Vivo reveals the APEX Fullview Concept Smartphone

Vivo reveals the APEX Fullview Concept Smartphone

Vivo unveils what the company calls an engineering breakthrough in the form of the APEX Fullview Concept Smartphone at the MWC, sporting an almost-perfect bezel-less front and an upgraded under-screen fingerprint scanner technology that now covers the half of the entire screen.

The APEX pushes up the ante as the company manages to introduce new designs ideas in camera, speaker, and sensor placement, achieving a very thin 1.8mm top and size bezels, 4.3mm bottom bezel, and a 98% screen to body ratio. Vivo says this is all made possible with the flexible OLED platform that directly mounts microchips to the flexible circuit board.


The near-perfect ratio is done by hiding necessary components under the screen. To support one’s selfie needs, an eight-megapixel front camera will elevate in 0.8 seconds when needed and return back to its original position when in idle mode, while other elements commonly seen on the front such as ambient and proximity sensors are hidden underneath. The company says that this eliminates the use of notches to accommodate showing conventional cameras and sensors while still retaining the selfie experience Vivo has been known for.

The company also adopted a Screen SoundCasting technology to compensate for the lack of a call speaker grille. The Screen SoundCasting technology sends vibrations through the display without the need for a traditional loudspeaker, it does not use much power, reduces sound leakage, and optimizes low to high pitch sound for a better and more balanced audio experience compared to traditional loudspeakers. In addition, it also features a new System in Package (SIP) technology to integrate the DAC and the three operational amplifiers together. This reduces the need for circuit board space by nearly 60% compared to the previous Xplay6. This opens up more area for additional battery storage or other features that can be integrated with the device.

Following up on the X20 UD released a few months back, Vivo managed to address problems in under-screen fingerprint scanning by pushing the envelope further and expanding it to half of the device’s display so you won’t need to worry where to place your finger the next time. the said technology also allows Vivo to offer more device security by implementing a dual fingerprint scanner.

We’ll more likely see these new technologies made possible in Vivo’s new phones releasing this year.

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