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Philippines 4th on AdMob Global Ad Traffic

In April 2008, the Philippines was just at #7 for mobile ad traffic as measured by AdMob. Went on to become #5 by August last year. This March, it’s already at #4.

Though there’s practically zero growth from the previous month, the Philippines still surpassed the United Kingdom taking 3.9% of the total ad requests delivered by AdMob.

march admob stats

We’re still pretty far behind Indonesia and India though. Still, this is a good sign that mobile consumers in the Philippines are surfing the web thru their mobile phones.

On the same report, the top 20 handsets list is dominated by Nokia, taking in 19 out of the 20 with Sony PSP at #12. The iPhone/iPod Touch got dropped off the list.

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11 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    So the mobile web is full of potential for growth eh? Positive news during this troubling economic times.

  2. calvin says:

    didnt know people would use psp’s browser that much.

  3. donk says:

    I own a psp but i seldom(never,will be an appropriate term) to surf the web. And I have friends who have psp and they don’t use psp’s browser. PSP’s web browser sucks!!!!

  4. good to hear that. Philippines is slowly getting there

  5. Cool, I’m one of those who surf via mobile phone. Never on a PSP though.

  6. JP Caparas says:

    That should be good.

    Pinoy bloggers:

    Certain advertisers treat Asian traffic (save for Japan) like crap and most of the time don’t even count ad clicks and legit impressions, bringing down our performance scores and earnings.

  7. mil says:

    some errors on registering mobile product browsing usage per brand and model. Psp? more psp browsers than seP1i, nokia e71, motorola Q9, samsung n LG handsets? People dnt use psp to browse that much bcoz the browser is awful n slow. No dedicated keypad or virtual keypad. Thats questionable.

  8. Mhasky04 says:

    Hi… Id just found yugatech & i eventualy find it cool. Just wna comment bout psp browser. Is that really so? Btw, im currently a wAPMASTer, jst waiting 2 hav a chanz/luck on being a webmaster so pls check “MHASKy04” on gugel. Tnx

  9. mhasky04 says:

    i just saw yugatech and i eventually find cool. btw, bout psp browser, is it that really so?? oh… by now im just a wapmaster and i hope to be a real webmaster/blogger one day like you MR OLANdres. pls check my wap and leave a comment on my guestbook can you?? tnx, more power!!!!

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