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ABS-CBN looking to break the telco duopoly

The Lopez-led media conglomerate, ABS-CBN Corporation, has recently announced that it inked a Network Sharing Agreement with Globe Telecoms that will pave the way for the media company’s plan of being one of the key players in the local telecommunications industry.

The Network Sharing Agreement that ABS-CBN and Globe recently signed allows the former to use Globe’s servers, towers and switches that would enable the media company to deliver traditional telco services such as SMS, voice calls and internet surfing.

abscbn globe
(From left to right: Carlo Katigbak, Eugenio Lopez III and Ernest Cu)

However, Chairman Eugenio Lopez III pointed out that the focus of their services will be on the data components rather than the voice components. This is in line with the broadcast firm’s plan of including exclusive digital contents to their services to future ABS-CBN Mobile users. Globe’s CEO Ernest Cu adds by saying that “The exclusive content that ABS-CBN will provide ushers in a new form of entertainment for mobile users in the Philippines.”


“We have come to realize that the mobile Internet is going to become one of the most important platforms for delivering content to our audiences. We believe that in the same way television revolutionized the mass market’s ability to receive information and entertainment, the wireless Internet will be the next most important medium for our audience. Very soon, our Kapamilyas will enjoy special shows, receive our news, and interact with our stars from anywhere and anytime they want, through their tablets and cellphones,”

-Carlo Katigbak, ABS-CBN Head of Convergence

There’s no word when ABS-CBN plans to launch its new mobile platform, but it’s been said that the broadcasting firm will be investing some 2 to 3 billion pesos over the course of the next three years for the initial rollout.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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17 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    This would be one of the biggest investment so far by a company to mobile marketing industry. Look promising for digital marketer who wants to follow through.

  2. abuzalzal says:

    Telco duopoly? Heck yeah, who knows kung makikipag sabwatan din ang EBS CBN

    Lahat na lang nadadaan sa bribe ang gubyerno natin kaya walang nangangahas na pumasok na competitor sa Pinas, sa ibang bansa pamura ng pamura ang bandwidth bakit dito sa atin parang 1999 pa rin?!

    letseng bansa ito

    • Kebbot says:

      Tama ka jan… Sa u.k nga 30 mbps eh 1400 lng ung 100 mbps eh 3k… Hays kainis talaga…..ung mga telco sa atin… Pati nga mga celphone plan… Ung mga free minutes eh sa lahat nang network…. .

  3. Kunsel says:

    Nako. Lalong babagal internet speed ng globe! May kahati pa!

  4. thecorrescode says:

    Lame. Kung anong pauso para lang kumita. Kung Digital television, pede pa i-consider na worth it ang investment. Kung media content, pede naman streaming lang naman. Kung wireless tv, a simple android or ios apps will do.

    Hayz, sa Pilipinas talaga panay business utak ng kumpanya.

  5. nexusboy says:

    ABS-CBN breaking the duoply? nakikisakay lang ang ABS sa Globe Network. ABS-CBN Mobile is a BRAND not a TELCO NETWORK so there’s no way it’s breaking the duopoly. This is no different from TM nakiki ride on lang sa Globe. Talk N Text likewise is riding on the SMART network. the only company that can break the duopoly is the upcoming BELL TEL of San Miguel.

    • vince says:

      san miguel? yun ba ang wi tribe tapos lalagyan nila ng voice calls and SMS? well pangit ang reputation ng wi-tribe for quality and service, tapos sila ang nagpauso ng cap sa pinas

  6. sammy says:

    Network Sharing Agreement of ABS-CBN and Globe, paano naman yan to be able to break the telco duopoly, kung naging different entity yan buti sana. misleading ha. sabwat sabwatan din yan.

  7. speed says:

    It means that, ABS-CBN will make Globe break-away from the duopoly. Also, i salute you ABS-CBN for signing up with globe rather than with smart. Also to Globe for signing up with ABS-CBN rather than GMA. In short, The best TV network under the best mobile phone network.

  8. john says:

    anyone moving to their network?

  9. Cool Lang Tayo says:

    I think ABSCBN will just sell content to the public. Yung service lang na ioofer nila ay video programs katulad ng sa cable ala-Netflix, Hulu, etc, riding on Globe’s backbone at magku-qualify yan as “data”. So no sms and voice para hindi magko-conflict sa services ng globe. Then they will just release apps for iOS, android, etc. Then they will also offer the contents on internet tv (smart TV) via radio (wireless) and fiber. Dyan papunta ang broadcast industry, kasabay ng upcoming digital terrestrial broadcast ng bansa gamit ang ISDB-T. Cool lang tayo.

  10. Cool Lang Tayo says:

    No choice for ABSCBN but to have Globe as the telecom partner because TV5 has smart/digitel. (Kaya nga sabi ni MVP na gaya-gaya ang globe/abscbn sa kanila. Dito rin papunta ang TV5). Sa kabilang banda, GMA will just tell the people that they are no.1 in the world of analog. Ayaw umalis ng GMA sa analog dahil malinis ang signal nila dyan. Kontra ang GMA sa ISDB-T (at sa tingin ko ay sa digital sa pangkalahatan). Smart/Digitel/TV5 could dominate this industry if GMA sold itself to the group. Cool lang tayo.

  11. Weh says:

    Wow at sabi talaga ni MVP? very well said.

  12. Brian says:

    Ayos!! May financial backer na si globe!

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