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OnePlus intros Clipt app for clipboard, file-sharing between mobile and laptop

The OneLab team from OnePlus has recently introduced the new Clipt app for sending text, photos, and files between mobile and laptop.

As per OneLab, the idea of Clipt app came to mind when one person went through the hassle of emailing themselves something from their phone to their desktop.


The App and Chrome extension creates a link between your devices that connects to your clipboard. Once installed, the user can copy the file on one device, pass it on to another; or send it back and forth to whichever device connected.

The app uses the user’s Google Drive to transfer the data, only transferring between devices when a request has been established on the user’s device. Moreover, Clipt can only download the files it creates as it is siloed, keeping the last ten items available to you, which is then deleted after.

The app is available for Chrome and Android.

Source: OnePlus

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