CEO and President

It will be available to eligible customers (initially available in select areas in Pasig, Cavite, and Bulacan) on July 2019 for the following plans (all of which are up to 2TB data capacity):

  • PHP 1899/month – up to 20Mbps
  • PHP 2499/month – up to 50Mbps
  • PHP 2899/month – up to 100Mbps

“Globe At Home Air Fiber 5G makes use of fixed location wireless radios instead of fiber optic cables which enables the company to go over the circuitous approval process of deploying a fiber optic cable – a task which proves to be arduous and involves securing multiple permits from local government units (LGUs),”

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14 Responses

  1. K L says:

    fiber like speed pero 20Mbps whahaa! remove capping and increase speed

    • Dicube says:

      kung hindi ma afford – manahimik na lang please merun naman Prepaid. Just imagine 10 years ago kung nasaan tayu kahit ang 1,000,000 mo hindi kayang magpatayu ng cell site and lastly let us be objective in our criticism. Merun naman MISLATEL under China Telecom pwede ka dun.

    • 5gdaw4gnman says:

      20Mbps sa 1899 overpriced… that is so 2015

    • cowscrubber says:

      These speeds and rates are actually at par with other ISPs in the Philippines.
      Their cap of 2TB is also more than existing ones, not to mention it is over and above what the usual household consumes.

      In matters of internet speeds, it is easy to be a troll. But it is far more difficult to comment based on real world consumption.

    • cowscrubber says:

      But I agree. Offering 20 mbps and calling it “5G” is a joke.

  2. ikawlngexcitedsa5g says:

    advertising for 5G, plan subscription for 4G, actual speed for 3G.

  3. TTday says:

    wtf ipinagmalaki pa 20Mbps/1899 this is crap. sobrang mahal talaga yan

  4. Pj says:

    With that speed, using 5g has no purpose. 2.4g can deliver that kind of speed with better range.

    • c says:

      3g, 4g, 5g is not the same as 2.4ghz and 5ghz. Don’t add up to the confusion of routers naming 5ghz as 5g

  5. Yugayuga says:


  6. jayb says:

    Sure na spotty ang signal ng Globe 5G. Remember, Globe is still expanding there DSL lines while their biggest competitor, PLDT, has rich more than 80 percent barangays nationwide using fiber lines. Even small ISPs like converge and others are expanding their fiber lines rapidly.

    a 5G cellsite without fiber connecting to it will have slow internet connection. in short parang 3g to 4g lang ang speed ng 5G ng cellsite na yan. Kasi kung di walang fiber ang Globe, mag re-rely sila sa MICROWAVE BACKHAUL para ma transmit ang data which is very slow compare to Fiber kasi Wireless din ang microwave backhaul.

    1. Very spotty signal. kasi limited lang ang area ng fiber lines nila na kailangan ng 5G true speed. Mabagal ang pag expand nila ng 5G
    2. Hindi spotty ang signal. Mabilis ang pag expand nila ng 5G. Pero dahil walang fiber na naka connect sa mga cell towers nila, Sure na mabagal ang 5G speed nila because Microwave backhaul lang ang ginagamit nila sa pag transmit at receive ng data. In short, parang 3G to 4G speed lang ang ma e experience ng mga subscribers sa mga cell towers without fiber lines. Kaya wag kayo mag taka na yung 4G Globe signal niyo ay sobrang bagal. pag minsan kasing bagal pa ng 2G.

    5G signal without fiber lines is useless!

  7. ninjayuga says:

    grabeh talaga may capp pa na 2TB sana matuloy yung starlink ni elon musk para ma obsolete na yung mga company na yan.

  8. bern says:

    The speed range from 50 to 100 Mbps is acceptable, but the prices are not right, they are expensive, but let us wait for more development to see how successful this would fare, as Globe continue to build towers to decongest the network and as we switch to 5G in the course of time, prices will follow to satisfactory level.

    But for now, I will still stick up for 4G, despite the fact that they still fall short when it comes to living up to 4G speed standards, to say nothing of that they already matured in wireless service, Globe are still falling behind.

  9. Poseidon says:

    c;mon …those speeds are 4G level speed. by using the word “5G” you are somehow deceiving consumers.

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