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BlackBerry Bold 9780 is BB 9700 on OS 6.0

When local reps of RIM sent out this release yesterday regarding the introduction of the BlackBerry Bold 9780, I immediately looked at the specs and see what’s been upgraded from the old BB 9700.

They’re identical even with the dimensions and the weight (up to the last gram). Basically, the Bold 9780 is just a minor update to the 1-year old Bold 9700.


BlackBerry Bold 9780
624MHz processor
2.44″ display @ 480 x 360 pixels
256MB storage, 512MB RAM
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1 w/ A2DP
5MP camera with LED flash
Li-Po 1500mAh battery
BlackBerry OS 6.0

Compared to the Bold 9700, the minor differences include the 5MP camera (from 3.2MP) and the pre-installed BB OS 6.0. However, the Bold 9700 will also support OS 6.0 once it becomes available so I don’t see difference once that arrives.

In hindsight though, this will push the retail price of the Bold 9700 lower so potential buyers will definitely get a better deal on the old model.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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26 Responses

  1. Benchmark33 says:

    Well I hope it is cheap! Hehehe in my dreams! :-)

  2. NemOry says:

    parang pareho nga lang. Also the design looks identical

  3. Gumz says:

    na.upgrade lang… cguro na.upgrade din ang price…

  4. A nice phone that could offer a good communication and pictures. http://youshudno.blogspot.com/

  5. Bob Reyes says:

    Now that I had upgraded by Bold 9700’s OS to version 6, the only difference my unit has against the Bold 9780 is the 5MP cam.

  6. Air|Danio says:

    Nice Black berry Mobile,,
    I wish I have of that,,,…

  7. Techy Kid says:

    “Compared to the Bold 9700, the minor differences include the 5MP camera (from 3.2MP) and the pre-installed BB OS 6.0. However, the Bold 9700 will also support OS 6.0 once it becomes available so I don’t see difference once that arrives.”

    The BIG difference between the two models, aside from the ones you have mentioned is the device’s RAM which was doubled from 256MB (Bold 2) to 512MB(Bold 3). Also, OS6.0 was already released for BB9700 weeks ago. :)

  8. Wendal says:

    Also, the silver trim between the keypad rows is gone…

  9. ed says:

    the inc to 512mb ram is great future-proofing spec for this device. At least there is a very high possibility that the 9780 can handle 6.1 in the future.

    Also if your new to the bb world; the 9780’s price diff against the 9700 is small so the 9780 is a better buy if your choosing between the two. I set out to buy the 9700 (my first bb) but I ended up with the 9780 due to the small diff in price.

    I’m sure experts can utilize os 6 with just 256mb but for a new user like me; at least I don’t have to think about it.

  10. Robin says:

    Microwarehouse SRP is Php24,800. OS 6, yaawwwnnnn. Bring out QNX, and things will get interesting again.

  11. longbi says:

    sir yuga, any news when will the os 6 on my curve 9300 will be release here in the phils?

  12. Obed says:

    The price is a bit higher than the Bold 2, somehow I think it’s worth the upgrade since it has the 512MB RAM which makes this a bit faster.

    You can upgrade your 9700 OS5 to OS, some bugs has been fix from it’s earlier version of .424.

    If you’re planning to upgrade just make a back-up before upgrading.

    Reminder that this OS is just a leak and it’s not yet official so expect some bugs.


  13. Jonaflormic says:

    An excellent phone.

  14. walang imik says:

    Pano kaya i a update ung 9700 to os6

  15. rikimaru says:

    @walang imik,

    These are the links that I’m currently looking at but haven’t tried it yet. At your own risk buddy:



    Note: This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties and confers no rights.

  16. kyle says:

    Am not a BB user but what do you get from the memory boost if the 256mb memory is enough to run the common applications. If you’re a power user then getting the 9780 is a must if you’re receiving tons of emails.

  17. Obed says:


    Smoother and faster, since OS6 is like windows 7 and OS5 is Windows XP in terms of UI and functionality.

  18. painkiller says:

    yep, OS6 is smoother and faster compared to the previous OS.


    you don’t need to wait for the official Philippine release of OS6 for the 9300. you can use the ones on the net. I already did that with my BB curve 3G and it runs superbly. just use the BBSAK method.

  19. Jepoi says:

    minimal sir ang price difference between 9700 and 9780. the place i usually buy mobile phones from sa greenhills was selling the 9700 for PHP1,000 less than the 9780, so i got the latter instead. besides the camera bump, the additional memory made it worth it naman din (got the 9780 for 22K btw.)

  20. I got my Bnew Blackberry 9700 from Greenhills last January 27 at only Php17,000. Before using it, I upgraded to OS6 by following some instructions online. Sweet!

  21. Sonny says:

    Please advise san Greenhills nakaka bili ng BB Bold 9780? is it authentic with Pin Code?


  22. besta says:

    may problems ba ang 9780 na nabili nyo dito sa pinas? marami ako nabasa na common problem ang stuttering keyboard..nagdodoble doble ang mga characters on single pressing…

  23. Jun says:

    Mga Bossing,
    Pno b activate ung mga apps ng bold 9780 dito s Pinas? sayang nmn kung di ko mgagamit lhat.


  24. Mhian says:

    Bakit may ibang stores na mas mahal ang 9700 kesa sa 9780? Ito ung pinagtataka ko. Hnd naman ako masagot ng mga store personnel.

  25. Lily says:

    Thank you for writing this blog!I am the big fan of BlackBerry 9700

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