O+ YugaTech Christmas Giveaway: O+ Compact 80!

O+ YugaTech Christmas Giveaway: O+ Compact 80!

It’s December once again and everyone’s busy decorating their homes with the colors of Christmas. Here’s another way to make your holidays merrier — we’ve giving away O+ Compact 80 smartphones for Christmas — Red, Green, Gold, Blue: Colors of Christmas!


Just follow the mechanics below on how to join:

1. Take 4 photos of beautiful and Chistmas-sy photos of things or surroundings. Make sure each photo corresponds to one of the 4 colors of Christmas (Red, Green, Gold & Blue). Photos must be original.


2. Put them in a collage to make a holiday greeting card. Add the greeting “Have an O+ Yugatech Christmas!”

3. Upload your photos on FB, Twitter or IG.

4. Leave a comment with the link to your entry on this post, or here.

Don’t spam the comments with the same entries. We will pick 3 of the best-looking photo entries and each one wins an O+ Compact 80.

Contest ends Dec. 31. Good luck everyone!

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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56 Responses

  1. Imyrrin Valerio says:

    Gold Theme! The UST on Christmas, Pizza, Araneta Christmas Tree and Toble!!!!!

  2. Imyrrin Valerio says:

    Gold Theme. Different Entry. This one has the “Have an O+ Yugatech Christmas!” text on it. :))
    -Our parol made from capiz shells.
    -Enchanted Kingdom Christmas Vibes taken on Dec of 2015
    -Christmas theme of our mall here
    -DIY Ice cream made by yourstruly last Dec 25. ????????

  3. Imyrrin Valerio says:

    My final entry yey. :)


    Christmas gift na lang po haha I want to win the phone tapos may JBL Headphones pa yey. :)))))

  4. Joy Dumaga says:

    here my entry..

    merry christmas

  5. Wedmark Maza says:

    Happy Holiday ! Yugatech and O+ Plus USA !

    Here’s my entry :
    https://instagram.com/p/BOZeCTAhxvd/ taken while in the mall.

    `Wish to Win this Season of Love :)

  6. Wedmark Maza says:

    Happy Holiday ! Yugatech and O+ Plus USA !

    Here’s my entry :
    https://instagram.com/p/BOZeCTAhxvd/ taken while in the mall.

    `Wish to Win this Season of Love :)
    Have an O+ Yugatech Christmas to all !!

  7. Edmon Evangelista says:

    Happy Holidays!
    Have an O+Yugatech Christmas!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    2nd Entry @ ayala triangle

    Fb Link : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=192107207920085&set=a.133980017066138.1073741828.100013624201197&type=3&theater

  8. Imyrrin Valerio says:


    Notice me senpaiiii. Haha!
    Merry Christmas Yugatech!
    Di ako papatalo mapapasakin kaaaaa O+compact 80 ???????????????????? plus jbl headset hihi.

  9. https://twitter.com/joshtheticx/status/813414269752463361

    O+ Compact 80’s camera features will surely produce better quality pictures than my entry has. Happy Holidays!

  10. Jayde Merry Hamo says:

    Here is the link of my entry. Hoping to win an O+ Ultra. So i can capture more brighter photos..

  11. Vanessa Ang says:


    Palagi po ako sumasali sa contests nyo.
    Happy New Year! ?????

  12. Ryan Cedric Reyes says:

    PEACE makes all things HAPPY
    HOPE makes all things WORK
    LOVE makes all things BEAUTIFUL
    FAITH makes all things POSSIBLE

    Entry Link:https://twitter.com/i/tfb/v1/quick_promote/ios/815127052047159296

  13. Happy New Year..hoping to win for my mom.

  14. Happy new year, hoping to win any of my entry..as a Christmas GIFT to my mom.

  15. Why my comment is not posted? That’s why I repost again..HAPPY New year!

  16. Happy NEW YEAR..sn khit isa sa entry ko magustuhan nyo..pr may regalo ako s mommy ko..maraming salamat.

  17. My last and 4th entry..hopefully even one of my entry mkspasa po sa inyo. I’m doing this for my MOM. I want to surprise her kc wl pa akong gift sa kanya last Christmas, ky sn kahit this New Year mk abot pa. Salamat po.

  18. Sorry..po..I revised my entry my kulang po kasi. Here’s my final entry. Thank you, sn makasama pa po..for my mom.

  19. Hi..admin..I revised my entry because something is missing. Hope you’ll still consider. Thank you!Happy New Year.

  20. My 3rd final revise entry..hoping mksama pa po. Salamat.

  21. Princes Enriquez says:

    Super Pahabol po ehehe. Merry O+ Yugatech Christmas and a Happy New Year po saating lahat!

  22. Princes Enriquez says:

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BOr9Etzg8LU/ Super Pahabol lang po eheheh. Merry O+ Yugatech Christmas and a Happy New Year po saating lahat!

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