Samsung Galaxy S4: All The Details & What To Expect

Only 10 days remain before the launch of Samsung’s next flagship phone, and we’re here to give you everything you need or may want to know about the Samsung Galaxy S4. Specs, benchmarks and images already leaked. To top it all off, the company just released a teaser for the event.

Design & Display

Sadly, the device is expected to pack a polycarbonate body, not deviating away from Samsung’s material signature. If that is so, then HTC and Sony might have the edge over Samsung on this 2013 Android war. Based on the leaked images and cases, the next Galaxy will feature a more rectangular form factor, similar to the S2.

case s4

All the usual stuff will surely come with the Galaxy S4, and that includes the 1080p full HD display (be it the mysterious SoLux or Super AMOLED).

CPU & Benchmark

We had several ideas fighting over the past weeks. Rumors indicated that the next Galaxy will drop Exynos for Snapdragon, but moments ago, it is found that this might be true to the US variants only. Antutu Benchmark scores of the phone leaked and it gave us a more detailed view of the hardware specifications (see listing below).

s4 benchmarks

It comes with the Exynos 5 Octa CPU, which on benchmarks seem to overpower the Optimus G by quite an amount at 24,894. Of course, it still needs to prove itself against the Snapdragon 600 line.


Samsung will continue fighting the megapixel war with a 13MP camera sensor, while other companies such as HTC try to differ with their 4MP UltraPixel camera. The previous Galaxy S models were good shooters of their time, and we’re expecting this one to be good as well. It will include some features similar to Photosphere, since it will be running Android 4.2.


It’s launching this March 14 in New York. There is no word on the availability, but we’re sure it will come before summer ends. Last year we had the launching on May 3 (which was stylized as 5/3 – similar to S3) and launching came a few moments afterward. Samsung is going a little fast-paced this year, so expect it for April or soon.

Samsung Galaxy S4 expected specs:
4.99-inch full HD display @ 1080×1920 pixels, 441ppi
Exynos 5410 Octa @ 1.8GHz 4+4 CPU
16GB, 32GB internal storage
(no word on micro SD support)
Bluetooth 4.0
13MP rear camera
2.1MP front-facing camera
Android 4.2

Last year, we had the Galaxy S3 teased with their invite (blue and white designs), which led us to thinking: what if this year it’s the same thing? Here’s one last render from us, combining everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

{source} {2} {3}

Editor’s Note: We were invited by Samsung to fly to New York to attend the global launch on March 14. Stay tuned as we bring you live updates here next week. – Yuga

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  1. dizzyup

    looks promising but HTC ONE is, imho, the android phone to have this year!

  2. zellkyo

    octa-core wow!!

  3. ayan na.. bibili na naman ang mga social-climber! HAHAHAHA sugod na!

    • brickmaster

      That’s only applicable to iPhone.

    • at magcocomment na naman ang mga makikitid ang utak

    • Honestly, I myself cannot afford this one.
      But, you dont need to be a sour looser if you cannot buy one.

    • hahaha,,, right term yan,, dumadami na sila wahahaha… instead tech geeks, sila ang bumibili pwede naman sa 3210 wahahaha

    • you gotta love these kind of comments… in a friggin tech blog..

      GTFO of yugatech if you’re not excited about new techs. You don’t even have to buy it, just appreciate how these companies are bringing us forward technologically.

    • @Black u made my day! LOLZ!!! :)))

    • Reader

      That should have been “sore loser”, Pons. :)

  4. Actually, hindi lang social climber bibili nyan, pati na rin yung mga gusto magpaloko sa marketing scheme ng samsung! Wala pang isang taon yung s3 maglalabas na sila ng bago… Ginagawa ata tayong mga g*go ng mobile companies na to at gusto nila magkandarapa tayo para bumili. Tapos tignan nyo, maglalabas ng kapalit ng s4 in less than a year… Grabe! Its just a cycle!

    • anu ka ba. mali ka naman eh. wala munang kapalit yung s4. gagawa muna sila ng note 3. :)

    • Well, to be fair, they’re not forcing you or anyone to buy naman. Every company comes out with new products to entice people, yes, but what do you expect? It’s a business they’re there to make money.. whether you do buy or not however.. is your decision.. just because there’s a new model doesn’t mean you need to buy it.

    • @Jade

      Parang sinabi mo na tuwing papasarapin lalo ng jolibee ang chicken joy o di kaya kung may additional sila na putahe na masarap parang ginagawa din nila mga G*go ang kumakain doon. Di ko alam pinoproblema mo ang ganyan. Nagiimprove kasi ang bagay bagay sa mundo. Di ba may mga pinagkaiba naman ng bagong labas sa lumang phones.

    • comments like these are too narrow sighted. It’s Samsung’s job to make better technology and maake money while they’re at it. It’s up to you to choose if you’ll buy it or not. imagine if tech companies release the same thing every year, we may still be using symbian OSes until today.. Specially if you’re in a tech blog like these, you have to embrace new tech, heck be crazy excited about it. Otherwise, GTFO.

    • Nobody is forcing you to buy a NEW PHONE. Cars, aircon, TV, watches – new models every year because functionalities evolve.

      Ang nagmumukang g*go lang ay yung mga gustong magpaimpress na laging bago ang gamit. If you feel that way, then you feel the urge to buy a new one to subconsciously impress people.

