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Upcoming Moto C, Moto C Plus, and Moto E4 leaks online

Motorola, under the hands of Lenovo, is already expanding its portfolio for 2017 including these budget smartphones meant for emerging markets. OnLeaks has scored some low-res press photos of the Moto C, Moto C Plus, and Moto E4.

Moto C

Let’s start with the Moto C, which is a new line of Moto handset categorized as budget and low-end. The company already has the Moto E series for this, so we’re not sure what’s exactly Moto is planning. It looks like a basic Android smartphone that just has the essentials.

Moto C Plus

It’ll be available in two variants. The Moto C Plus, the higher variant, appears slimmer than the regular one but has a camera hump. Both smartphones have capacitive buttons, a rear loudspeaker, and a front LED flash. The ‘Plus’ might feature more RAM/Storage and a quicker SoC.


Moto E4

As for the Moto E4, the original budget phone series of Motorola is getting a design update. Antenna bands have appeared on the back suggesting a metal backplate. Also, the front borrows the Moto G5 design with its elongated front fingerprint scanner.

There’s no mention of specifications for both the new Moto C and Moto E handsets, yet.

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