Nokia Own Voice for Ovi Maps

Nokia Own Voice for Ovi Maps

If you’re using some sort of GPS navigation for your car, how cool would it be if you’re actually able to use your own voice to play instructions for turn-by-turn navigation? Well, if you have one of those Nokia phones with Ovi Maps, perhaps you can.

Just download Own Voice for Ovi Maps at the Ovi Store and start recording all the 53 different speech prompts (just hit record as the prompt displays the text you need to say).

You can then bundle them together to create your very own voice packs. Zip them up and upload them or share them with your friends on Facebook so they can use it too.


I’m thinking more like using the voices of your favorite personalities or movie characters as voice packs just like what Tomtom did with their GPS units in the US. This one’s for Darth Vader:

I think it’s a toss-up between Master Yoda and Darth Vader.

Anybody familiar with that girl reporter with a sexy bedroom voice from I think she can make an awesome voice pack. :D

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8 Responses

  1. myke says:

    I’m an ovi maps dependent for quite some time now been lost twice though :p

    I saw this app a couple of weeks ago but I haven’t tried it

    what is the best replacement for “recalculating” -> @#$%! mali dinaanan mo!

    too bad the philippine map is only 3mb I think it’s only for metro manila

  2. Cheftonio says:


    Free and accurately working ba ang navigation ng Ovi maps here around the metro?

  3. tech says:

    better use gamrin XT kahit saan sa pinas pde.

  4. tech says:

    better use garmin XT kahit saan sa pinas pde.

  5. Zylo says:

    she’s SOP – Samantha On the Phone. =|

  6. Jovz says:

    I’ve been highly dependent on Ovi Maps lately including our company outing in Laiya, Batangas. I just searched for the coordinates in Google, input them in Ovi Maps and I’m good to go =) I just hope that they release updated maps every month though. As for the girl in, yup, her name is Samantha.

  7. tony L says:

    the maps actually extend outside of NCR. Problem is sometimes, roads that are supposed to be there according to the map (probably based on urban/dpwh plans) aren’t. probably converted into residential areas or the budget was spent for something else… a mansion perhaps. =)

    anyway, it will be very handy in the metro. just watch out for “one way” roads.OVI maps dont seem to pick that up.

  8. Did you know that Samantha On the Phone is also the traffic girl in another station (Campus Radio? I believe) and is called a tagalog name. She does tagalog traffic there.

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