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vivo announces Picture of the Year and Winning Creations in vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020

vivo has announced the Picture of the Year and hailed winning creations in the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020, featuring exceptional joy images captured from the participant photographers’ mobile lenses.

As part of the brand’s VISION+ initiatives, the awards’ achievement shows vivo’s devotion to mobile photography technology and visual aesthetic exploration.  vivo recognizes that smartphones give more people the capability to experience photo creation’s joy in this modern day of visual expression. Back in September 2020, vivo has announced VISION+, a visual content ecosystem for the global market with “JOY IMAGE” at its core.

In partnership with the National Geographic, vivo unveiled the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020. This program focuses on exceptional imaging and optics that can capture the essence of individual emotions and humanistic culture. With this, global creators were invited to discover, capture, and communicate utilizing their smartphone cameras.

vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020 got more than 135,000 mobile photo and video entries across various countries including the United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, Vietnam, and the like. There were 37 exceptional creations chosen by a panel of judges composed of the world’s top photographers and imaging experts, such as Steve McCurry and Michael Halsband. This series of mobile images uniquely showcase human stories and landscapes globally in 2020.

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Photo creators contrived to interpret everyday life’s joys through the lenses of their mobile cameras, delivering photos in varying styles.

There are six categories under the vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020, including Portrait, Night, Landscape, Motion, Memories, and Story. Various awards were also offered in this contest, such as “Picture of the Year,” “Category Winners,” “Honorable Mention,” and “Category Finalists.”

vivo awarded Zhang Yu’s creation entitled Daily Life of Four “Big Mouth Monsters” as the Picture of the Year. Yu captured the moment that kids play in the shape of “Big Mouth Monsters” with his smartphone. This is identified to serve as a shining beacon of hope amidst difficulty in 2020.

Daily Life of Four “Big Mouth Monsters” by Zhang Yu | Picture of the Year

On the other hand, Camping Night with Beloved Friends, a creation by Rifqi Moch Lutpi from Indonesia, got the “Honorable Mention” award. This photograph shows three beloved friends chatting beside a burning bonfire in a dark night. The creator denoted subtle thinking, “In my life, camping is the most exciting story, the greatest moment… We should enjoy every moment in life and live it to the fullest with a rich variety of activities.”

Camping Night with Beloved Friends by Rifqi Moch Lutpi | Honorable Mention

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There’s a plethora of exceptional mobile photo submissions across the Portrait, Night, Landscape, Motion, Memories, and Story competitive categories. Under the Story category through mobile video imaging, Opera Watch, the winning submission by Chen Lei from China, centers on a traditional Sichuan Opera troupe that delivers human-culture co-existence to life in smooth scenes with folk drum music.

Opera Watch by Chen Lei | Winning submission under the Story category

Meanwhile, the outstanding winning creations include Steelwool with Bridge, a creation by Pyae Phyo Aung from Myanmar under the Night category, Balinese Woman, a creation by Arief Satria from Indonesia under the Portrait category, and Replicate, a creation by Lin Haibo from China under the Memories category, revealing incredibly fascinating works of mobile photography.

These exceptional creations are currently available for public viewing on the vivo VISION+ official website.

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