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Nokia MD4 Mini Speakers

When the Nokia N78 came in the mail two weeks ago for review, it came with a set of small speakers. Didn’t knew Nokia was also making phone speakers and this one looks like they were specifically made for mobile phones.

The Nokia MD-4 Mini Speakers is a set of foldable speakers powered by 4 AAA batteries that churns out 0.5 watt (rms) of good quality sound. It’s not that loud but works well with a mobile phone or a small media player.


Each satellite speaker has 6 micro-drivers and built-in amplifiers — each one as tall as a regular candy bar Nokia phone (like the Nokia 6120c or Nokia N78) but a little thicker in girth. A connector, 3.5mm can be hooked up to a phone but an audio adapter (Nokia AD-15) is also provided in the package as well as a headphone adapter (Nokia Universal Headphone Adapter).



The audio connectors also serves as an FM radio antenna so you don’t need the headphones to tune in to radio stations.


Nokia claims up to 30 hours of continuous play back time with the 4 AAA batteries but I haven’t seen it reach that time. There’s no volume control on the speakers, just a conspicuous ON-OFF switch.

I tested it against the X-Mini Speakers and the latter obviously had more bass. At top volume on an iPod Nano, the Nokia MD4 speakers sound distorted.

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9 Responses

  1. joeyboy says:

    yugs, di ka pumunta kagabi.

    ok yan speaker mo ah, parang pang straight ng buhok. hehehe

  2. MiGs says:

    May kasamang MD-4 speakers and Nokia n78 kasi ang panget ng sounds ng speakers ng n78. Tapos ang panget din ng placement ng speakers… Sayang..

  3. yuga says:

    @Migs, it has the same speaker placement as my old Nokia 6120 but the sound quality is okay naman.

  4. Mikey says:

    is it really released by Nokia?
    A friend got them as Xmas party giveaway from NXP Semiconductors (a company founded by Philips) last December 2006…

    here’s the link:

  5. yuga says:

    Yup, it’s got a Nokia logo in it. Maybe co-branded?

  6. Constantin says:

    The internal chip is developed by NXP and nokia only co branded it ;-)

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