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Lenovo debuts New Glass C200 Monocular Smart Glass

Lenovo is investing in AR technology as well with the introduction of the New Glas C200 Monocular Smart Glass.

The New Glass C200 Monocular Smart Glass comes in two main parts – a Glass Unit and Pocket Unit. The Glass Unit is a lightweight device weighing 60 grams and runs on Linux. It only uses one eye which enhances a user’s perception of “mixed reality” while viewing the AR world simultaneous to the real world.

Lenovo New Glass C200 • Lenovo Debuts New Glass C200 Monocular Smart Glass

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The Pocket Unit, on the other hand, handles all the processing, provides mobile connectivity via LTE and connects to your smartphone via the New Glass app. When used, the New Glass C200 allows you to gather information in your field of view and can recognize about 20 kinds of objects such as building schematics with the help of an AI named Lenovo NBD Martin.

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Some of the applications of the New Glass C200 include providing users with step-by-step directions and instructions for repair, identify disabled equipment and troubleshoot issues with a remote colleague all while your hands are free.

Mass production of Lenovo New Glass C200 is expected to start in June 2017.

source: Lenovo

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