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Ookla July 2021: PH mobile internet at 33.69 Mbps, fixed broadband at 71.17 Mbps

Ookla has released their Speedtest Global Index for July 2021, revealing the Philippines’ average mobile internet download speed is at 33.69 Mbps, while the average fixed broadband download speed is at 71.17 Mbps.

For Mobile, the Philippines now ranks 72nd with an average download speed of 33.69 Mbps, an average upload of 8.83 Mbps, and a latency of 31ms. That’s three steps higher than its June Ranking of 75th with 32.84 Mbps, an average upload of 8.92 Mbps, and a latency of 31ms.


As for Fixed Broadband, the country is down at rank 63rd with an average download of 71.17 Mbps, upload of 71.22 Mbps, and latency of 22ms. It’s a step down from June’s 62nd ranking (although with higher download and upload speeds) with an average download of 66.55 Mbps, upload of 58.73 Mbps, and latency of 21ms.

Despite the improvements, the Philippines still has a long way to go compared to other countries. Leading the ranking for July 2021 in Mobile is UAE, with an average of 190.03 Mbps. Leading fixed broadband, however, is Monaco, with 256.70 Mbps.

Source: Ookla

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