Google Nexus 7 now available at VillMan for Php18k

Google’s 7-inch slate has just started shipping out last week but VillMan has already got their quick hands on it and is already offering the tablet on a slightly higher price.

When Google announced their flagship device at this year’s Google I/O, they’re clearly aiming for the budget-conscious market by attaching a $199.99 price tag on to their 8GB variant of their quad-core tablet. In our recent post, we’ve mentioned that of the two variant, only the 16GB, which costs $249.99, will be available locally which should worth around Php15k here.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

It looks like local PC retailer Villman has gotten some early units directly shipped from the US. They’re offering the Google Nexus 7 for Php17,999 (said to be only available in very limited stocks).

Take note that these units are parallel imports which means they did not come from the official Asus distribution chain (read: grey units) which explains the very steep price. Villman also did this with the Asus Pad TF300 which we reported last month.

Editor’s Note: We call this the InfoMaxx economy. Once the actual units are distributed by Asus Phils, the price will eventually normalize. We remember the time when gray market prices of the iPhone 4 reached Php92,000 in local stores. – Yuga

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This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

55 Responses

  1. Avatar for aflb aflb says:

    ewan ko kung baket daming galit sa pricing, di wag bumili agad at mag antay nalang

    buti nalang sold out na, forced to wait for official stocks. Though 18k is still a good price considering the 7in tablets sold by other brands.

  2. Avatar for bayanpages bayanpages says:

    Any info when Asus will officially launch the Nexus 7 here in the Philippines?

  3. Avatar for voyager voyager says:

    I am intersted with the Nexus 7 (8GB). When will be available? My first computer was bought in Villman in 1994 with a 386SX processor.

  4. Avatar for suzette suzette says:

    hello po when will you have stocks? thanks! interested to buy…:)

  5. Avatar for dyonisii dyonisii says:

    blame taxes. may sales tax, import tax, etc tax.

    much like blu-ray discs. US$20 sa states, PhP2000 dito sa pinas.

  6. Avatar for Angel Dust Angel Dust says:

    I have no issues on the pricing of Villman Computers.
    They have been in the business for more than 10 years.
    I bought a lot of things from them.
    This is a reputable IT Shops.
    What matter most they provide the latest gadgets what other local distributors/retailers/local vendors can’t do.

  7. Avatar for psikick psikick says:

    I get na Grey Unit cya so a markup is inevitable. but how come Grey units of gadgets sold by Kimstore, DBGadgets, Shopworldph, etc are actually cheaper than the ones sold here even for gadgets with official local distributors??

    The fact of the matter is kahit pa official distro, overpriced talaga mga gadgets dito sa atin compared sa ibang bansa…

    • Avatar for dens dens says:

      does kimstore dbgadgets, etc have the nexus 7? the point is not because its a grey unit, its because they are the first to bring it here. Once the nexus 7 is officially out, then the grey units will have no choice but to lower their prices to compete with official distributors.

      Is villman’s price overpriced? yes indeed, but they do have reasons why they priced it that way. They are the first to bring it here in manila sold commercially. Those who want it first will surely pay premium for such items. For some buyers, price is not a factor, its a matter of getting then unit without having to go through the hassle of buying abroad. And these are the target market of villman.

    • Avatar for psikick psikick says:

      No they don’t. But they did have the iPad 3 wayyy before Apple officially released it here. And guess what, they were (and still are) selling it cheaper than Apple’s price when they eventually released it here. It’s not really about being the only seller of a particular gadget in the entire country. Of course every seller has the right to set their own prices, I respect that. I’m just sad coz they could have set a lower price which still gave them a decent profit. Keyword is could. They could have, but they didn’t. Kimstore, et al could have sold the iPad 3 for a much higher price during the time it was not yet officialy released by Apple here. But they didn’t. For me it speaks alot of the mentality and priorities of the sellers. :) Just my 2 cents..