    • Ahahaha! Katawa naman kayo ayaw nyo makarinig ng reality! puro rosy at positive lang ba ang buhay??? At pwede ba, gusto ni Sir Abe na maraming magreply sa blog nya -negative or positive comments – kasi it only means na buhay na buhay at malakas ang blog nya!
      Kung gusto nyo ng puro positive lang, you GET THE FUCK OUT – hindi nyo pa ma-spell out LOL

    • I just wish that they would at least bring out the S4 a year after the S3. I bought an s3 and it cost me a lot of hard earned cash – thinking that I’d have a top of the line smart phone for at least a year or a longer time. But now that they’re bringing out the s4, I cant help it but feel a little cheated because its like they’re saying that there’s something better out there already and mine’s last year’s news (hindi pa nga umabot eh). Im sure there are lots of s3 owners who feel this way… Oh well, just my two cents worth on this.

    • @dark your analogy sucks. Jollibee food, you consume, finished. A cellphone you keep as long ss you want or until it breaks, whichever comes first. I know what you want tonsay but don’t use that analogy.



  6. Ulvadu

    Malakas sa baterya yan kitams nasa loob ng kahon umiiilaw pa din walang power saving. Full brightness pa bobs ng s4

  7. lolwut

    Whatever specs it’s gonna come out with will not even surprise me at all, unless it has that flexible OLED tech that they just previewed at CES. Pretty much, all the big manufacturers now has their own flagships with uber specs so we can expect the same from Samsung. The only catch now is who can bring the latest updates fast. Android has grown a community who loves to maximize their phones either by waiting for manufacturer updates and custom ROMS, and these people are avid fans and will pay for whoever gives them what they need. Hopefully, this Galaxy S4 will be a game changer again.

    • I hope there is an off-the-box wireless charger that comes with better battery. This is what the world needs, power revolution.

    • psikick

      I dont think ready na yang flexible display tech for s4… not even for s5… sa s6 50-50 pa…

  8. Justin

    “We were invited by Samsung to fly to New York to attend the global launch on March 14. Stay tuned as we bring you live updates here next week. – Yuga”

    Sarap naman!!!!

  9. Justin

    The HTC One is still the phone to beat!

    • HTC one is FAILED!

      di yan sapat para sa buong maghapon kahit pa moderate use lng.

      ITS MADE OF METAL kaya asahan mo MADALING MAG OVER HEAT habang ginagamit or kahit pa isang oras lng sa Browsing …



      Benchmark Pi
      Lower is better

      LG Optimus G PRO 147
      HTC One 151

      Higher is better

      LG Optimus G Pro 12,105
      HTC One 11,746

      Lower is better

      LG Optimus G PRO 1011

      HTC One 1124

      Higher is better

      LG Optimus G PRO 743
      HTC One 646

      BrowserMark 2
      Higher is better

      LG Optimus G 2,555( G beats Htc one here)
      HTC One 2,262

      HTC One has POOR BATTERY
      NOT REMOVABLE Battery
      NO microSD card slot

      HTC One CAN’T even come close to G PRO!!!
      LG ROCKS….

    • Andrei

      @Niel LG FANBOY ALERT, FANBOY ALERT. And the HTC One is made out of aluminum not steel… Type’d this on my LG Nexus 4

    • @Andrei
      yeah its made of BOTH METAL & ALUMINUM or whatever you want to call it…
      still can cause of TOO MUCH HEAT …

  10. lockon

    parang kailan lang nang lumabas yung S3.. parang kahapon lang. hehehe

  11. noypikikik

    less than 10% who will buy quads or octas will ever use the cpus full potential and the 90% will buy it for its social status.

    bobo at sumusunod lang sa uso ang karamihan ng consumer eh, ganyan talaga ang tao. kahit hindi kailangan bili ng bili. a sucker is born everyday. ok? olrayts! bow… shhh hindi ako nakikinig.

  12. Tama ka dyan!

  13. Generika

    Hardware = ok now what?
    Os = cherry mobile has it, as well as torque and starmobile etc etc.
    Plastic. Generic.

    • radioactive_balut

      Then slap MS DOS 6.2 on it to make it unique.

  14. JMBaliciano

    The Octa-core feature is great. But the sad thing is.. The Body is plastic! It can’t stand up with the wave.

    • IsipIsipDinPagMyTime

      Bumibili po kayo ng Jelly Case or Flip cover? kahit pa plastic or bakal yan bibili at bibili parin tayo or ung iba, Kasi kahit plastic ang likod nyan pag natapalan mo ng jelly case wala rin tsaka cnu bang tao ang hindi bibili ng jelly case para sa isang FlagShip phone?

  15. mag pager na lang kayo! hahahhaa

  16. johnonline

    nagkalat mga trolls ng HTC at LG dito… hehe

    sana kasi maganda marketing strategy niyo para di na kayo nag-i-spam dito…hehe

  17. Quad-core lang to since hindi possible na sabay lahat ng 8 cores. Sammy copied Tegra’s 4+1 concept and upgraded the companion core to quad.

    • EverythingAtOnce

      Lol hindi nag copy c Sammy sa Tegra 3-4+1 concept ang ginawa ni Sammy ay ung big.LITTLE architecture Processor kaya di nila copy un .

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