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Court of Appeals junks SMS refund order to customers

In 2014, Smart, Sun and PLDT approached the Court of Appeals to stop the Php7 billion refund ordered by the NTC and reduce the rate of text messages to Php0.80.

In June 27, the CA has announced its ruling and stated that the NTC did not have legal basis and did not follow due process. It further adds that a reduced inter-connection charges between telcos do not automatically mean cost of SMS should also go down.

The Court of Appeals also struck down the order to issue a refund to customers.

NTC made the order to reduce SMS charges and issue a refund back in November 20, 2012 and May 7, 2014. The NTC is expected to file a motion for reconsideration.

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9 Responses

  1. ralphjay says:

    Dapat nga free na yang text and call services na yan eh, wala na tayo sa good old Nokia days na mahal pa ang GSM service, it’s very cheap nowadays. Sa T-Mobile America nga, all postpaid plans nila comes with unlimited voice, text and HSPA+ data (yes unli data) ang pinaka binabayaran lang nila is yung data volume for 4G/LTE which are not unlimited. Eh dito, kung, tutuusin mas may edge pa yung lower data plan holder sa Smart (Surf Plus Plan 799 and below), may unli call and text sila samantalang yung higher tier ng Surf Plus (999 and above) ay consumable all and text lang ang meron. Anong kalokohan yun? Kung sino pa yung premium mag bayad, sila pa yung may consumable sa call and text, bakit di nalang din ginawang unlimited? Palibahasa yung mga telco dito ang hilig mambola ng kapwa Pilipino, yung ibang Pilipino naman tanggap lang ng tanggap at hindi marunong mag reklamo. Sana matauhan na tayong mga Pilipino, huwag lang iasa sa gobyerno, tulungan din natin ang gobyerno by voicing your own opinion on the matter.

  2. Jun Pedrosa says:

    Huwag na rin kayo masyadong umaasa na may pagbabagong ikatutuwa ninyo sa mga darating na taon.

    Ex-Globe lawyer and Duterte classmate tipped to become DICT chief [keywords: ex-Globe now DICT chief]

    No change is coming at NTC as Cordoba keeps post as commissioner [keywords: NTC NO CHANGE]

  3. wtf says:

    akala ko sa panahon ni digong aayos na ang telecom service?! panalo na namang ang mga higanteng telcos…talo na naman ang mga subscribers! no change is coming!

  4. Roko says:

    Telcom doesnt want to change, then let the telcom business open for international companies instead of the same monopoly bullshit pldt-smart-globe family.

  5. Roko says:

    mga noytard nkatagal ngakayo ng 6 years eh di magtyaga kayo. ng walang pagbabago mga itlog.

  6. PukeMaster says:

    Give it more time guys. Yan kase tayo. Gusto natin instant.. agad-agad. Wag ganun. He’s not even in his 100th day of being the Philippine president yet.

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