    • Avatar for r41 r41 says:

      @psikick Indeed you have a point there, however I would just like to add that the stores you just mentioned are pretty much your typical internet startups with questionable sources. Villman has been in the country for a long time already, and you can spot their actual stores easily which cannot be said for the likes of kimstore. If kimstore sold even just at retail price, would you even bother buying from them? It’s all about the brand reputation – heck many people call Apple products overpriced, but where are they on the pyramid right now?

    • Avatar for anon anon says:

      @r41 that is where you are misguided and mistaken. Kimstore and DBgadgets, though not having a physical presence, are known to be reputable sellers at competitive prices compared to Villman. they have been around for years already and the thousands of customers that they have sold gadgets to are testament to their reliability.

      questionable sources you say? how can you say the same way to Villman? or is the mere presence of stores proof enough that the products being sold are automatically from legit sources? i question your logic there.

      also on the last note: i am an Apple user, Macbook Pro, Iphone, and Ipad. i am browsing Yuga and typing this very message on my MBP right now. and YES, i without a doubt call their devices OVERPRICED. doesn’t mean that if i use their products i am a slobbering slave to their brand-name status cult.

    • Avatar for r41 r41 says:

      Sure, competitive prices are a boon to the likes of kimstore. But their reputation is built on a rather weak foundation – the internet. Unless you can say that they can operate at the same level as the likes of amazon and newegg, then yes I would agree that they are pretty much reputable. The key here is presence – inexistent, I would say. We’re a 3rd world country, after all.

      Questionable sources? That is up to their business, but I leave you with a question: Which of them actually pays taxes? Who is the bad guy now, eh?

      And I’m pretty sure you misinterpreted my apple reference, but that doesn’t matter anyway.

    • Avatar for someone someone says:

      On the first page I posted my thoughts on they computed for the price of this tablet.

      Let go about it again.

      $250 / 11k – Actual cost of this tablet
      3000 – Shipping / customs fee. source? based on yuga’s estimate when he ordered his Nexus One 3 years ago.

      With this, Villman spent 14k for each Nexus 7 tablet.

      Again, Villman is a retailer. They generate income through selling. Why would you guys expect them to sell this at same price as they acquired it? It makes no sense to run a business that doesn’t generate profit.

      They’re selling it at 18k, with 4k profit from the 14k estimate. They can justify this for the following reasons:
      1. They’re the once doing the leg work in getting this tablet.
      2. They have physical stores that pays rent.
      3. Staffing
      4. They already bought it from Google. They’re not asking you to pre-order and give a downpayment.

      Bottomline – If you want this tablet now, hassle free, no waiting, no fuzz, get it from Villman. If you don’t mind waiting, want to save on shipping / store markup, and knows someone abroad, get it online.

  8. Avatar for hanjo hanjo says:

    nakakaaliw naman magbasa ng comments.
    when i read the portion of the first paragraph of this article na “already offering the tablet at a slightly higher price” my reaction is just “Villman knows how to make profit and they kinda have the right for being among the first to offer it here. for price-sensitive people and those with information, they possibly and most probably would not buy.” surely, villman must have thought of those who don’t care too much of the price difference but would prefer to be among the first to have their hands on the device and are willing to pay a premium. for the rest, just wait na lng. i find that strategy more acceptable than those who suddenly charge higher prices (like 50% more) when the supply is dwindling due to unexpectedly high demand.

  9. Avatar for RedSimba RedSimba says:

    Mali ata exchange rate sa Villman ^_^

  10. Avatar for mx mx says:

    im surprised na pwede pala to sa business practices nang pilipinas, i mean wala ba tayong batas na ipinagbabawal ang overcharging or kahit na may certain limit lang sa patong sa mga products like hangang 20% nang price langang pwedeng ipatong, parang 200% ang patong eh? parang walang proteksyon ang mga mamamayan natin sa mga ganito… tsk tsk tsk…

  11. Avatar for hehe hehe says:

    Sa Villman 72+ pesos ang exchange rate!!

  12. Avatar for koko koko says:


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